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Aug 132010

Having been dropped from the 25 man squad for Manchester City by boss Roberto Mancini could Craig Bellamy be available on the cheap, he is of no use to Manchester City anymore as he can’t play Premiership games for the club. This news can only shave a couple of million from his price tag or City will be paying big wages for a player they can’t use.

The Price Is Right - Redknapp Back In For Craig?

Having picked up the Fulham job, Mark Hughes who is probably Bellamy’s biggest fan has declared interest in taking the striker to Craven Cottage, personally I think that would be the best move for Craig, I think he needs to be at a team where he is loved and will play week in week out and it seems the Spurs fans are divided on whether or not he would be welcome at the Lane.

One thing is for sure, Manchester City will not even entertain the idea of selling Craig to Spurs untill after tomorrow’s opening Premiership encounter and can you really blame them, if all the rumors are true and Harry really does want Craig then expect the deal to become a real prospect next week. I feel a bit sorry for Bellamy because he has a reputation of moving from club to club, but this time around I think it is through no fault of his own, he worked his socks off for City last season which if he would be prepared to do the same for Spurs then I am sure most of us would welcome him with open arms.

The transfer window ends this month and I will be astonished if Harry doesn’t get involved in some action soon, wait untill the Milner deal to City goes through and that will start the wheels in motion for an interesting couple of weeks for Tottenham in the transfer market. Expect Harry to make a formal bid for Bellamy and Ashley Young in the near future.

  8 Responses to “Harry Looking To Get Striker On The Cheap?”

  1. City will not sell anybody to us

  2. Got to agree city do not want to sell to us although after we have played they might soften a bit but i doubt it.Would he come to us don’t know.Would i as a supporter like to have him here -yes he a guy who fires people up and has a lot of experience so yes if we can get him then i think he would be a good player to have.He will not play every game because of his injury but a great option to have.If we could add a centre half then things would be looking very good.We have a lot of players who can play there but how many could play there and you would feel happy knowing they are.I would love a big powerful centre half with a bit of pace someone to scare defenders but is there such a player out there not so sure.

  3. The flaws in the argument are that City have so much money that they aren’t bothered about paying big wages to a player that isn’t allowed to play and why would they agree to a deal that strengthens their rivals? This just won’t happen!

    • Surely if they don’t see Craig as a player that is good enough for a top 4 push then they wouldn’t have any problem selling him to us

  4. it’s not so much about how they regard Bellamy. Its if they think he will make us stronger.
    He would. Therefore they wont sell.
    Would love to be wrong on this, but the fact is, with their money they can pick and choose who they sell to. The are not interested in profit from sales. Hence they’re so keen to off-load him to Celtic.

  5. Why are spurs not signing any players? We are one of the most injury prone teams in the league does Harry not see this? Just checking the stats on bbc for the game tomorrow and pavlychenkon is already injured and the season has not even started yet! City have no injuries! We missed lennon and modric for half seasons each without champions league football. Yes we have an excellent squad but there is no one to replace our most effective players- Modric? if we brought Ireland he would at least replace Modric to some extent. We still have not brought a top striker- Huntleaar anybody? We can get him for cheap and i know others may feel he has been a flop in Milan and Madrid but with a manager like Harry- spurs could bring the best out of him again! And i know i may sound as if im on Fantasy Football or something but wouldnt a bid for Ozil show other teams that we want to be the best and want to compete with the best. I know there is a tug of war between United, Barcelona and Madrid for Ozil but spurs could give him something that those teams couldnt give and thats the chance and having the satisfaction of being part of success and not joining success. And maybe Bale can give Bellemy a call – get him to hand a transfer request to come to spurs surely city cant deny him that lol. With all that said still think Spurs will win tomorrow 5-0! Come on you spurs!

  6. I’m happy with what we’ve got but lets see what happens when we qualify for the CL. Mancini has told Bellamy to look for another club….as long as its not Spurs;-)

  7. It shows Man Citehs small club mentality by not wanting to sell to us. They are idiots, they’ll fuck it up for sure

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