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Oct 262010

I am fed up of Manchester United always trying to buy our star players, Carrick and Berbatov are now at Manchester United and if the papers are to be believed then they will be making an approach for Gareth Bale in the near future. There have been rumours that with the United cash crisis that they will try to offload some of their not so good talents to us in exchange for us taking less cash. Michael Carrick and Park Ji Sung are the two names that I have heard.

Now surely Sir Alex has a brain and knows that we sold Carrick to him and we do not want him back, Park Ji Sung would add nothing to our team so that is another waste of time. Carrick would do the role of Tom Huddlestone except Huddlestone is now the better player in my opinion.

So I have a better deal for Manchester United, how about you sell us Rooney and Nani and we will give you Keane, Jenas and we will even throw in O’Hara as a good will token. How about for a change you take some of our players off us that we actually want to get rid of. We are now a Champions League club just like United and with that means you can’t bully us for our players anymore, if we don’t want to sell Gareth Bale then you won’t be getting him, especially if the best you can come up with is to give us Carrick and Park in exchange, that will only buy you Bale’s little toe on his right foot.

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  1. I wish Man Utd would go shopping elsewhere. If I was Levy I would have red nose on caller ID and not answer the phone. 3 points on Saturday will really send a statement. What more can we do, Harry said he is not for sale, Levy will not put a value on him and Bale even said he sees his future at the Lane. Lazy journalism on the press’ part. If Bale really wanted to go to Man Utd surely he would not have turned them down in the first place and choose us!

  2. Fuck ureselves
    how dare u say carrick and park r bale’s right toe
    remember with ure star player u still lost 2 inter milan, fair enuf he scored a wonderful hat-trick, but its time 2 behave and not b jealous dat we made carrick and berbatov into more willing, dedicated and overall better players at manchester united than they were at Tottenham ShitSpurs.

    • you seriously think Carrick is better at United than he was at Tottenham? so Sir Alex signed a player and now he is better than he was before he signed him he wants to give him back to us?

  3. Champions league club huh !!!!! I bet most f ur players will walk to OT to play for united and I bet van der vaart would be the first. Lets see were u stand at the end.

  4. I think that Bale will stay until Summer 2012 at least. I don’t think we’ll sell him. On one point that you raised, I feel that Park Ji-Sung would give us a lot. He has been to Champs league Semis with PSV, Won it with United, and has bags of experience. I’d like him to move to us and reckon we could get him for about 4-5mil. Thoughts?

  5. Leaving a club where you are a hero can sometimes backfire he needs to talk to Keane and Berbatov. We are in the Fa and Premier League headquarters at the weekend old tragic and god help us because apart from Berbatov and Scholes they have the free scoring Little pea Hernandes on fire. Utd showed me on Sunday they are now playing with a high Tempo something Ferguson does when Utd are under pressure to win and he has his own man in the Headquarters looking after him. Dont be suprised if Rooney and Giggs are on the bench or playing the one thing Fergie fears is a inform Spurs side so he will also make sure the ref helps them out if they need it .One thing no one has mentioned we lost our secretary the scouser to utd and he noes everything about our players contracts so Fergie and Gill are just like the Mafia.. The one good thing we have a big squad like Utd and Bale can sit on the bench for four years if he starts doing a Berbatov but he wont. I cant see us getting anything at the headquarters because like i say there players are High On Energy its all the rage in the Northwest i discovered. even the Medical right off was running around Ferdinand If we win i will shed a tear because i will no we have earned it against the fast chewing Ferguson High Tempo UTD.COYS

  6. manure are skint, and now they are paying that arsehole rooney 200 grand a week are going to be in even
    deeper shit. bale has already said no once. how many more times do you have to be told.

  7. You’re aware this is real life and not f-cking Football Manager aren’t you?

    Please. Just. Stop.

  8. squeaky bum time lads? Bale initially said no as he wanted to get his premier league grounding at a small club. Now he has done that he can pursue his dream move to Old Trafford!!

