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Nov 112011

I keep hearing Harry is odds on favourite for the England job, maybe so. Last week it was rumoured that Spurs were going to try to get Harry to sign a new deal before any approach from the FA so that should the worst happen then Tottenham would get a better pay day for sacrificing their manager to the doom that is the England job.

Should Tottenham finish in the top four this season then it will make Harry’s decision even more difficult should England come knock. Harry has made no secret that the England job is the pinnacle of managerial jobs but is Harry a little behind the times? You know, like old people still think a pound is worth a lot more than it really is.

Personally I think Harry would be a fool to walk away from a top Premiership club and take the England job, half of us don’t even care about international football anymore unless it’s the summer finals and even then it’s probably only magnified because there’s no other football but during the season we can’t deny that we despise the international break because it interrupts our beloved Premiership. International football is a bit of a hinderance these days and not what it used to be and that’s where I think Harry is a little behind in the times.

There’s no doubt nobody could have done a better job than Harry has done for us and trust me we would miss him, but is it a full gone conclusion should England come knocking as we fully expect when Capello leaves or could this prove to be a tougher decision for Redknapp especially if we finish 4th or is the fact he is coming to the back-end of his managerial career going to make his mind up for him as it seems to be something he wants to do before he retires. Personally I think he’s wasting his time, anyone who takes the England job is going to fail, it’s almost unmanageable. Harry can either be another one to the list of failed England managers (although he probably thinks he can win the world cup) or he can stay and become a Tottenham legend by taking us into a new era.

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  11 Responses to “Harry’s Toughest Decision?”

  1. Nice piece…Have to pull you up on your spelling/use of English, its forgone…Anyway, I think he will go with the money, whichever way that is…

  2. It’s ‘forgone’ conclusion.

  3. What Pete said.

  4. On the broader point of the actual article, I think the impression of international football is only like that in this country, mainly due to the fact that almost every manager in the Premier League takes every opportunity they get to moan about it.

    Most other countries still see international football as the pinnacle of the sport (as it should be) and if Harry has the self-belief that he can get England back up into championship contenders then good luck to him. People’s opinion of international football will soon change if he can.

    • Hear hear, international football is the pinnacle, it’s just that England have disappointed for such a long time that many have lost patience, especially so with the ‘golden generation’ crop. It’s time for the old guard to step aside and let England build for the future without being tainted by those who never quite did what they were perhaps capable of.

      As a spurs fan, If Harry takes the job I’ll be saddened but as an englishman I will never hold that against him.

    • Couldn’ty agree more – I personally still fully support England. One of the other problems now is the culture of English people… it’s no coincedence that as the realisation that England aren’t actually that good has dawned, as a parralel support has dropped. Basically, football is full of glory supporters which is why the better the team the more support, the natinal team is no different, if we were winning everyone would love England.

      Also, based on what you were saying about other nations – Alonso was saying how it is not a friendly when you play England it’s an honour. W£e dobn’t have that depth of character in this country, in general people don’t feel like that, we’ve become a shallow nation, with governments not allowing us to be fully ‘proud of our nation’ (banning England flags in case it looks racist among other things) over a generation has gradually taken national pride to a new low… all these things matter. It’s a shame

  5. Cockerel crows, gunners woes another 3 points in the bag
    Its been a while since wenger smiled in a Tottenham derby clash
    Van der vaart breakin harts all around the emirates ground
    60 thousand seater ground but we cant hear a fukin sound

    We didn’t start the fire, it was always burning but now the tables turning 😉

    Nasris long, fab is gone, beneyoune n Park chu- teddy wong
    Frimpong , alex song, arshavin sells tiger thongs
    Audere-est-facere, europa league but we don’t care
    Dying for some silverwear but all you got is wengers hair
    God bless kyle walker, the new carlos has been born yea
    sorry boys we tried to warn ya.. “now pick that out the bottom corner “
    Silverwear , like chamakhs hair seems to be fading fast
    Eie , eie who ?……. ….Always living off the past
    We didn’t start the fire, it was always burning but now the tables turning 😉

  6. If Harry becomes England manager he will pick the usual over the hill old men he seems to love. Lampard, Ferdinand, Joe Cole, Phil Neville, Becks and anyone else over the age of 30. England camp would be like a retirement village.

  7. I am a proud E. Englishman, but since the shambles at the last World Cup I have really given up on the national side now. I am just not interested any more. We were dismal, there’s no two ways about it. I love Spurs like a member of my family, but any sensible football fan knows there is only one real choice for the post Capello slot. The F.A. would be facking fools to ignore Harry for the England job – he should have been offered it when he still at Pompey. He has already coached half the squad, and they all love playing for him; it’s his popularity that gets him success. There’s no doubt he is our best manager in years, and I would be gutted to see him leave, but I can’t see him turning it down really, and nor would I begrudge him the chance. We haven’t had a decent side since 1998 but that wouldn’t stop him thinking he could sort them out, and to be fair, he’d have a better chance than most. I’d cheer Spurs above England all day long, they’ve let us down far too often, but Redknapp is old school and he’ll believe he can make us credible again. I want him to stay at Tottenham until he retires, but if he goes to England it will be with my best wishes. On the other hand if he ever went to Chelsea or Arsenal I’d say burn his fucking house down… (Only joking Harry I know you don’t like that kind of talk!!!)

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