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Dec 142010

Heard rumours of this in the summer and today again I read in the London paper that Harry Redknapp will attempt to bring back Michael Carrick to the Lane in January if he is unsuccessful with bids for Scott Parker or Pienaar.

As Harry looks to strengthen in January he has already identified a striker is needed but he also wants another decent midfielder. The likes of Parker and Pienaar are hard workers and will give a bit of steel. Harry will also bid for Diarra of Real Madrid and who he previously managed during his spell at Portsmouth.

Carrick was brought through the ranks by Harry at West Ham and then had a good spell at Tottenham before moving to Manchester United in 2006. Harry has always had a soft spot for the kids he brought through at West Ham and was hurt when he missed out at the chance to be reunited with Joe Cole in the summer.

Bit pointless if you ask me, we don’t need Carrick anymore, Modric does his job but only a lot better. Still a good player but Huddlestone is better also, so Carrick would only end up on the bench for us in which case he might as well stay at United and warm their bench instead.

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  29 Responses to “Harry Eyes Yet Another Ex Spurs Player”

  1. agreed. Carrick is not improving on what we already have. I’d like seeing us someone who likes to tackle though, Diarra would do.

  2. Parker short term to cover for Tommy. Yet Sarge is improving game on game – now he’s injured. shame. Carrick, no thank you please. Diarra? dont think we need him. Cover for BAE is a must. Obviously a replacement for PSB.

  3. Why am i having trouble seeing Parker signing as a good thing? He is a good player at best, watching Howard “Lloyd” Webb show last night made me realise that Carrick is 3 levels above Parker as a player.Pineaar would be an improvement on Kranjcar , if you are looking for a 90 minutes running, grafting player.Kranjcar will never be a Lampard and good player for dominating teams, when the chips are down he wont ne there majority of the time , just like another of a ball player.Carrick for me cut above the rest, Parker preferred money to his beloved Spurs twice in the past, he can jog on.

  4. This story baffles me for two good reasons we cant keep what we have happy we have Sandro Kranjcar Jenas Dosantos Van Hudds in waiting Parrett Bostock Rose Townsed. we nearly lost Bale to Forest. Bostock cant get a game at Hull because there manager is deperate to get points even a 0-0 the problem with Bostock is he was spoilt by Harry when he let him taste champagne then give him cherry. The lad has quality and his goals for Hull and Brentford where classy the problem is he then gets bored like a pupil who his to clever for his class. He has got on the wrong side of Harry because his Dad went on talk sport slagging Harry of when Brentford sent him back. I believe this lad could be a sensation if Harry brings him back and lets him train with Van and the lads or we could lose a gem like we nearly did with Bale. Villa have found some future stars we have loaned ours out who wont learn the Spurs way sat on Hulls and Ipswich bench Rose proved playing with quality can rub off Bring back our Kids or lose there talent .

  5. Could someone tell me what has happened to Jamie O’hara, he could play in the middle as a stop gap until the likes of Huddlestone, Palacios and Jenas are back from injury. I think the likes of Bostock, Parrett, Rose, Townsend and Kyle Naughton should be given the chance to shine. It seems that we are the only club not blooding our youngsters. Also I would like to see if we can nick Mark Allbrighton from Villa, he will only be wasted there. If we dont start playing these youngsters they will simply leave. Here’s to the future and c’mon ye SPURS!

  6. No thanks, the guys a donkey. Well over the hill. Ask the manure supporters.

  7. NO thanks…..but I would like to see one player back at the Lane and that would be Paul ”England Englands number 1” Robinson. He’s has gone and exorcised the demons of the divet and gone back to be the class act we all loved at the Lane. Gomes is not consistent and Sunday summed him up, one of those mistakes which allowed Drogba to score that are to regular for a class Keeper and then a silly mistake for the pen followed by a great save….erratic. come home Robbo COYS

  8. NOOOOOO. It was great business to sell him and we came off better in the deal. The same for the Keane deal, although we made mistake of taking Keane back. Now we want to make the mistake again with Carrick? Besides it won’t happen because our squad is full. Someone already has to make way for Khumalo. Someone else has to go – probably like-for-like. I would rather keep Jenas, O’Hara than swapping them out for a “past it” Carrick.