  9. Fact is Berb is getting older, Carrick slower, and Giggs and Scholes won’t last another year. Nanni is the biggest diver and crybaby in the league and is not the kind of player Rednose wants to rely on. Manure will have to embark on a massive buying program to regain their lustre in 2011, while this season they are basically marking time. They won’t get Bale or anyone else from White Hart Lane.
    Oh, I forgot about Van der Saar – he’s virtually finished,too, and whoever takes his place will not be nearly as good. Oh, I forgot – Ferdinand has a bad back and will be limping on and off the field for the next couple years, at best, before he retires. While Tottenham are getting stronger, Manure are slowly but surely falling apart before our very eyes.

  10. davespurs, can you explain what you mean? i have never heard of this. and to you utd fan who says berba is a better player now, where were you when the traitor played at the lane?? you are a joke!!

  11. Mostof our squad would walk onto Uniteds first 11. Fergie has had an interest in Bale Lennon Palacious Hudd Modric. Thats cause in a few years it will be all over for Man U. 800 million in debt makes Liverpool look healthy.

  12. ofcourse fergi is saying this and that about our players, he hoping they would do a berba! but i can`t imagine somebody really want to go to a club on a downspinn. and a long one at that.


  14. Everything goes in cycles football is the same. It isnt possible for any club to dominate or be successfull, constantly look back through history it tells the story. Utd will eventually have to rebuild their squad and replace red nose. So if we use that logic and take all relevent factors into consideration i.e Utd’s squad getting older, core players reaching retirement time, red nose nearing the beach, financial situation all things point to a period of rebuilding/transition at UTD. Who knows could end up like Liverpool after dominating for so long, now its been what 20 years since they won the league. As someone once said its a funny old game. The boy Bale is going nowhere Harry aint the type of manager to let that happen, he is happy and settled and DL would face a serious a backlash if we sold another one of our better players to you lot. Fck off UTD, no offence intended.


  15. Also I find it funny that any UTD fan could think Berbakunt is playing better now than he did when he was at the Lane. Would you fcking please, he aint half the player now that he was when we signed him we got the best couple of years out of him no doubt about that the chap was epic when he first arrived. Thanks for that 30 million great bit of business that was:)


  16. Spurs are in the champs league like United but that doesnt make Spurs a Champions league team like United. This Season is a one off, you certainly wont make it back next season as fifth is realistically the highest you are gonna finish. Enjoy your day in the sun lads because it wont last. Your better players with any ambition will also move on to better clubs as their careers grow, its just the natural order of football.

  17. My god, the immaturity of United fans on here is truly saddening. ‘Tottenham ShitSpurs’ and ‘Berbatov became a more dedicated player thanks to us’. Face the facts, my red friends. You are a sad, run down wreck of a club, and you got that way because you got greedy when the Glazers flashed their wads of cash and jumped. Now, Berbatov scored 24 goals in his final season at the club. Hoas he ever come remotely close to fulfilling that tally at United? No, because Alex Rednose decided to try and make him Rooney Mark Two. Fact;he’s not that type of player. As for our players walking to Old Trafford to play for United, I think you’ll find that they’re far more likely to walk to Eastlands than your place now, lads. C’mon, let’s face it, City are Manchester’s new big club.United are the second-largest club in Manchester. Content yourselves with your history and hope that one day, you’ll move up again. and just watch our distant smoke, boys, just watch. ta-ra. Enjoy giggs,Scholes, Ferdinand,Neville and VDs while you can. Chances are they won’t be around much longer.

  18. Finally, a sensible United poster. Funky, perhaps we aren’t going to make 4th again this year. However, with City snapping at your heels, I don’t see why you’re guaranteed it either. The old days of domination are gone. united have slipped up, and it’s showing. Perhaps, at the moment, united are a far bigger draw than Spurs. You may be right. But in a few years, when the fair play rules kick in, we’re still running at a profit and you’re running on that horrendously large debt to turnover ratio,who will be the more attractive proposition? When Alex retires, what then? When Giggs, scholes, Neville, VDS, Ferdinand and Carrick all retire, what then?

