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Oct 272010

I have been doing some thinking, if  Wesley Sneijder really does want to leave Inter and the rumours are that he might be looking for a way out with Manchester United keen on landing the Dutchman, could we possibly sign him?

To me it makes perfect sense, the guy is best mates with Van der Vaart, same age, same nationality and good friends, surely Van der Vaart could talk Wesley Sneijder into a move to Tottenham should he want to leave Inter. Both them two players in our midfield would make us the dogs.

Wesley Sneijder and Van der Vaart played together in the World Cup Final this summer before Van der Vaart moved to Spurs on deadline day. The pair previously played at Real Madrid and Ajax together. If Rafael is happy at Spurs then hopefully he could put in a good word for Harry. It makes perfect sense to me. OK so I am living in a dream world, but stranger things have happened and if Wesley Sneijder ever does become available then I expect there’s a good chance that Spurs would be in the running for his signature if the price is right.

Wesley Sneijder will get a chance to play at White Hart Lane next week when Inter Milan come to down and who knows, he might just get a taste for English football and want to trade the San Siro in for White Hart Lane. Sneijder recently turned down a new contract at the San Siro although the Italian giants are hopeful he will accept a renewed offer this week.

  22 Responses to “How About Wesley Sneijder”

  1. And where would that put Modric? We can’t exactly play him at right back, now can we?

  2. And where would that put Modric? We can’t exactley play him at right back, now can we?

  3. Won’t happen, you are getting carried away again. Just because players have been at the same clubs previously, or because they are best pals, or because they are both Dutch doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to future moves.

  4. We need a striker or two before we look at another attacking mid. Krank can’t get near the pitch atm….

  5. Hahaha you guys make me laugh.

    Stranger things have never bloody happened. He is currently rated as one of the best in the world. Why on earth would he choose you lot? You really think he wants to play with Jeans and Huddlestone?

    We make our stars and don’t have to bankrupt our club in order to challenge. Harry is pretty good at spending other peoples money isn’t he?

  6. Laughing Gooner – Yeh Arsenal ‘Challenge’ ok, but Arsenal still haven’t turned it into silverware in a while.
    Besides, VDV chose us. You saying he’s terrible?

    Sneijder won’t join Spurs. However, VDV is a symbol of the other potential talents we could get at the lane.

  7. You make me laugh you goon twonk. The reason you lot havent signed that many big money players is cos youre in debt up to your eyeballs. No trophy since moving, and Fabregas off pretty soon. Get stuffed.

  8. Rooney last week, and now Sneijder? Really? Come on, I usually come on thus site to get away from nonsense.

  9. ‘We make our stars and don’t have to bankrupt the club to challenge’.
    The impossible arrogance of the Goonies really is amusing.

    I don’t recall Fabregas being Arsenal Academy born-and-bred. Neither Sol Campbell. Neither Vermaelen, Koscielny, Gallas, Arshavin, Chamakh, Nasri, Rosicky, etc, etc…All from North London all thier lives, eh?
    Get this straight. You don’t make your own stars. You kidnap them from other clubs when they are billed as ‘stars in the making’. And players like Nasri, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Arshavin and co were signed for hefty fees as well, and are currently on the same kind of deals you see at other rich clubs. Last I remember, Arsenal were third in the league when it came to the highest wages paid per week. So don’t give us that sanctimonious bull, if you please.

    Second, are we bankrupt? Going bankrupt? Even in slight financial trouble? No. We’ve announced record profits after the worst start to a season ever, we’ve announced profits as we started last season amid all the woes of Portsmouth, Liverpool,United and their ilk, and we’re expected to announce profits both this year, after the qualification and the 4th placed finish are factored in, and next year, when the CL revenue is taken into account. We are financially stable. The fact we spend money? We generate it or we already have it, same as you.We have one of the most savvy businessmen in the Premier League as chairman.Do you really think he’d let Redknapp have his own way all the time? Just because you’d like to see all clubs except yours announce bankruptcy, doesn’t mean it will happen.

