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Jul 152010

Last season was one hell of a rollercoaster ride but that is what makes being a Tottenham fan the best fans in the world, if Carlsberg done fans it would definately be Tottenham. I don’t know about most of you but for myself I enjoy supporting a team that doesn’t win every week and isn’t expected to win a trophy each season, to me this makes it all the more special when we do. Other teams might mock our enthusiasm but I put that down to fear or jelousy. I believe we are on the way up and its about time too.

Boom Boom Boom Let Me Hear You Say Bale....

Last season gave us so many high points and a few downers too, we beat some of the big teams and we let Wolves do the double over us. We beat Wigan 9-1 but we let the scum give us a bit of a footballing lesson at their gaff. Come the final game of the season I defy any other football fan to say that Spurs didn’t deserve to finish in 4th place having been in the top 4 for most of the season.

We had what was to be a season defining couple of weeks in April. This run of games started with the FA Cup semi final agaisnt relgated Portsmouth, on paper it was to be a stroll in the park but we all know that the FA Cup was Pompey’s last hope of salvaging something from the season and we all know that they wanted it more than us which is why they won and we didn’t, it’s as simple as that. Oh plus the Wembley pitch was a disgrace!!

Out of the FA Cup and disheartened and slipped down to 5th place in league after City jumped us due to our previous league defeat agaisnt Sunderland, was there a way back or was a Europa cup place looking like a good achievement? Well the Spurs players had other ideas and what was about to happen in the coming fixtures was beyond our wildest dreams. With Arsenal,Chelsea, United and City all to play in the space of a month did finishing 4th ever look likely? Now I am the ever optomistic Spurs fan but even I thought this run of games would prove too much for us, but take a look at the video below to see the moment that I and thousands of other Spurs fans thought that for once things might just be different….

So we sent Arsenal and Chelsea packing and if after both of them amazing results if there was any justice and you believed in fate you just knew that we had to finish 4th. Who would have thought we would have come through the Arsenal,Chelsea and United run of games back in 4th? I will review more parts in the coming weeks before the start of the season to gear us up for another crack at it, the City game will be coming up so pop back for my review on that. For now however I leave you with our season defining moment, the moment we dared to dream, the moment Tottenham fans believed once again.

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  10 Responses to “Hotspur History – The Moment We All Believed”

  1. Great videos,I was wondering if anyone other than myself might see a future for Gareth Bale in a more central position of a five man midfield as he has boundless amounts of energy and an eye for goal?

    On another note there might also be a need to look at the way the two goals were conceded as both were almost a carbon copy of each other.

  2. Arsenal in previous years have won the league at WHL, but then again we’ve taken it away from them without actually having to win it this year lol. Cancels a lot of bad history out doesn’t it 😉


  3. I am not sure about the Bale in the centre possibility, but you never know. I can see him developing into the ultimate wing back – practically a winger, but has so much speed and energy that he can do it all. When he first came, he was 19 and had the confidence to take direct free kicks against top teams, and scored. Now that he has regained that confidence and had a summer off to practice, perhaps we will see his free kick ability return. Looking forward to that.

  4. Great article and video… it truely was a brilliant season. On a separate note, i would just like to point out to all those fans who are calling for Bentley to be sent packing, that was pivotal in both matches against Arsenal and Chelsea and our Champions League challenge – without him I really dont think we would have made it. I for one hopes he makes a speedy recovery and gets back to competing with Lennon for that right side of midfield. Cant wait for the new season to kick off… COYS

  5. Great video but would like to have seen the Gomes saves against Arsenal in there and the Crouch goal against Citeh that decided it all as the icing on the cake

    Gave me goose bumps and seeing those goals again though

  6. PMSL at Portsmouth wanting it more than us as the reason for losing. They didn’t and it wasn’t.

  7. Can you really say we played against portsmouth with as much heart and determination as they did cos any honest fan will say no. They done the same in the final against chelsea.

  8. Fantastic video. Seeing Daws hugging Gomes at the end brought tears to my eyes.

  9. This guy makes some top videos, he does Games To Remember, there are some in the nostalgia section by the same buy LedleyKingOfEngland

  10. Over de voor- en nadelen van het afsluiten van een lening zonder BKR-toetsing.

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