  19. Its actually so funny how good ye guys think bale is. 12 months ago ye were going to sell him for pennies, him and nani have been so similar in that they have found form around the exact same time, come in from the fringes of their team, are both playing well, and are at roughly the same stage in their careers. That could all end for either of them tomorrow, you cant judge a player over a few months when they have done very little for years before hand. Yet ye think Bale is beyond a pricetag, waant a world record transfer fee, i mean, get real – dont hear anyone saying nani is worth 50M+

  20. spurs are better than united

  21. Ashwin:”better more dedicated players” ?????

    hahaha what planet are you on?

    Carrick can scarcely get a gameand is always a second choice at OT while Berbatov has 90% of the OT fans on his back”.

    You are a funny man….do you do kid’s parties as well?

    As for MU the great CL club” WTF will you be when Ferguson retires as it is ON LY by his bootstraps that you are where you are and it will NOT last. You have NO divine right to stay there. Face it!!

  22. The fact is as much as I wanted to keep both Carrick and Berbatov, the amount of money we got for both of them was too much to turn down…now if Berbatov is worth 30mil+ at nearly 30 years of age…Bale who’s an even bigger talent and is 21 years old, we’ve got him locked up for 5 more years, the fee for him would be out of this world, 50mil, doesn’t even come close to what I value him at, and Levy would want(and rightly so) Ronaldo type money for him…so if they offer us 80mil, maybe we can talk, but they certainly don’t have that kind of money.

  23. I am a Tottenham fan.But I still respect Manure for what they have achieved and also want they have done for Engllish football over the years.But that said and done they would only probably get Bale now for about 35mil.As we do not need any of there past it caste offs.Plus their owners would have to borrow even more money to pump into mthe club.if they are to go on a spending spree.Unless some other really major benefactor buys into them they will have to be careful with there pennies for a while.And how long will it be before anther of their stars asks for a lift in wages after the Rooney affair.(No pun untended).To be fair this is probably something that all clubs will have face and look to curb the greed culture that exsists with many of out so called stars in the game today.

  24. You are a champions league club!! but you are not behaving like one at all!!
    Your best players getting 60k in wages? ManU player getting 250k, Chelsea player getting 150k, Arsenal player getting 120k!!!
    So you think Bale would stay with you guys?? Even your darling Campbell (home grown) refused to stay with you, so you think Bale from Cardiff will be willing to sacrifice doubling his wages just to keep Tottens**m Faithful happy?? Dream on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. stuttz….. Good boy, When you grow up maybe you will learn to spell……

  26. Its just a shame that Manure are despised by all other fans, the reason is simple everyone (apart from Michael Owen) are so far up their own arses they dont live in the real world. They think all the decisions should go their way, they crowd the ref with complaints at every decision and rednose thinks he can cajoule and coherse the officials. I for one would to negotiate the sale of Gareth Bale to Rednose and politely tell him to get back in his box. The Manure fan base (Worldwide) is massive, for know. Lets see how long that lasts when they reach the pit. Part time glory hunting buffoons. Tottenham a real club with passion and lifelong fand. COYS…!!

  27. hey stuttZ.
    berbatov at spurs was fucking amazing, at united he’s a balding shadow of his former self. United are now the second best team in manchester, skint, and desperately throwing what money they have at rooney when he threatens to leave. On sat we’ll come to old trafford, play you off the park and, as always out sing you on the terraces. im sure all of this doesnt hit you too hard though as you and the rest of the glory hunting community have probably got next seasons chelsea shirts on pre order already. Now fuck off you dick head.

  28. If you believe the media, we’ll be selling Bale and Modric to Man U for a couple of buttons and a bit of string… Clearly nothing better to do than to make up ‘sources’ to justify making up stories like these.

