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Nov 062011

Well this is a game we would have usually thrown away due to not having a reliable keeper between this sticks but in seasons gone by we have thrown games away but maybe now we can see them out and pick up more wins, especially away from home.

Another great away win against a decent side but we made hard work of it. Brad Friedel was the man of the match and rightly so awarded by SKY. The first half was a pretty even match and you can say it might have flattered us to be leading 2-0 but the second half was a different story. For some reason there are 2 very different Tottenham’s, the team that can play anyone off the park and the team that are all over the place and it seems in recent weeks we seem to get both Tottenham’s turn up in the same game, one in the first half and the other in the second half and today was no different.

Gareth Bale gave us the lead before Lennon doubled it late in the first half with a lovely link up move between hiself and Bale. Fulham really came at us in the second half and Friedel was called upon many times to make a series of saves, Parker was there doing all he could to break up Fulham attacks. 10 mins into the second half they got the goal when Ledley headed the ball against the back of Kaboul for an own goal and it was squeaky bum time from that moment on but somehow unknown to mankind we managed to hold out and score an injury time goal from Defoe to make it 3-1.

If you haven’t seen the game then I’d advise you to watch MOTD2 tonight and see how we were hanging on by the skin of our teeth, it was painful at times but we came through in the end which is always a sign of a good team, a team who can win when maybe they haven’t played so well and we certainly didn’t in the second half.

The experience of Friedel was vital and I am sure this guy will help us save many more points through the course of the season.


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  10 Responses to “He’s Got No Hair But We Don’t Care Braddy Braddy Friedel!”

  1. Painful but pleasing – how many times have been on the receiving end of matches like this ? Well done Spurs for ‘hanging;’ on… Special well done to Lennon (welcome Lennon circa 2009!) Defoe, Bale, King and Brad …. COYMS Marching onto victory……

  2. Some bad performances today from Parker, VDV, Kaboul and Modric..all well below par. Fulham should have had a penalty in the last minute but so should spurs just before that for the clear push in the back on Parker in the Fulham PA. Why we continue to give away silly free kicks on the edge of our area i do not know..Modric can perhaps answer that one!! and why did we give so much ball away in the second half…a lack of compusre under pressure is a concern.
    Having said all this it is 3 points that we would have surrendered not so long ago. Great teams win even when they are playing concern is that we have developed a knack of getting into a comfortable position only to surrender a goal and then hang on..against the better teams we will get punished. Until then i will celebrate the win and hope my blood pressure returns to normal by next weekend!! COYS

  3. I love it! i bet on us to win 3-1 at half time and with the last kick of the game i earn myself £35 of a fiver, i know it’s small change but a win and a winning bet like that is great. COYS!!

  4. Thank god Bassong wasnt playing!!

  5. ade needs a spot on the bench, he was pony again today. The substitutions were very reactionary and we got let off today , big time..

    Ledley looked unusually cumbersome and not his magestic best, but good enough is his standard. MOdric – Bale s parker and a few others never turned up.. still like u say, we’ll take that

    big up the’ Friedel massive ‘


    • I think ade done all he could, when he don’t score he still holds the ball up and takes defenders out the game which is more than crouch ever done

  6. We have been lucky. Fulham controlled the game in the second half. We were slow to clear the ball and gave it away too easily. Our passing was also poor. Friedel saved the day for us. Defoe was a good substitution for VDV who was completely eclipsed in this game. I was expecting Defoe to come in earlier. He did well to seal the match for us thanks to a great pass from Adebayor but who had really under performed during the match. It was not really our best football but credit to the team for holding on and winning three vital points.

  7. I am going to end up worse than Harry, my heart is still racing.
    Still a win is a win.. COYS

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