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Jan 232011

According to the Mirror and the People, Tottenham are closing in on an amazing double swoop for both Luis Fabiano and Lassana Diarra before the end of the January transfer window.

Both deals would initially be loan deals with Spurs paying full wages of both players plus the option to buy both players in the summer. It is said that Fabiano would join on loan with the option to buy for £10m in the summer.

Sevilla are looking to offload Fabiano who has netted 28 goals in 43 internationals for Brazil, is the world-class striker boss Harry Redknapp wants to sign. Fabiano has indicated he wants to play for Tottenham, while Seville need to reduce their wage bill and are willing to do business. Sevilla would prefer a permanent transfer this window although Spurs would like to sell either Robbie Keane or Roman Pavlyuchenko before that happens.

Harry and Tottenham were heavily link to Fabiano in the summer but the Brazilian World Cup striker opted to sign a new contract with Sevilla but shortly after he fell out with the club and has wanted to leave ever since. Juventus and Inter Milan are both looking at Fabiano but Tottenham look the most likely to pay £10m for a 30 year-old which is something they don’t usually do but both Levy and Harry know Spurs desperately need a world-class striker and they don’t come cheap at any age.

Diarra would also join in an almost identical deal and would then also cost around the £10m mark in the summer. Harry has made no secret of his admiration for the Real Madrid midfielder who he first signed for Portsmouth from Arsenal and now wants to link up with him once again.

Spurs are desperate to offload players to make these deals happen, they would sign both players permanently now if they could. Harry has made no secret he would listen to offers for Robbie Keane, Pavlyuchenko, O’Hara, Giovano, Kranjcar, Jenas and Corluka. Sunderland boss Steve Bruce says he could go to Tottenham to replace Darren Bent although it is believed he would want Roman Pavlyuchenko and not Robbie Keane.

  34 Responses to “Harry Closing In On Amazing Double Swoop For Fabiano & Diarra”

  1. redknapp fossil hunting again

  2. fabiano there is someone who can put the ball in the back of the net, and diarra would be a good signing though we would be hugely overloaded in midfield.

  3. Think maybe your right with diarra but also the fact that he got mugged in madrid maybe there is some truth to the benzema deal never know. Surely if Diarra comes then jenas or palacios have to go

  4. I have to say I have come back to thinking about adebayor, proven in the premier league, strong, could lead the line, scores goals, and as popular as stratford.

    • Wold be a great player and ideal but you think City will sell to us …no Forking CHANCE!! even if we offered 100 million!! They will hijack our deals and are intent on buying all the decent players to just let them rot so we and there other rivals cannot improve. More chance of WBA getting Adebayor on loan than us signing him.

  5. to little to late season top four squad ripped apart because we never got a goal scorer last summer sad but true.

    • What a bad spurs fan! You cannot tell me that our season is over because we haven’t got a striker? We are on the same amount of points as Chelsea although having played a game more Chelsea have to play United twice, Us, Liverpool and Man Shitty? Are you telling me they are not going to drop points? We have a decent run in and can still finish in the top 4 no doubt. We are sitting 10points off the top of the league with our strikers having scored 3 goals so imagine what we can do when we buy a striker! Don’t get too down hearted like harry likes to say, we were sitting 2 points from 8 games and now we are like the hottest prospect in Europe! Fabiano is not the answer Luis Suarez is! We could also try and get Snidjer because inter milan are boring and spurs are not and hes a world class player and already knows how to play with van der vaart and could swap with Modric and can play with Modrc with Huddlestone behind…! We are still having a good season- We have lost the least amount of games, same as, Arsenal and Man Shitty- obviously United are unbeaten (oh how i hate berbatov – hes exactly what we need)even Chelsea have lost more…be grateful that we are in a good position and haven’t got problems in the dressing room and have a good squad! COYS!

  6. In what universe did Fabiano say he wanted to play for Tottenham??
    It’s certainly not in this universe where he ended up signing a new contract with Sevilla last season.
    That sure is a good indication of wanting to change clubs….*sarcasm*

    • he signed a new contract then fell out with the club, he originally said he didn’t want to join tottenham but then said he would consider a move to spurs

  7. Sid thinks its all over and although that may not be right,i do agree the striker situation should have been sorted out last summer.Lets face it we have been firing blanks for some time now and it pisses me off that we let Bent go and he seems to be scoring ok.Of the 4 srtikers we have got 1 is over the hill,2 are at best average with a low scoring tally and the other 1 is up and down in the form stakes like an whores drawers. We are linked to anyone who has ever scored a goal and i hope Harry has got something in mind because to have got this far to throw it away because of a lack of courage with the cheque book is plain stupid.I admire Levy and his financial prudence for the club and we may not sensibly afford some of the strikers on offer but there are some reasonable strikers out there for prices which we would be able to pay and can we afford not to?.We also have a number of fringe players who are not in Harrys plans and are drawing a wage each week for nothing so why are they not offloaded and the money saved and banked put to better use.I have seen reports of Fabiano and Diarra and would love to see it happen but we do need a left back for cover/competition for Ekotto.This is the last week of the window and its time to get what we need and get rid of some of the fringe players.Its all well Harry and Dan Levy playing brinkmanship in the window but if they fail to get what Spurs want/need then we have to go through the second half of season with blank firing strikers who,s goal tally is quite poor and rely on our midfield who are performing well.

