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Sep 062012

Seen a couple of articles calling for the booing to stop and maybe they have a point.

AVB as we saw at Chelsea got turned on quick by the players and fans, once that happened his confidence dropped, you could see he was a man who was loosing sleep at night and it’s hard to recover from that.

I feel as though he has been a bit shafted by Levy in the summer transfer market, we are now a weaker squad than we have been for the previous 2 or 3 years and the pre-season he was presented with wasn’t the best in my opinion. I do feel however our style of play needs some work, he obviously had his ideas of the 4-5-1 but does our team really allow it at the moment? The trouble is we have left ourselves short on strikers than for most of the season we will have no choice and if Ade gets injured we are stuffed because JD as much as we love him isn’t a striker who can play alone up top.

Next game which I think is Reading away, we have to get behind the team, show them we believe. We have no choice at this moment in time, booing the team won’t help one bit but sure if we are still looking like a bag of shite in 6 or 7 games time then by all means boo away and hope that the board act.

Time will tell whether AVB can take us forward but for now let’s back him to the hills and back, that way there’s no excuses.

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