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Apr 182012









I don’t know what the problem is, many people blame the England job on the fact that Tottenham are now in free fall, an allegation that everyone around the club denies but the facts don’t lie that since Harry has been linked to the England job we have been well below par.

I was on the train on the way home from Wembley on Sunday and people on the train were saying that you can see the difference in the players, they aren’t playing for Harry anymore, they aren’t likely to listen to someone as much if they think he isn’t going to be around next season.

We can’t blame it all on the England job because many of us have witnessed Harry’s tactics in some recent games have been very poor although on Sunday I think he played our best team available on the day we just fell apart in the end. Harry has always been known as a great motivator but recently he seems to have lost his touch, do the players not listen to someone they believe will be elsewhere next season?

If the players need any motivation they should do it for themselves and the fans, they want to play CL football, nobody else can make it happen but them. You can see the tension in them when they play which wasn’t there a few weeks ago. Our trouble is that Harry can only motivate, teams come to us now which a Plan A and a Plan b but we will only ever have a Plan A, there is no backup plan for us if it’s going wrong, it’s Plan A or nothing.

We have let 3rd place slip out of our grasp but on Monday night Arsenal threw us a lifeline, we now need to win our remaining matches and we can take back 3rd. Let’s start with QPR away at the weekend, with Arsenal playing Chelsea if we win against QPR we will have a game in hand and if Arsenal were to lose then 3rd would be back in our hands. If we lose and Chelsea beat Arsenal then it will be Europa for us and forget giving Harry the England job and just sack him.

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