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Dec 082010

I know some people don’t like ITK stuff and I don’t usually do it myself and if anyone else who knows anything can confirm before I get slated that would be great.

Someone I know who’s in the Spurs academy said good old Jonathan Woodgate was doing some light training this week and looked to be ok.

Woodgate had an operation a couple of months ago which Harry said was his final throw of the dice. It was reported a few weeks ago that everything seemed to be so far so good and Woodgate was doing some work in the gym. Jermain Defoe said the same. Sources tell me he has started light training and running this week.

Harry said that Woodgate would eventually undergo a month of intense training and if he can come through that without any setbacks he will be back in the Spurs 25 man squad in January.

If true then it’s good news, would be like a new signing to have Woody back. Obviously it would take him a while to regain his sharpness and he probably wouldn’t be as sharp as he was before but he will still have enough to be a top defender for us.

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  1. All well and good. BUT I think i can speak for a large group of Spurs supporters- can we honestly rely on Woodgate coming back and being actually anywhere near as good as he was when in his prime. He played all of 3 games in the 09-10 season in which he possesed little command of the back line and produced 6/10 performances.

    Personally I think its time for Tottenham fans to put there hands up and wave goodbye to Woodgate and i say this biting my tounge but, dare i say it, Ledley King aswell….

    I am full of praise for Ledley and i rate him as one of the best English defenders of his day but classing him as a First Team Player at Spurs could subsequently end up with them being desperately short at the back more often than not, and a top four contender wants more reassurance than this. Correct me if im wrong please?

    Mertesacker from Bayern, one to think about maybe? or the new guy they have brought in from SA is the guy for the job? I don’t think so somehow.

    On the plus side. Defoe back on form is always a pleasure to see, and of course the Welsh Sports Personality and new born legend Gareth Bale lighting up the pitch week in week out is always nice to admire.


  2. Both sad & true.

    Let’s see how they both go and then if only a shadow of before, then allow both a retirement option.
    I would hate to see either slide down the club list still trying to play.

  3. How much Spurs have you watched this season “yougoPublic”?? Surely from playing them twice, you would know that a) Per Mertesacker plays for Werder Bremen and b) He isn’t very good.

    We have Dawson, Kaboul, Gallas, Bassong and Khumalo, with Caulker coming through and looking like the real deal – even without King and Woody – we are just fine.

    Priority is a striker to replace Robbie. Not much else needed.

  4. I would be overjoyed if Woody’s fit and well, but ease the man back no point or need to rush anything as he cant play until Jan anyway. We’ve got enough cover when Kaboul returns and Gallas needs a break at some time. My biggest fear is losing Bassong because if Woody, Kaboul, King and Gallas are fit and able, how far down the pecking order is he? Potentially we’d be losing a really class act for the future.

  5. I agree with Zagreb Bar. i think spurs have plenty of cover at CH. we need another striker for sure and i still beleive our weakness is a lack of metal in the middle. Palacios is patchy at the very best. Maybe parker would be a good short term fix for our midfield. Spurs need to take the next step forward. and that’s being able to play a 451 or a 433 when it suits and not leak goals at the back. we need a striker in the drogba mould (who doesn’t). And imho we need better players at left and right back. both BAE and Hutton do a decent job but they do get caught daydreaming. We have some good backs and I for one think Kaboul was the best right back I’ve seen out of our current crop of players. If woodgate does come back and is still good enough will spurs keep Gallas? I think he’s been a very good signing. I wonder if bassong could play LB? kaboul on the right woody and gallas in the middle and bassong on the left. we’d be hard to beat in the air at the back and have one hell of a choice from set peices. but seriously we’ll have to wait and see what happens i guess. dawson back now and woody to come say january what would be the choices when all fully fit? I think Bassong will leave which would be a shame he has some good fottballing ability. That’s not something you see of too often in a CB and he’s still learning.

  6. Did anyone catch Suarez for Ajax against Milan?

    He would be the perfect signing for Spurs over the January Window and adding a skillful goal scorer to your already flamboyant attacking force would be clinical in achieving a strong case for top4 this season.

    If anyone has any better ideas to partner JD or even VDV, let me know?

  7. Sorry but if we want to be “Serious” contenders we must stop the sentimental crap… Ledley and Woody have been fantastic players for the club BUT the key words are “have been”. Sorry but there is at least 120,000k PER WEEK that should be invested in a high quality player who can represent the club on a regular basis. Its time for a golden handshake and a farewell testimonial…Lets remember them for their past achievents not as “Hangers On”

  8. think bassong is going in january.he himself said”i could be playing for psg in january.he could have been told “your surplus to requirements”.he has promise,but needs to smother a forward and the ball when tackling.this he seems reluctant to kaboul hes a class act.