  9. I doubt we need or want Carrick. The only link is being him a spammer kid. We need a ball-winner. As mentioned above, our midfielders are better, and younger. Re Bostock, it’s as much about attitude, as with Dos Santos. Thank god Bale knuckled down. We’ve been chasing Pienaar for two years, anyway.

  10. Carrick was class for us and we missed him when he left Carrick. I would take him in a heartbeat just as I would Parker. Carrick reads the game superbly and is a cultured footballer. Because of Hudds great development we probably need a Diarra type more though. Diarra is a superb RB too. So my `st choice would be Diarra but Carrick is quality even though he is having a poor season for Manure.

  11. Don`t see what Harry and some folk see in Pienaar for a free he is ok if he wants to war the bench. Arteta and Baines would be the players I would want of the Toffees.

  12. Diarra only – The others are not needed or wanted! If Diarra omes in Palacios can go too. Hudd Diarra and Sandro will suffice.

  13. I am struggling to see how Pienaar will improve us, he was crap when we played Everton. Carrick will allow Modric to have a rest now and again and Kranjcar should be playing more in my opinion but cannot get a game. Carrick will be a bench warmer at the best as I thoroughly expect Hudd to resume his role in the centre when fit. I also thought Palacios was looking back to his best when we played Chelsea.

  14. Don’t fancy Carrick much, either, but I’d be quite keen if that Berbatov bloke was available.
    D’you think SAF would fancy a swap deal for Pav or Crouch?
    Rooney & Chicharito look like their first choice forward line (or Rooney on his own) so come on Berba, I reckon you’d find a few more players at your exalted level than you did before you bailed on us.
    I reckon with Diarra , Berbatov & Pienaar we would be a decent bet for the Top 2 or 3 this year.
    Hey, a man can dream….and not sure who else Harry is going to bring in to upgrade our forward line.
    Thoughts anyone?

  15. I don’t want to piss on the party but here’s a recent quote from the club chairman……..

    “The January transfer window is again upon us,” Levy said at the club’s AGM. “We currently have the largest squad in the Premier League.

    “We shall look to rationalise… Overall, we do not anticipate a busy transfer window.” …………………..


    • he’s probably right! we don’t use gio/ohara or bentley. kranjcar is another that is sparingly used. I’d keep kranky but offload the others along with keane to make way for some newbies. once we have some more cover I’d start the process again beginning with Jenas.

  16. Edgar Davids! 😉

  17. i love the idea of one of our youngsters coming in. but it won’t happen. obika played for spurs first team and had a blinder. Arry sang his praises and we never saw him again, bit the same for danny rose. It’s not an issue for me as the only youth player we have on loan that is making headlines is caulker! the others have had good spells but are struggling. that said i do not agree with Arry that ‘if they can’t make it at lower league teams they got no chance at tottenham’. It’s far better to play in a good team you learn a lot more. IMHO going to lower clubs is not beneficial to improve a player who has tasted the prem. look at Bale. huge improvemnet and he would never have grown so quickly at a club like millwall. the ohara thing has me in stitches. he was well ordinary at spurs prior to his spell at pompey. I think he would be so far off the pace now it would be too hard for him. look at the team. modric,VDV,bale,lennon,gallas blah blah, this is the type of talent spurs need they should be the example of how others are measured before coming to spurs. Carrick/Parker would both be short term fixes but we need some one. I would love to see livermore/bostock be used to back up hudd/wilson but trying to get back into the top four is no easy feat and these guys have no chance under Arry. one mistake is all it takes to decide the points so maybe that’s a bit too much pressure for a young player to live up to and keep his confidence? pity we got rid of the reserves.

  18. Did u see his performance fof United against the arse.Passing was bloody awful.His tackling ability was just about non exsistant..Im sorry but he is yesterdays man,besides there are plenty of other players who would now be more3 suited to our style.Carrick would only be a step back for us.

  19. Shelf life who are Sentiment Punctuation Grammar Spelling never heard of them are they on loan with Clever Bastard.

  20. i think pienaar would do a great job for spurs, i’ve been watching him closely since spurs were linked with him and is the best all round player mentioned above at the moment. just my opinion……

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