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Aug 312010

Watching Sky Sports News and the reporters collared Harry and asked if any transfers were on the cards for Tottenham. Harry point blank said no nothing and added he would be very surprised if any deals.

Harry did say except one or two loan deals for the youngsters he could see it being a quiet day for Spurs, he does like to play things down and he does like to toy with the media so don’t be surprised if he has something up his sleeve.

Redknapp denied links with Pienaar of Everton and when asked if there is anyone he would really like to sign he joked that he would like to sign Lionel Messi.

So Harry says no deals for Tottenham today but do we believe him? I am not convinced as we know Harry likes to toy with the media and throw them off the trail.

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  11 Responses to “Harry Says No Deals On The Cards”

  1. We are being held ransom in every transfer, either clubs are asking too much money or are simply not willing to sell their players to us now that we are a ‘top four club’. It’s a real shame if nothing happens, probably in the best position in years in terms of squad and champions league football and all the clubs are around us are buying like it’s a pick n mix from woolworths!

  2. redknapp is so annoying . although hes a good manager and done well i still dont like him for some reason

  3. Cheer up lads, we got ourselves a goal keeper, and a croation.

    I think David Jeenola has hit the nail on the head.

  4. Very poor effort if they fail to bring anyone in. To the point of pathetic. Daniel Levy has been so busy being clever in the Transfer Market, he hasn’t had time to sell anyone.

  5. Very poor effort if they fail to bring anyone in. To the point of being pathetic. Daniel Levy has been so busy being clever in the Transfer Market, he hasn’t had time to buy anyone.

  6. Yes, but to be fair, it was meant to be a factor of getting into the CL that we could attract better players.

    It’s been repeated so many times, that people are now thinking, ‘Yeah, that’s old news, we know that.’ But that doesn’t excuse the fact that the club have failed to capitalise on it. It is pathetic.

  7. not signing Huntelaar could be a big mistake surely he would have come to us and at 13 million. It seems all we want to do is loan players at the moment which is really frustrating is there nothing to spend is it all tied up in this new stadium do you reckon

  8. Either that or Levy is worried we are going to do a Leeds Utd

  9. If true then it is a poor, poor showing. We have a manager notorious for liking transfers, increased revenue from Champion’s League qualification and the increased prestige that (allegedly) goes along with it. You would have thought that this would amount to the perfect storm in terms of us signing a few, instead we have Gallas on a free, Sandro (although signed some time ago) when he is eventually fit and rested and a goalkeeper on loan. What the hell is going on? I cannot see us finishing in the top four again this season without a couple of new faces; in this league, if you’re standing still you’re going backwards.

  10. according to Sky..Ryan Babel is on his way down for talks at WHL !!! Coming down by helicopter.

  11. Shocking waste of a very rare and good oppertunity…….hang ya head in shame arry/levy… blew it

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