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Aug 062010

Harry Redknapp has just been interviewed on TalkSport,where he commented on the Champions League draw,transfers and bringing back the European nights to White Hart Lane,

The transfer merry go round is seemingly attached to James Milner and his on off move to Man City.Harry said.I can see that deal going through sooner rather than latter,then perhaps Aston Villa will have some money to spend.

Take then from that what you will but it looks as though we could be selling some players to them,if,or rather when,Milner finally makes that move.So could that be the much talked about Robbie Keane departure,and perhaps even Jenas? Who knows,but it’s going to go down to the wire,again.

He also commented on John Bostocks future after he signed a deal extension today to take him through until 2013.John has definitely got a future at Tottenham said Harry.He has gone to Hull for a season long loan,but he has to try and get into their first eleven otherwise should he fail then he’s got no chance of making it into Tottenhams.

He then promised,when asked by presenter Danny Kelly to try his utmost to bring the glory nights back to Spurs.

That then is great news regarding John Bostock,I’m really pleased that the lad has found a club to try and work at his game,let’s hope it will benefit him as much as it has Townsend,Mason and Rose.It’s also nice to have a manager that keeps you informed as to what’s developing at the club,well as much as he can without hindering possible transfers anyway.

Your comments are as usual welcome.For healthy discussion please refrain from foul language and personal attack,thank you for your understanding.

  23 Responses to “Harry Redknapp on TalkSport.”

  1. You get more truth when Redknapp doesn’t speak.

  2. Nice one, cheers for that Foggy!

  3. I don’t like the idea of Robbie going to Aston Villa what if he does a job like bent with Villas Defence we could finish behind them / Why do some of our fans want to get rid of a proven goalscorer . This could backfire spectacularly Harry should only sell players like Hutton and Ohare Ekotto and buy one man Samba would be the missing link at the back.. To buy any more players now would upset the Teams moral after our good win at Benfica even if Keane or one of our youngsters played a blinder Harry woulld still Chase young and Bellamy and that is sad he feels like a lot of our fans we need more and more players this is the fear factor. Lets look at some facts here we ost to teams weaker than us Wolves Stoke Sunderland lost points at Fulham Everton Birmingham Hull at Home Defoe missed a penalty at Everton. Cudicini conceded six goals against Chelsea and Utd that Gomes would have saved . We had Lennon Modric for long spells Defoe and Palacios suspended King in and out and Hutton Dosantos Keane Ohara then Kranjar and Jenas got injured and we still beat a team who spent Millions to fourth this tells me we should give this side a chance till January and we could save Millons and get more pleasure if some of our Kids like Townsend Walker Rose Parret Mason Caulker Dosantos step up and suprise Harry and our fans .. Tell me has Bellamy or young got there Team to fourth the Answer is no Harry.

  4. davspurs…as always your posts fascinate me…

  5. Lets face it we wouldnt have brought Keane if Defoe had injured himself anyway! For me Harry is top draw, back to basics and old school. Work hard and you get rewarded. Also we do need some new blood, And I can see the logic behind the Bellamy deal, although I dont like him. It also still suprises me when people still say we should sell BAE? why he has improved so much and heaven forbid what if Bale gets another injury? Some times people just need to put some trust in Old Harry!!!!

  6. davspur. …get rid of assou?? then we hav 1 left back ??? doesnt sound too smart to me…assou was 1 of the better players last season, ohh and every left back makes mistakes, unless u can name 1 that doesnt,
    and as for keano backfiring on us…erm..keano is backfiring, no pace no confidence and far tooo old,
    robbie has lost his cutting edge,imo, we need a powerful forward, and a experienced centre back, and maybe a bit of craft in midfield, to add to what we have,as supporters we need to remember injurys, and suspensions,

  7. iI will have a wager with any fan on here that Keano with or without us still scores goals and if he is old at 30 then i should be writing this from my Coffin aged 58. And has for the Hairy one he scares me every time he tries to let the ball run dead when its not travelling fast enough he fucks me off with is girl y hair and his nasties side on his own players tell me he is not a fullen and him and Bellamy wont mix If i was Charlie he would still have wires coming from is head in intensive care . Bassong Walke r Kaboul jenas Kranjcar could all play left back if we needed them to. Have you not bean watching our friendly s the yanks where trumpeting the fact that our players where playing in different positions during the game . Townsend and Bale swapped roles in one game superbly. And Bale is bionic he get hurt fixes is wires and comes back on and scores . Keep what we have you will miss it when its gone even Ekotto

  8. Are you nuts Andy? Keano backfiring? He’s been our top striker this pre-season! He fired in a hatfull for Celtic last season too. You want to get rid of our main source of goals? Sod that. Keano rocks. Give him a break!