    • Tbh with you mate its madness that we never brought a or some strikers in the summer, we would be top if we had. Redknapp must be thick cos we all knew it would hurt us yet he sang their praises eventhough they are donkeys. Even defoe whom iv always liked is poor now! Why we havent gone for suarez is pure stupidity, i am fuming!

  8. Sorry DaveYid but you are being a little naive if you think just because he signs a new contract it means he’s staying…though i also have not seen any actual quotes saying he wants to play for us either.
    Diarra yes, Fab no thank you. Rather see us go for Rossi, Saurez, Benzema.

  9. Fabiano and Diarra would be great signings and just what we need, but we also need 2 new full backs Assou Ekotto and Hutton (especially Hutton) are liabilities defensively!!
    We won’t get to where we want to go with these guy’s in the full back positions.

    I don’t think anything will happen in these positions but it is an issue and it seperates us from other sides challenging for the title, that and a top class striker!!!

    • Benny had a bad season?? Do you watch the games or go to the Lane? He is a fecking ledge (although granted does go a bit Atouba every 5 games or so for about 5 mins) Also a dude
      Him and Bale best left side in the league.

      • He switches off too often though, he’s great on the ball and he’s quick but he switches off and doesn’t see people running off him, it’s cost us a lot of goals this season, he is a defensive liability I’m afraid and for the record i’ve seen every game this season..

        • Kind off agree, but when he is on his game he is outstanding and he has had a few of those this season. But on the flip side he has cost us goals and does switch off or just seems like he could not be arsed. It`s a tough one but if a better replacement was available like Baines I would replace him and Bassong is not the answer…never rated the boy for 8 million he is to laid back and is very slow in the head it`s like it takes him 2 secs to make a decision, he may have pace but he needs it to catch up. I never knew why Harry splashed out that kind of cash for a player who now is probably 4th or 5th choice when pees are fit. David Weater was much better and has signed for Bolton on a free.

    • What the f**k are you talkinbg about, BAE is amongst the top left backs in the EPL you certainly cannot be watching Sputs games mate. Hutton is also doing well, I feel a lot more at ease with him at right back than Charley who is far too slow for my liking and he hates heading a ball, besides, we have Kyle Walker on our books whom I firmly believe will be a sensation for us in the very near future and for years to come.

      As for strikers, the current crop have let us down very badly. All the good work in the build up from midfield and the flanks goes to waste time and time again, oh God please get us a decent striker who actually knows where the goal is and fearless in getting stuck in PLEASE. I really think that deep down, Harry and Levy know that they made a mistake in selling Bent and kept Keane. Bent wasnt exactly fearless but he did get stuck in and no one can deny that he is a goal scorer.

      • Charlie turns like an oil tanker and runs like he has lead boots on, Hutton has been an improvement but is still way short of what we require his backing off and defending is poor. Kyle walker cannot be worse IMO. BAE has his moments but if he is not BRILLIANT he is a liability. To be fair on him I have always never rated him but he has been very good this season except a couple of games.

  10. Pav, Defoe, Crouch, Keane…..all rubbish now, not good enough for a team challenging for a top place

    Harry needs to buy some quality strikers, something he isnt very good at. He is good at buying defenders and midfielders that are effective, but cannot spot a good striker

    If we dont sign up Suarez(a player seemingly not good enough according to Harry), or Falcao, Forlan, Rossi, Pazznini the list could go on with strikers out there that can put the ball in the back of the net and should be affordable to us, then we will finish outside the top four and its bye bye Modders, Bale, VDV etc

    • Totally agree with you.

    • YEP Its not like our strikers are hard to improve on, There is plenty of decent strikers out there. i still think Harry does not want to threaten his love children Defoe and Crouch. Both an embarrassment to our our star studded midfiled.

  11. good business if we can pull them off

  12. Harry and the back room staff are doing great so far,and we seem to have a good team spirit !! But can somebody please tell me what the hell is Crouch is still doing in our team !!! 8ft tall and rarely wins a header!! and way to many midfield players on the fringe.

    • Because Harry, Defoe and Crouch are joined at the hip. The only way to get rid of them maybe when Harry takes the England job or he gets the boot for the team not putting the chances away. the expectations have been set now with the money and taste of champions league. We need 4 new strikers not just 1. i would rather have a hungry youngster or two as 3rd and 4th choice and two top draw strikers than 4 average at best.

  13. Fabiano yes please!! He is getting on and a risk being Brazilian and is way off form. But even at 50% he is better than Defoe and Crouch. Diarra yes too especially as it would mean the end of JJ.

  14. Can’t believe some idiots still saying BAE is a liability, blah blah blah yackity schmack! I’ve been a fan since 91 (i’m 28 now), He is without doubt THE best LB we’ve had since i can remember! or maybe you tards think Justin Edinburgh would do a better job huh?

  15. On the subject of strikers, JD is definately not on my list as been a regular. Cannot depend on him coming to our rescue when we need him. Play’s for the sake of playing without commitment & goes for glory where he could have passed. Considering our predicament, I would keep him for “just in case”. He needs to be told about this – may motivate & improve his standard.

  16. i gotta feeling harry will sell pav & keane and replace them with another centre midfielder!!!!!

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