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Jul 182010

The date was 4th March 2007, the venue was Upton Park. It was relegation bound West Ham v Spurs and if you remember this match you will also remember the feeling of what you had just witnessed after 90 mins or should I say after 95 mins.

You will remember it was March and the Hammers were rooted to the bottom of the table by 10 points, it looked as though they were destined for the drop. Carlo Tevez had yet to score a goal all season long. Tottenham on the other hand after a slow start to the season managed to finish 5th.

The video you are about to witness I made myself for you guys, this game stuck in my memory and I couldn’t find the goals anywhere so I bought the video so you better appreciate my efforts lol.

I remember when Stalteri scored the winner and the buzz I had running through my body was unbelievable. The match was over 3 years ago now but it is a match I have never forgotten and some of you have probably looked for highlights yourself but most have been removed so enjoy this while you can. My favourite score in football is a good old 4-3 that is in the balance for the whole 90 mins and swings both ways, you just can’t beat ’em

Stalteri sinks the Hammers

  26 Responses to “Hotspur History – A Match To Remember West Ham 3 – 4 Tottenham 2007”

  1. Well done mate… good on you for finding the video and sticking it on!

    COME ON YOU SPURS !!!!!!


  3. lol bought the video off amazon and ripped the goals before compiling the video , glad you enjoyed it, feel free to rip it off youtube if anyone wants a copy.

  4. OMG! I’ve been searching for this video for YEARS now! You Are Superb!

    Great job and one of the greatest results for us in recent decades!

    Do you have a full match? Could you upload it somewhere so that we could download it? Or maybe Torrent? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  5. Beso I did notice myself that this video didn’t seem to exist on the internet anymore that’s why I took it upon myself, feel free to share it by showing people on spurs forums etc because i’m sure there are plenty more people who were looking for it.

  6. Salteri’s goal…watching that made me think “That GK Robert Green, he looks good. Hope he goes to the 2010 world cup”.

  7. I remember it so well. In the pub with a good mixture of supporters. Spammers taking the piss when they were in front. When Stalteri scored I watched in disbelief, what was he doing there anyway? On the final whistle I just pissed myself laughing. West Ham, stupid mugs. Classic.

  8. Nice one man, well worth your efforts.
    Thoroughly enjoyed that 😉
    A welcome break from the garbage thas goin around at the moment.

  9. Great video, but the music was disturbing

  10. i spent half time cleaning the remains of my dinner from the wall. at full time i was cleaning my pants!

  11. If anyone has any others they would like to see featured leave a reply here or go contact page and i will get on it

  12. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  13. Thanks Pharmacy, besides some of the junk I put on here from the papers and transfer gossip I will look forward to the close of the transfer window because I enjoy doing more blogs on things like this.

    If anyone else has any request on games they want featured on Hotspur History then please say so now or forever hold you peace 🙂

  14. Tell you what I’ll feature next week , Tottenham V Leicester 1999 Worthington Cup final, haven’t seen that on the net for a while.

  15. all Credits to Taarabt in that match. he changed the game

  16. I appreciate your efforts amigo, quality game, cant you add the bit where curbs kicks the water bottle 6 foot in the air when berba scores, always cracks me up!!! p.s. that useless kn** green in a fimiliar pose at the end i see!!! happy days!!

  17. Thank you sooo much!!!! Even Berbatov was smiling too!!q

  18. I can send you that clip if you wan Stu

  19. What a great resource!

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  21. wtf is this gay song? Are you some sort of queer?

    Next time just post the highlights with commentary you dickhead.

    Oh and get a life will you?


  22. Nice comment Dack, you ungrateful cock jockey. What is just a shit song to most of us is an easily recognisable gay club classic to you – does it transport you back to your ‘heaven’ days you hairless shaft muncher?

  23. I remember this game as if it was yesterday…i was sitting with a Newcastle and Liverpool supporter and they nailed me at half time….boy was I giving it back to them after the game 🙂

  24. One of the great games.

    Always remember watching the last ten or fifteen minutes, at home, standing and shouting at the Television.

  25. Thanks for the joy. Its a great game.

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