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Aug 302010

Well Fabiano has signed a new contract with Sevilla earlier today and Huntelaar looks set for Schalke, so if we really do need another striker then who is left out there?

Won't be earning his Spurs

Huntelaar would always have been a gamble because he hasn’t been prolific since his days in the Dutch league, but we all know Fabiano is a class act and would have been a decent buy for the right price. I think if we are to push on then we need what all the other top clubs have and that’s an out and out 20 goal a season man.

My gut tells me if we do anything we will end up with a Carlton Cole or Hugo Rodallega but surely we must be aiming higher than that. To me if we ever are to get a proven scorer we will need to look abroad. With only a few hours left of transfer deadline day unless Harry and Levy have something up their sleeves then I can’t see a new forward coming in.

Can someone explain to me why we are flooded with midfielders but yet our main transfer target seems to be Scotty Parker, now he is a good midfielder for a team that needs him but we have just had Sandro arrive and we have yet to sell any of our current midfielders which will mean a lot of unhappy faces on the bench.

So are you excited about deadling day because to be honest I can’t see us doing anything that will really excite us and push us onto the next level. I would like a total surprise signing, someone we haven’t even been linked to this summer and catches us all off guard.

  28 Responses to “Huntelaar & Fabiano No Go, So Who’s Left?”

  1. I see Rossi getting mentioned now

  2. Rossi all the way, 23 and scores for fun as we’ve seen close up recently. Killer left foot.

  3. Robinho?

  4. Gervinho is the man we need – cmon Daniel get on to Lille and sign him up for £12m before the window closes!

  5. Don’t rule out a move for Adebayor, it COULD happen. -_-

  6. Sandro has landed. I think it will be Keane staying and no new striker although I can see Young being signed by 6.00pm.

  7. Adebayor won’t happen mate. City already proved they don’t want to sell to us to make us stronger so no players from city will come. What ever happened to falcao, luakaku pizzaro, etc. Levy and Harry really disapointed me by not getting that marquee signing Harry talked about. I think we should have thrown in a bid for Anelka he doesn play as much as he deserves and is a guaranteed scorer plus for some reason he thinks were going to win the league.

  8. Ideally, Diarra, plus a holding-clinical finishing forward combo; Dzeko, Kießling, Adebayor + Suarez, Rossi,
    Falcao.. Gervinho’s a very good shout..

    But the more probable and less-than triffic scenario is Parker or Young, and no striker..

  9. we would end up nt signing anyone…finish 7th on d table, crash out of CL nd start frm ground zero. lose modric in d summer nd on nd on nd on….

    • thats what I am worried about Kaye, I can see us kicking ourselves at the end of the season because we missed a golden chance to push on and haven’t done so. As soon as we drop out of the top 4 united and chelsea will come knocking for Bale and Modric.

  10. Funny but one of the other posts has mentioned Falcao ,this would have been my absolute first choice but he has,nt been mentioned for weeks,why not?.

  11. harry has been the let down i heard from a good source levy will give the money out but not for who red knapp wanted harry wanted cole parker gallas young bellamy and agbonlahor but levy would only go for cole parker and gallas with bellamy on loan if harry has any sense hell go for diarra or muntari and rossi and pienaar because he rumoured to be avaliable for 6 mil

    • Im reading reports we are actually making a shock move for Adebeyor on loan, can’t see city letting him go to us though, plus I wouldn’t want the idiot at our club.

  12. I agrre with the comment about coming 7th i really dont see us finishing in the top 6 with the squad we have got now. All these big names we were linked to over the summer and we havent got one and now we are going after rossi a sign of desperation. If we do finish out of the top 4 say goodbye to bale and modric.

    • The amount of money Levy gave other managers was great but a lot of it was wasted. Harry deserves the same this season, he has turned us into a champions league club and now the club should back him all the way.

  13. I think we have left it too late,the pool of available players has virtually dried up so unless we sign someone totally off of the radar its going to be a damp squib again.

  14. why would any top player join such a z-list club? stick to cant-flog-to-anyone-keano, lurch, lemmon, etc., know your limits!


  16. Falcao? I’d have Mark Falco over the Russian carthorse that everybody loves just becuase he has a nice little song. Adebayor would at least make Gallas feel more welcome and you know what he’s probably already scored more goals at WHL than Super Pav has. We need someone up front who has a bit about them. Crouch will score in Europe because he’s shall we say, unusual. Defoe will score against crap defences that leave acres of space for him to run into and Pav will trot about, fall over a bit and get a round of applause and a big cheer doing so. Adebayor would probably get some goals but be hated at the same time but it’s the goals that count…just ask Darren Bent.

  17. Falcao and Adebayor/ Rossi would do with a Sesssagor or Diawaara or hell even parker to let Modric go forward more but would prefer an attacking midfielder with 2 strikers.

  18. harry/levy……one of u is guilty……..who let us down again ?????
    shocking waste of a rare oppertunity……thx

  19. Was looking forward to Huntelaar as I think he would be a prolific scorer in the right team. Suarez from Ajaz is the hottest around and only 23. Martin Jol might not do Levy any favours but business is business.
    We need some quality to advance past the group stages and compete for a top 4 position.
    Love to see Pienaar also. Be a sad day if we get no one and Parker is good but do we need him.
    Can’t see Jenas & Keene going just yet and yes I agree we are not going to get any of Citeh’s players.
    The good news from the Wigan game was a reality shock, Young Boys we made hard work of and could have been out after the debacle in the first leg.

  20. I think spurs play the waiting game far too often when it comes to transfers. Identify who we want and go bid not wait and wait until were left with nothing to choose from, we should not have aloud the Liverpool situation to happen Cole should have been snapped up deal done. As for a forward we have been after Huntelaar for how long now? Just go to Milan table a 12 mil bid and get the deal done, have we now all of a sudden not got any money? Maybe one or two on deadline day but nothing major. Be lucky to finish 4th

  21. Please, PLEASE get us a stiker! A.Gyan, Gervinho, Robinho, Dzeko,one or two of them will do. splash the fucking cash!!!!!

  22. I can assure you that Luke Young does not want to go back to Spurs and that our other Young does not want to go Spurs as he is happy at Villa.

  23. dont think we r going to get any big names , then we will will finish way down the table because ch l will take its toll and all that will happen is the club will makes loads of cash and we have another 46 yrs for anything to happen again, sorry for negativty just a bit pissed off , with d levy i mean just release the money and get the signing s if we dnt we r fuckkkkkkkeedddddddd

  24. Parker all the way. What Harry wants is to buy a Captain. No disrespect to our squad but we dont have one right now. Parker is our Captain in waiting. He is the sort of player that could do for us what Roy Keane did for Man United. I rate him and would love to see him at the lane…. Strikers? None of the names banded about do much for me. Can’t see the sense in Ashley Young, he won’t sign to be a squad player.. Unless we’re going to have Bale at LB once again..? No more Arsenal players please Harry!!!

  25. i think parker is going to happen, not thrilling but just going to have to accept it. ashley young would be a good player, we could even put him up front if we dont sign the striker we so desperately need, but i hope that’s not the case. i am prepared to take the gamble on rossi or cardozo although i am very disappointed about luis fabiano!

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