  9. im sorry davspurs but u talk some real nonsense. Example: Kranjcar could play left back if we needed him to.

    the guy is a right footed attack minded midfielder. u may as well say defoe could offer cover at centre back if we needed him to!

    Anyway im a little baffled from what harry is saying. sounds to me like hes saying we need to sell before we buy which i find difficult to understand. i thought we in a good financial status and one of the few english clubs making a profit? maybe there is money being put aside for the new stadium plans or something…

  10. Davspurs.

    Your living in the past when it comes to Keane. Can you tell me the last time he performed to a standard that suggests he can recapture his form of 3/4 seasons ago? He may score some goals but to suggest he has enough in him to galvanise a team who are being stripped of their best players at the start of each season, so much so they can over take spurs really makes me laugh.

    As for your comments of BAE, come off it, he has a lot of talent, still young and put in many decent performances last year. This year he will only improve further. You want to keep players who have stagnated like jenas and keane yet ditch a player who year on year is improving.

    And to suggest we should stick with a team who massively overachieved last season and fill the gaps with unproven youth (who were sent on loan last season to league 1/champs clubs and hardly set them alight) is not clear thinking, especially when you consider we will be playing in europes elite competition and will require some additional quality not only to handle the increase in games but experience required to handle the big occasion, not teenagers.

    Oh and I wouldnt use pre-seasons friendlies where the game is not even ran by our manager as a bench mark for our coming season.

    Keane gave us nothing last year, same can be said abouth Jenas (who has only turned in a handful of decent performances in a spurs shirt) it would be much wiser to chop these players in and try something different as they clearly arent working.

    I suppose next youll be saying we should nominate Lennon as back up keeper

  11. When will some people realise that pre season friendlies are no bench mark for how spurs are going to perform in the real games. Pre seasons are meaningless and just pure training excersise, we have had many outstanding pre seasons only to absolutely flop in the league.

    And as for keanes success at Celtic, give me a break. The all time record goalscorer from SPL has just joined the mighty Middeslborough, thats right a player who scored nearly a goal a game could only attract a club who finished 11th in the championship. Some people really need to get their heads out of their arse.

  12. I feel like turning all scouser and telling everyone to calm down. The truth, from my often misguided and frequently drunken perspective, is we have a good squad, out of which we can form a very good first team. We ain’t great. I haven’t seen great. (Well, maybe 1986/7, but that all got spoiled by winning nothing and subsequent kerb crawling and God wanting to play in Europe). We have a chance, at last, just slightly, to be great again, for the first time in living memory to most who frequent this and other similar pages (we read ’em all, I know it, you know it, it’s in the water). Cup winners cup – I’ve seen it. UEFA cup – been there, done that. Anyone younger than 55 or even 60 cannot remember watching our beloved in the European Cup. We are gonna give those Young Boys a good spanking and then we should just sit back an enjoy whatever happens next. Take it all in. Cos we’ll all be there again next year. That’s the only thing I’m bloody sure of. I’ve been rubbing my crystal balls (prosthetics ain’t what they used to be)Mancini to be sacked before Christmas, they’ll spend another billion in the mid-season window and sack their next manager in April. The red half of scouseville will mumble along with Hodgson til China Inc decide the Dalai Lama might be a better option. Then there’s just Villa and the blue scousers to look over our shoulder at. Maybe even Manure (don’t tell Sky Sports I said that! They’ll hunt me down!). Which one of us would change the squad we have? All of us, of course! For me, a decent striker might be nice. But then, in 86/7 I kept saying Clive Allen was shite. Live it. Love it. COYS

  13. Well said Jason. Lets just sit back and enjoy the Rollercoaster ride that is “TOTTENHAM”. Bring it on.

  14. I would like to keep Townsend and Parrett with the squad for this season,as they seem to have really impressed during pr-season,I realise there’s the opinion that friendlies are only an exercise to develop fitness and tactical awareness and this is correct,but they also show us how far the youngsters have come along during their loan spells the previous season,and for me the two mentioned above are due a run with the team,where they will fit in? Well perhaps the League or FA Cup.Who knows?

