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Jul 212010

Harry has finally spoken out to the media, he told the Sky Sports reporters that he feels we do need a few additions to the current squad. Speaking earlier Harry was quoted as saying:

“We need two or three players who can make the difference,” said Redknapp.

“We’ve got a big squad, but I do feel we need just that little bit of quality in one or two areas if we’re going to move on from where we were last year.”

“We did great last year, but we just need to push on and maintain that,” he added. “We want to win the championship. It’s not impossible.

“Fourth place last year was marvellous, but I think this is the best chance Tottenham have had in how many years to really push on and maintain that, and become a regular top four team and maybe push for a championship.

“We’re never going to get a better chance so now’s the time to have a go at doing that. So I still feel with two or three players it would make the difference and give us the squad we need. And if we get them in I think the sky’s the limit for us.”

I agree with Harry, our squad is there or there abouts, but I feel with 2 or 3 players of quality brought in and a few of the deadwood players shipped out that we would be a much better outfit next season. The only trouble is that time is running out, I think “Arry” put all of his eggs in one basket early on with Joe Cole, one thing he must not do is panic buy. When it comes to signings then we have the best man in the business, so we must remain positive and confident, Harry has only ever done us proud and to start doubting him not would be criminal.

2 weeks time we will find out who we play in the Champions League qualifying round, it would be nice if we could get 1 or 2 new faces in and settled for that fixture. Failure to qualify would turn us back into a laughing stock and the Gooner scum would never let us live it down. Harry must know the importance of this to our club and to the fans, I wouldn’t be surprised to see us sign someone within the next week.

It’s good to see Harry is aiming high, he wants to turn us into championship contenders, and why not, now is as good time as any. You have to admire the man for thinking so highly when you consider just over a year ago his aim was to keep us in the league, how times have changed. Can we ever be anything other than supportive towards Harry after what he has done for us, up untill now I would say no. I have said in previous blogs that this is our best chance ever to really push on and compete and I am glad Harry shares m opinion. Come 14th August come rain or shine, Aldo and myself will be at the Lane supporting our team and whatever the season brings. That is what makes being a Spurs fan the best in the world.

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  16 Responses to “Harry Eyes New Signings”

  1. hopefully someone in the scotty parker mode, another striker ,and a center back( looking like Bellamy)as the striker

    • Well when Sandro arrives I hope the plan for him is to actually play, he looks decent in the videos

  2. My dad was talking to jamie redknapp on Monday . Jamie said that harry pull out of a deal 4 joe cole cos he got a superstar signing coming COYS

  3. Really glad he’s come out and made this statement of intent! I was getting concerned that we would maybe not sign anyone of note?? Alex Ferguson was correect saying there is currently no value in the market, but if we want push on that cheque book will have to see some daylight between now and August. Its fantastic that ‘potentially’ the top four no longer exists, but that only indicates that the teams from 4th to 7th are only getting stronger. and as a club we have to keep up (to a level) with the Jones’s!!! The last thing we need are wholesale changes, but as Harry said 2 or 3 – Centre Half, WC STRIKER (who can play on his own) and a Left Back. I get very bored of people naming players we should sign, but all I will say is sign Suarez and/or Fabiano… Lets not let this season of opportunity fall away!!! COYS COYS COYS COYS COYS COYS !!!!

  4. my dad works at spurs and the word is that we pulled out of the jole cole deal because we have got someone better/younger coming like what pete said also spurs will be signing a big name striker

    does pletikosa count as one of the 2-3 players?

  5. Pete – I would love to believe that is true – can you qualify any further???

  6. My dad was talking to jamie redknapp on Tuesday . Jamie said that harry pull out of a deal 4 joe cole cos he got a tiny willy.

    we can all do this.

  7. The way he worded it, it makes you wonder if he and levy are already in discussions with at least 2-3 players who are possibilities and he’s trying to publicly convince them that spurs are credible and what to challenge for the very top honours?! I hope so. The surprise signing that people were on about may be on the cards, however if it’s ‘quality’ it surely means proven and experienced say champions league or big club? I agree with most, the 2-3 should definitely be 1. A proven striker 2. Central defence cover (only if woodgate is gone) 3. Left back cover for bale. Although I can see it more being a few faces being traded, Bellamy for keane, Richards for Hutton (CD cover aswell) Pav sold/loaned for Suarez/huntelaar, and maybe Taiwo for cover. I think bentley will go if the injury doesn’t hamper it for dos santos/Rose and Townsend to battle it out for RW and LW cover instead. Jenas may just stay til January. Taraabt will go, so will Ohara and one Kyle will get loaned out. I think he’ll breed competition in and sell on in January any players he realistically can’t sell now that he knows don’t cut it but are adequate cover for now.

  8. Well my dad was talking to Jamie Redknapp on Wednesday. Jamie told him that he better pull out of Louise Redknapp or Jamie would have to punch him.

  9. It’s a shme Fabiano seems to have a gone down the toilet. Bellamy will definitely add something – if he can stay fit.

    I agree we need someone of real class to help take us to the next level. I literally just do not knoe who..

    Suarez? Even though he seems great, new strikers in the Prem is always a risk. He could be be ‘good’ but it would be great to have a striker who is always the first name on the team sheet… like Drogba, Tevez, Torres, Van Persie, Rooney. Like all the top teams.

    Then there is midfield. I just don’t know. Ozil? Is that what we need though? There were points last season when we struggled to unlock teams.

    Huntelaar? Could be a bargain… could be a flop.

    Dzeko? Tottenham fans can only dream.

    Benzema/Ibrahimovic? Sorry, still dreaming.

    Micah Richards would be great.

    I just don’t know who Arry is going to go for. Taking us to the next level will not be easy. I like the ambition though.

  10. Hekko – get what your saying but Tevez, Drogab, Van Persie were ont first name on team sheet when first signed. we have to have a leap of faith (unless you can afford 100m for Torres?) and trust whoever we sign from abroad with no prem experience, the scouts and THFC management have done their job to minimise risk! I agree Micah Richards would be an excellent signing, but don’t see this happening after Man City comments. PS Huntelaar FLOP!

  11. Is there an echo in here?….in here?… here?… here?

  12. wot a joke harry eyes new signings yh when mmmmmmmmmmmm wot ever

  13. I hope the Echo’s ringing true from the Spurs cave!!!…… Younger better version of Joe Cole and World Class Striker!! Young young young er er er beter er er er version version version sion sion sion of of of Jo Joe e e Cole Cole Cole and and and World world world Class ss ss ss Striker er er er !!!

  14. I am only saying watt jamie said .. Didn’t say who ? It up to you if you think it’s not true .. Let wait and see … COYS

  15. Harry’s playing it close to his vest, as he should. Have patience everyone. He knows what he’s doing even if we don’t.

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