  9. I totally agree with comment no.1
    As much as I respect Ledley for everything he has done for the club, it is now time to call it a day.
    We should go out and buy a quality centre-back and get Ledley involved in the coaching team like Les and Tim etc.
    He would be worth keeping hold of from a coaching perspective.
    We do need consistency now and this would be an ideal time to attract a world class centre back to the club with the draw of last 16 champions league football.
    If we keep ledley on as defensive coach I think he would add so much. I just know that one day (with a lot of hard work) everything will click with Kaboul and he will be quality!

  10. Comment No.1 has some good points. I stay in S.A and although i seldom watch our local football i do think the “new guy” from SA will follow in the same footsteps as Lucas Radebe (ex Leeds United).What i have seen of him,he is a good strong tackler and most important he seems to have a wonderful personality and the right mentality to succeed Lucas. I really hope so.
    Midlield:- Please do not buy Parker,he just signed a new contract and he was well aware Spurs were interested then. Let him play in a lower league next year. Sandro will become a Spurs great very soon.Let’s face it ,he has to with the next world cup being played in Brazil. This lad i am sure will come good very soon. Spurs have enough steel and great midfielders.
    On a fifferent topic,whatever happens this year PLEASE give Manchester United a good hiding at home. I am sick and tired of their supporters jokes twice a year.

  11. Believe it when i see it……..

  12. I would love Ledley to stay but I don’t think he should be first choice, simply because it it too disruptive. I would expect that Kaboul and Dawson would be our first choice pairning in 2 years time – depending on injury and form. In the interim Gallas seems to first choice. Ledley would be great when someone is injured,

  13. cheers for the info coxie
    Lets hope he comes through.. Immense player when fit.
    With all our CB’s fit we are overloaded with class in that position
    Just a shame half of em are made of glass..

  14. Woouldy be any good well the last game he played in we won nine one and there goal was offside he had a bad back then smouldering in the background ready to render him like glassback the swede. Just like Steve Austin they have rebuilt him to Run faster than Bale in overdrive Jump Higher than Gomes well the real Gomes not the present one, and tackle like a Tiger. This means he will cost us sixty million dollars but worth every penny if he gets the winner against Arsenal at Wembley . These are the players we need till we get a full squad back Big Tom and the rest, David Beckham for Tom Van nystral boy for Keane Ray Wilkins for Sherwood. Bains for Ekotto .

  15. Wandering Yid – we do not pay £120,000 a week and will not, if we did then every player would want an immediate wage increase.

    You suggest saving 2 sets of wages but you don’t yet know if when Woodgate returns as expected in January how good he will be. You do not lose the mental side of the game, the positioning which to some is natural and to some you have to teach. We need to see what he is like before we splash the cash, especially with our rock Dawson returning soon. Gallas has been playing brilliantly and he and Dawson could form an excellent central defensive partnership, we will have to wait and see. King yes it probably is time to call it a day at the end of the season.

    I would rather see money sent on a striker who can score goals away from home. Adrianno if off the booze, Fabiano or Banzema or Adebayor on loan if we can work out wages, All will score goals.

    Charles – Sandro looks like a very good player, far better than Palacious given time. he has been on the go for a long time and has shown he can adapt to our faster game.

  16. To be honest Spurs need to move on from Woody & Ledders- the premiership has moved on- u need to be 100% fit consistently. The defence though needs tightening up, but the players we have need to learn this, not bring back old guard. Gallas should take Ledders position & Dawson take Woodys. With Bassong & Kaboul groomed to take Gallas position soon. The news is great for Woody, not so for us at spurs. We need consistency.

  17. ToppinHam – Bang on

  18. Great player and would be an England starter for sure alongside King. Both blighted by injuries. If he played we woulod not be so generous at the back. I just hope they take it very slowly with him. Would be like a 15 million new signing if he made it back.

  19. Have to agree with the majority of posters. CB is really no longer a weak spot, particularly if we can hanh onto Bassong who is developing really well. Right now I think Dawson is the outsider of the four, though I guess Gallas is not a long term option, much as he has been outstanding so far.
    A squad choice of Kaboul, Bassong, Dawson & Khumalo sounds pretty decent with, as already mentioned, Caulker is the upcoming star.

    Otherwise e focal points must surely be central striker upgrade and stiffening of midfield, though I am also a bit twitched at full back. Personally I think Glenn Johnson could be a great signing and I remain less than convinced by Benni the Space Cadet. Brilliant talent but a tendency to throw a wobbler at least once every match. Taiwo or the Spaniard at Newcastle could be interesting, although I also wonder where the two Kyles fit in. Both getting great reviews on loan and it would be a shame to lose both as we did with Chris ??, the Welsh lad now at Forest.

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