  15. we still have the dead wood on the books still, harry complaining he hasnt got no money but he would have loads if he sold keane, hutton, jenas and bentley

    it makes no sense to keep these players here when they dont add anything to the team, money generated from them can easily go to the 2 or 3 players redknapp keeps banging on about

  16. get mr levy out

  17. Good luck to Bostock i hope he does well and finds a squad place. He needs to earn his place just as Sol and Ledley did.
    As for keane? In an ideal world he would stay and fight for a place which all players should.
    However if he cant see himself challenging Defoe and Pav for a place then it really doesnt matter where he goes does it? Better to have a few million than a bench warmer. Maybe invest in the defence.
    If I had it my way, villa would buy jenas for £4mil (?) Keano for £6mil and we’d use the money to buy some1 like Kjaer.
    I really do believe defoe and pav can do it for us esp when their backed up by modders and co.

  18. You have all them ssss in your name and you say i talk . The Davspurs is never wrong ask the Wifelett and to say we overachieved is another wrong statement we underachieved because we should and could have finished 3rd. And i could play in goals so could Hoddle Bobby charlton i could play front back and with me Mrs. So its you living in the past . Hutton has played there Hudds can play with either foot are you telling me during games Bassong or any other player doesn’t find himself a left back . Yes i now its better if you have a left foot at left back but i believe in the new game you play where your club needs you its like you who send clubs into administration hands . We have a good squad it fear that drives Managers and Fans to want more and more players We was the fourth biggest spenders and we finished fourth City where top they underachieved This is some of my Blogs I said Teams where using energy to beat Spurs and win other games in a season of shocks that made some bookmakers rich for legal reasons i cant tell you who they where but one of them underachieved and we benifeted all because of my constant and mind numbing rant . Secondly i said if Hudds was not picked England would be shite and i also said what player would be a lot slower and less Energey Rooney Milner Barry Terry Gerrard Lampard and Lennon would not paly wellbecause he needs to have is groin operated on like Drugba has . Thirdley i predicted we would break the cartel and my only wrong prediction was the Fa CUP and i will always belive even more so now Pompey and the Wembley pitch there Dept and the ref conspired to stopped us winning that day but i swear on my life i new we would not win when i seen who the ref was the same ref who awarde Leeds a penalty in 6 mins of four . So Mr SSSSS. I COULD STILL NUTMEG YOU LEAVE YOU ON YOUR ARSE AT LEFT BACK RIGHT BACK AND UP THE MIDDLE AND SAVE A PENALTY . The only ball you you can play with is you Lets see who is right it wont be Davspurs Lennon Hudds Bale Dosantos have all bean backed by Davspurs Hutton Ekotto Alnwick wont be Keano Jenas Bostock will .COYS we dont Overachieve we strive to Achive our rightfull place at the top.

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  19. Keane is finished. The Liverpool thing clearly affected him, and then ha came to a bit of a different Spurs team. No Berbatov and a team where he was no longer guaranteed a starting spot. I did not like Bellamy but right now I would gladly have hin on the bench rather than Keane. He has pace, can play on the wing and has a bit of attitude.

  20. @Davspurs…..mate at 58 years you think you may have learnt something from football.

    Go and follow woman’s hockey mate….you might be able to graps the concept of that game as you have no idea of what you are talking about.

    I am so sick of your posts and the high and mighty attitude you take.

    Now go away as your starting to really annoy me.


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  21. This site is for the enjoyment of all,can we then please refrain from foul language and personal attack.Thank You for your understanding.

  22. No seriously, nobody picked up on Davspur’s comment about Samba………missing link, yes. For Spurs No!

  23. Tut tut Admin………….no sense of humour!

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