    Third, Jenas and Huddlestone? Huddlestone is one of the best passers in the Premier League, more biased fans than you have admitted it. And as for Jenas, he struggles to get into the squad now anyway. No, with the likes of Modric and Van Der Vaart, Lennon on the right wing and Bale on the left, and Sandro, Palacios, Bentley, Kranjcar, Dos Santos, Jenas, and O’hara, who would do a job in any Prem side, not even getting into our squad or bench most days, any criticisms you level at our midfield, which is among the if not the best in the world, are laughable in the extreme.

    So take off your red-tinted glasses, and accept that you are wrong.

  10. what setup would we run? 4-3-2-1? Not likely to happen. never mind that sneijder is easily one of the best midfielders out there.

  11. Mate, we need a striker, not another midfielder. Unless Van der Vaart can play upfront alone as a striker, we should not look at midfielders anymore.

  12. Well said DubaiSpur, very well spoken, Id say that will shut the filthy gooner cunt right up!

  13. We need that killer striker, ala Huntelaar and Dzeko. I think the team as a whole lacks pace and control, with the obvious exceptions (bale, Lennon.).

  14. Ha ha DS you gave the goon both barrels, one top notch striker (hard to buy in jan window) and an ease up on defensive injuries, a little bit mental strengh and I think wecan close that gap, and they know it and can’t somach it. COYS

  15. laughing gooner, aint you got something else to be doing, like sniffing yer sisters shitty knickers or summat ya fakkin plank……Arsehole Wanker cant afford any new players ya bunch of cukoos. take a fakkin hike and lose yerself under a bus ffs!

  16. He had it coming to him.;)
    As for Sneijder,as spursguvnor said,it’s possible. Let’s remember, we signed Klinsmann when nobody said we could, we signed Rebrov, who was being chased by the big guns and everyone said we didn’t have a chance, we signed Bale ahead of United and we signed Van der Man when nearly everyone, including Arsenal, wanted him. So why not? And Billy, you’re right mate, they actually sound frightened now.

  17. Put it this way, Arsenal couldn’t afford him either – and recently Arsenal have extended their wage structure and it still wouldn’t be enough. On Man U (more debt), Man C (no space), Chelsea (they won’t) can afford him. Spurs got VdV because he has something to prove, wasn’t getting first team football and needed a challenge. Sneijder on the other hand has nothing to prove – first name on Inter team sheet, first name on Holland team sheet, European champion, was even in world cup final. The only similarity is that they both like Edam cheese.

  18. You idiot, get back to playing championship manager, it will never ever happen, another delluded moron of a spurs fan, it make you feel ashamed.

  19. he would be a great signing (sneijder)he and van der vaart would be a great attacking in midfield and people say where would modric play and bale well that simples bale most prob go back to playing left back and modric on the left wing in midfield we would have lennon,hudd,sneijder,van der vaart,modric,but then id like to see bale stay on the left wing and modric in the midfield with hudd yid armyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  20. Well said DubaiSpur…although perhaps not the best midfield in the world but certaily one of the best in depth in the Premier League, and on its day VDV, Modric, Huddlestone, Bale and Lennon represent as good a lineup as any.

    I don’t see why we can’t go for more signings of the VDV quality, although upfront not midfield, I would rather see the cash spent on the likes of Anderlecht striker Romelu Lukaku (might be tough competition from Chelski and Real), Benzema (unlikely?) or even a surprising call perhaps of the return to Spurs of Mounir El Hamdaoui who since we sold him has taken the Dutch league very well, currently on 13 goals/13 games with Ajax this season and had something like 50 goals in 80 odd games at AZ Alkmaar (and is 6ft tall and strong). Get both in and loose Crouch and Keane (£30-35 mil spend and a £12-15 mil return on sales), or get just Lukaku and sadly loose Keane who is past his best.

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