  29. To be honest i got bored reading the comments already submitted… apart from the Spurs replys that is… To the united repliers “Jog on”… I wouldn’t say were a Champs League team yet though.. We haven’t proved anything yet.. we need to pass the group stages and qualify for next year, then we can think about calling ourselves a champs league outfit, “lets not get ahead of ourselves and open ourselves up for abuse from these muppets leaving comments” As for Carrick, he struggles to make the united first 11 and I rate Park higher than him. Spurs’ squad is massive and i can say for a fact we won’t exchange for players, we need to sign 1 maybe 2 and off load some dead wood.. Bale won’t be going nowhere this season.. so for all you Utd fans “Go put a camp fire out with your faces, I can’t wait to see how long it takes for the cracks in your club to get bigger, the stop watch is ticking.. It’s only a matter” Much Love Ha

  30. *Matter of Time*

  31. Man ure and their token fans,why is it they all talk about bums is it because to a man they all talk out of their arses??

  32. I’m curious as to where Man U are going to pull this 100mill from. And I’m sure that if Bale was going to move then he would want parity with Rooney on wages which Man U simply cannot afford. If they keep spending like this well see another Leeds. By the time the Glazers are finished with you lot you wont have a pot to piss in and it’ll cost whoever comes in almost a 1billion just to clear the debt. Not even the arabs would touch that.

    As for Bale moving it aint going to happen. We can now offer him the same things that you can. If we keep learning and improving (we do still have quite a young squad) then in two years time we will be competing for everything just like you lot were before you lost Ronaldo to a bigger club! He has nothing to loose and everything to gain by staying with us. And all Rednapp has to say is look at Carrick and Berbatov!

  33. Latest rumour is that Hernandez is being tapped up by Real Madrid for a transfer in the Jan window, my mate who’s a janitor at the Mexican embassy, knows this guy who knows his brothers aunties uncle who looks after his mums cat. Now that’s an informed source if ever there was! Start a rumour guys, hit Utd’s websites till the little sods flogged

  34. why we he want to go to united, they are an embaressment letting rooney mug them off like he did. Fuck off united

  35. It is not brain surgery. SAF wants to dump Carrick, Park, etc because they are past their best, just as Spurs want to dump Keane, O’hara, etc. because they can no longer contributel. Spurs need players on the way up as do Man Utd. On the whole I think Berbatov is a better player at Man Utd than he was at Spurs, but the salient thing about that move was the unprincipled way it was done. For that reason Spurs should never deal with Man Utd again.

  36. Well you Manc Dicks, Berbatov was already a good player thats why you paid £30 million for him and Carrick was an England player, he aint now is he !!!!!!!. Look what you have done to Rooney.

    Any way doesnt matter cause you dont have enough money to pay for Bales boxer shorts.

    Things have changed

  37. Ha!ha!ha!.essexian76..i liked that..i’ve already txt some manure fans and they biting..bale not goin 2 manure..why would he want to go to a club on the decline?..we gona pass them on our way up..TOTTENHAM ARE THE BEST TEAM THAT THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN..AND THE SPURS GO MARCHING ON!!.COYS..

  38. at half time spurs will be leading 3-0…. and second half, oh my goodness, not again!!! of course not, we’ll hold on to the 3 points this time around 😉

  39. I think all you United supporters chat absolute shite, Berbatov was better when he was at Spurs, Carrick the same at both clubs. If you gave us berbatov and rooney, we would win the title, your dead old midfield arent good enough anymore.

  40. It’s amazing how Bale has had a couple of decent performances and all of a sudden the media and you lot all think he’s god’s gift to the left hand side of a football pitch. I heard some deluded Spurs fan suggest Bale is worth £45mill the other day. Hilarious.
    Fact is, at the moment we are seeing nothing more than a good run of form, not a sign of genius. Let’s not forget that even now in his apparent “golden age”, he still looks absolute kack at times.
    Let’s not kid ourselves, one qualification into the CL does not mean you are now at the same level as Manchester United and should we come knocking, cash crisis or not, everyone of your players would jump at the chance to play for United. Bale included. And we all know Levy always folds. He’ll moan about it, maybe even lodge a petty complaint, but he will fold. Of that you can be assured.
    Keane, Jenas and O’hara are your future.


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