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Dec 152010

There more I think about this the more ludicrous I think the idea of Harry becoming the next England manager really is. It is becoming an everyday occurence now to pick up a paper and see Harry being linked with the England job.

My question is don’t you think Harry would be mad to take the England job if the FA made their move. He is at a top club with money to spend and we are probably 2 or 3 top players off of winning the Premiership, so why wouldn’t Harry want to finish the job? He has taken us from relegation strugglers to a Champions League outfit and so far we have made light work of that too. If we hadn’t had all our injuries so far this season I am convinced we would be at least 6 points better off.

You also have to take into account that no matter who takes the England job they are not ever going to win shit, we had our chance and we blew it. The England team by the time Harry gets the job is going to be nowhere near the quality of that of previous managers until the FA invest in youth like Spain did and a decade later they are world champions. After Gerrard, Lampard, Rio etc who is there of the same quality? Harry would have to be mad to give up Tottenham and the excitement of the Premiership to take on the pressure of the England job which will probably see him sacked in no time because people won’t be able to understand that England are just not good enough to win anything anytime soon.

I can appreciate what a great honour it is for a manager to be able to manage his country but Harry is at the height of his career and the way the England team is at the moment I personally would see taking the job as a step backwards. I know Harry has always fancied being England manager but he may still get his chance in 5 years time.

Am I right or should Harry follow his dream and take the England job and all that comes with it should he be first choice to succeed Fabio Capello?

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  17 Responses to “Harry Would Be Mad To Take England Job”

  1. It’s up to ‘arry weather he goes on to follow his dream is’nt it..i hope he has a really bad dream one night about being england manager and wakes up in the mornin thinkin ‘f@ck that!’ and that very same day goes to see mr levy and pledge the rest of his life to Spurs!!.com on ‘ the right thing..WE LOVE YOU TOTTENHAM WE DO..OHH TOTTENHAM WE LOVE YOU!!

  2. i think it is harrys retirement plan,if he is ready to step away from the everyday job of the premiership and take it easy and still be well payed to watch a few games and pick the england team.

  3. Harry will go for the England job if given a chance because it has been his ambition all his life and nobody can stop him if he wants to go.
    Even though things have gone great at Spurs he knows that a couple of bad results and everyone will call for his head and a new guy at the lane.
    The life of a football manager is risky at the best of times just ask Big Sam and Chris Hughton.
    Spurs need to get the max out of Harry while he is here because the clock is ticking.

  4. I suspect Harry looks upon it as the crowning achievement of a long career. If he’s offered it, and if he’s not held to his contract with Tottenham and decides to take it, it would not be a crazy decision.

  5. I do think a lot of the time Harry talks up the England job almost using it as a bargaining tool to show his worth to Levy. Don’t know if he wants the job really as much as he lets off, however he is a proud English man so you never know!!

  6. I think he would be crazy to take the job. It’s a poison chalice. The England team is going nowhere fast. Whoever is in charge.It would ruin Harry’s reputation within 2 seasons

  7. I think its more a case of England being crazy if they offered the job to Harry with all the baggage he carries and wouldn’t the HRMC like to get their hands on it?………..

    Things could go tits up for Harry when he goes to court next year and is likely to get a hefty fine and/or a suspended sentence. Not sure the FA will continue to court him then but we’ll just have to wait and see.

  8. Thoughts expressed in this article are the sentiment of the fans. It would have had entirely different outlook if the author tried to wear HR’s shoes while writing it.
    Considering the situation with Capello and HR’ dream of the ultimate job and shared by every domestic manager, there would hardly be a better time for him to take it. Here are few reasons:
    1. He achieved well respected heights with Spurs in a short period of time
    2. To better it, it would be slow, painstaking (lack of funding for top world class players), and still uncertain leap.
    3. He is confident (and I’m with him on this one) that he can do better than Capello and a clown before him.
    4. It is a dream job for every self respected manager to come to a club that is down and lift it up. In HR case, that’s exactly what he did in his previous job at Portsmouth and currently at Spurs. The same realistic opportunity is at his fingertips now, which could set him as a legend among very few English football managers.

  9. harry will take this job at the first opportunity and doesnt hide the fact to be fair to him. he has done wonders for us but that doesnt mean we cant get better without him. he cant make a substitution to save his life and is on a hiding to nothing with that job! ill be gutted to lose him, but klinsman coming in would get me exhited again! chelski turned champions league then swapped managers and finished up with marinio!

  10. Harry is sure to leave your fucking shit club,for England.Beggars belief that he’s at your shit club in the first place being that he is Mr West Ham United.
    Bale’s leaving you spud’s anyway.

    • Just like Ronaldo left your mighty shit club supported by a bunch of glory hunters

    • And I am guessing you are one of them glory hunters seeing as your ip is from Gravesend, I bet you have never set foot in Manchester in your life

  11. It would be time for us to upgrade on him, he has done ok but there is much much better out there. tactically inept but a great motivator and loves his favourites.

  12. Listen you bunch of wankers look at your trophy room you’ll probably find Lord Lucan in there somewhere amongst the cob webs.
    look at our trophy room silverware everywhere.
    We made £80 million on Ron good business.
    How many players have you ever sold for £80 million er none.
    And i live 5 minutes away from the theatre of dreams that is the Mighty Old Trafford,unlike that shit cardboard box you play in.
    Got anymore verbal diarrhea.

    • What the feck u doing on a Spurs foum you insecure school boy. Alex red nose will soon retire you debts are crippling the 80 million didn`t even cover your interest payments. The empire is crumbling and Even city will overtake you soon. Maybe thats why you feel you need to share your past glory with other fans who don`t give a flying feck. Get a life and join a Utd forum that`s if you actually support them. And lay of the crack dude.

      • HA!HA!HA!.Fair play tully m8..thats him told..a new era of football is being born..taggert be retiring soon..gigs an co past their best..COM ON YOU SPURS!!

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