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Aug 312010

Well we left it late as usual to try to sign a player on deadline day and it seems as though we will have to wait untill Van Der Vaart will be confirmed or not as a Spurs player. Below is how I think the phone call went.

Harry – Watch Ya Jose its Harry

Jose –  Hello Mr Redknapp how may I help you

Harry – Well Jose I don’t know if you know but the transfer window closes here in England in 5 mins and I need to sign a player, have you got any for sale me old mucker.

Jose – Ah Harry I am the special one and I might be able to help you out

Harry – Triffic Jose who have you got?

Jose – I have Rafael Van Der Vaart for sale Harry, would you like to buy him?

Harry – Oh I don’t know much about him, haven’t you got any players I have previously managed for sale?

Jose – Only Diarra but you already have signed one ex gooner this summer

Harry – Oh yeah good point, ok tell me more about Van Der Vaart

Jose – Well he is Dutch and played in the World Cup Final

Harry – OOOHH World Cup Final, ok I will take him because we only have 3 mins left before the window shuts, can you put him on the phone?

Jose – Not so fast Harry let’s talk money, I want £20mil

Harry – No chance make it £10mil

Jose – Ah Harry I heard you were a bit of a wheeler dealer


Jose – *rings back* Ok Harry I am sorry I was only joking because I am the special on remember.

Harry – Now we only have one minute left and I haven’t even spoken to Van Der Vaart yet, you will have to forge his signature Jose and fax me the paper work over, I will throw you a bung for your efforts.

Jose – Ok Harry you can have him for £8mil

Harry – Triffic stuff Jose but if Daniel Levy asks tell him we agreed £10mil ok?

Jose – Whatever Harry I am the special one, thank you

So there we have it, now it’s the waiting game.

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  17 Responses to “Harry Phone Call To Mourinho For Van Der Vaart”

  1. hee hee

  2. Van der Vaart has signed for Spurs. See

  3. Haha, love it. And love how other fans come on here and take the piss. Yet we are better and funnier at taking the piss out of ourselves. Good signing if it comes off thro

  4. Coxie, that was LAME mate, even by your *high* standards. School Summer Report: D- “Must try harder”…

  5. Quality

  6. Having said that, if we HAVE signed VdV (which is possible) then I will happily take it all back Coxie !

  7. More anxious over this going through than i was on getting 4th last season,should be ok the woolwich nomads took two days sorting out Arshavin deal after transfer window closed.Football is bad for the health.


  9. I never realised it was a team called totterham when i signed.. jose told me i was going to a big club in north london, so i just signed. now im trying to get out of the deal.. maybe i hang on til jan, when spuds are out of champ i can leave..

  10. have we got zarate to

  11. Loving the transcript! lol… I’m not dancing in jubilation yet, waiting for official confirmation! Arshavin fiasco was allowed because of the bad weather (snow) hmmm

  12. LOL!!!!!Good work Coxie. But i wish they would hurry up and stick the rubber on it…..WOW i just can not wait until this stupid international break is over, ok its not realy stupid but you know what i mean.

  13. Alot of people on here or other sites ive seen are complaining about adding another midfield man to our already packed midfield. This is HOW i fcking now u guys or anyone out there who bitchs has no clue what so ever about football.

    If u look at great teams like real madrid or barcelona OR EVEN man utd. ITS THERE midfield that does the job. Xavi, iniesta, SCHOLES. We can play a 4 5 1 formation and we will batter ANY teams. Luka and van der vaart are cut from the same cloth. They will be creative and ye ok having a striker would have been nice, but to be honest our striking options arent that bad and lets be honest. EVERY player nows were the goal is to many people rely on strikers nowadays. Look at ronaldo lol, he was a winger and he scored 40 + goals. We need attacking options and with van der vaart he will feed the whole team from a central poiint. Gareth bale wont probebly stop scoring in my opinion if van da vaart does his job and gets used to the premier league

  14. Great work, Coxie. I was laughing out loud. Keep it up! Swanno

  15. not very funny.

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