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Jul 212011

On seeing the video posted in another of our Triffic blogs, I’m already impressed by Spurs’ newest acquisition, 16 year old Souleyman Coulibaly. He’s just how I like lamb and women – Young and Fresh. He scored for Spurs within minutes of entering the field of play against Brighton on Tuesday; plus, he’s scored NINE GOALS in FOUR GAMES for the Ivory Coast U17s! Most of them weren’t even tap-ins, they were well-taken goals.

If this isn’t promising then I don’t know what is.

He appears to be the Anthony Lozano who was supposed to be on the books last season. So let’s give him a squad number, give him a few starts in the upcoming season and he’ll give us goals and be the black Jimmy Greaves!

BUT…there’s a big BUT regarding this hot prospect.

I don’t know if it’s just among us Spurs fans or other sets of fans in football, but there seems to be this ridiculous and restrictive criteria dreamed up by many when it comes to thinking about young players they would like to see in the team.

I’ve probably banged on about this kind of snobbery before and covered the ‘too old and past it’ label as well, but it gets up my nose so much because I keep hearing it.

Ever heard the phrase ‘He’s too young and unproven in the Premier League’??

I have.

Additionally, when we first heard about Coulibaly scoring WITHIN MINUTES of coming on against Brighton, people piped up with the classic ‘It was against Brighton. It’s not like he’s scored against Chelsea or Arsenal’

With the above in mind, how can we possibly give them that chance to ‘prove’ themselves in the League if they’re left on the bench or in the reserves all the time??

If he’s given a chance, we may see him score against such teams as Chelsea and Arsenal.

I think I have boo-boys’ thinking patterns down to a tee. The issue of Adel Taarabt may have sparked this fear of young players getting within 1ft of the starting XI.

Taarabt’s questionable attitude both on and off the pitch got him shipped across London to QPR in what I hope was a ventilated box for such a hot head.

What was originally accepted as his enthusiasm and spirit turned out to be arrogance when he spouted fantasy stories about the top clubs in England and Spain wanting to sign him. I kept thinking to myself – ‘well? where were they?’.

However, this might not be everyone’s reasoning behind apprehension about young players. Also, not all young players are arrogant like Taarabt was. So I don’t know what harm it would do to throw young players in at the deep end.

By getting them into it straight away they learn to cope and only get better.

If there are concerns about them not being able to handle bigger teams in bigger competitions, then maybe Arry can put one or two youngsters alongside the seniors in the league each week. The seniors can then offer guidance on the pitch and the high-quality performances of the whole team should become continuous.

As the longer-serving seniors begin to leave, the younger players will get older, use their experience, remember what the former players taught them and hopefully serve the club well just like those before them.

Let’s get the academy linked to the senior squad like the old days, not a loan-turned-sale for a new club. It’s time to learn from mistakes of the past and create a future. A continuously high-quality squad and a shiny new stadium for years to come would do me nicely.

  24 Responses to “I’m a Souley-Man!”

  1. When you mention boo boys – you mean pessimists? I like amazing young players coming through (however difficult it is to break into a first team) but lets not get ahead of our selves. Yes we look lack lustre in pre-season but the kid is 16. Why not be a little more realistic and play him in UEFA league, where he can have a quiet game without it being too damaging to our Prem position. Yes he’s exciting, but lets not get ahead of ourselves Daveyid…….

    • well rooney played for everton at 16 years of age so why not…if there good enough there old enough.. at least put him in the squad… did any one watch pav and defoe and keane the other day… were in troub mate.

    • We will just stick with the lethal crouch and pav then yeah!

  2. He is great as I can really see his potential for the future.
    Also Harry needs to stop sounding like he is bum sucking modric- about match his ambition, No we have to match our ambition and I think we should be aiming much higher than trying to scrape for 4th next season.

    To add to SPURS we should try Benzema/Lukaku/Aguero upront with keane going
    Mata/Ganso with bentley going
    No defenders in just Bassong and Hutton to get sold Khumalo and Naughton to go on loan
    Would like Gomes out but it is never going to happen so no keepers.


    • you live in dreamland pal Aguero,Benzema.. cannot afford the rent on the house they would want.. YOUR A CHEAP TWO BOB CLUB..always have been & always will be… always want summat for nothing well in the real world..if its cheap its shit & thats what your team is made (sorry CLUB) up of..Ady oh we can only pay 85 k a week.. WELL FUCK OFF & BUY ANOTHER WANKER like the 4 strikers you already have…

      I DONT SHOP AT HARRODS because i dont have enough dosh Arry should know his place go shop at Pomppy arry lots of back anders there pal….

  3. Yeah, the sooner we play him the sooner we can sell him off at a huge profit!! But seriously, I have been thinking much the same things you’ve written. A chance, after all, is all we want.

  4. Well said Coxie i have said this was what we missed last year youthful exuberance like when Rose scored against Arsenal the unexpected . How many senior players would have hit that shot first time not many if any the lad Taarabt should have bean given his chance but Harry bought to many midfielder’s who sat glum faced on the bench . These young lads could have got the goals or made them in those 14 draws the likes of Townsend Walker Dosantos just look at our kids now with the more senior players alongside of them likeTownsend Mason Kane Carrol Bostock and even at 16 Soul man will benefit from better players alongside him drawing against Brighton and beating Forest with Smith in there ranks was very good. The likes of we Bostock Mason Parret will be wasted by loaning them out to struggling clubs and Harry should bring BACK THE RESERVES. SO THEY LEARN THE TOTTENHAM WAY

  5. However true it is, Spurs mentioned using fringe/youngsters in the europa league? if so it would be a great platform to give him a little taste and experiance whilst also allowing him to be seen by the fans, Off to the MK Dons match next week, soo hope to see him play there!

  6. Coulibaly scored within minutes of coming onto the pitch. He also hit the post and brought out a great save from the Brighton goalkeeper. So, a very good start and he has pedigree, but he is only 16. Harry Kane has scored two goals in the previous game, he turns 18 on 28th July, and has been brought on through the youth teams and has League one experience.
    I believe our youth management team and Tim Sherwood are doing a good job in developing our younger players, and I trust their judgement. If they think your sink or swim approach is the best way to develop Coulibaly no doubt they will do it. If they think there are areas that need to be coached, which you won’t be aware of, no doubt they will work on those. Tim Sherwood has described Coulibaly as single-minded: ” as soon as he sees an opportunity he shapes his body and shoots”. This sounds remarkably like Jermain Defoe to me, and in my opinion, Defoe has reached a plateau and suffered from a lack of coaching when he was Coulibaly’s age so as not to spoil his single-mind shape the body and shoot at every opportunity mentality. If the Club can learn from that and make Coulibaly a more complete player while not losing his sharp-shooting efficiency then that would be the best result.

    • Its amazing that it took soo long for someone to give defoe a dvd of finishing, apparently clive allen gave him a dvd of jimmy greaves so defoe can learn to place the ball. Why hadnt anyone told him this before, we all knew it.
      I see this coulibaly lad as a mix between tevez and eto!

  7. Redknapp usually sticks with tried and tested players and rarely gives youngsters any chances.

    • What an absolute pile of shit !!!!!

      Redknapp has given youngsters like Defoe, Ferdinand, Carrick, Joe Cole, Lampard etc their debuts before they were 18, the reason he has given no youngsters a go at Spurs is simply because you don’t have any good enough.

      Check your facts before you offer up any more tripe like this.

  8. The new u-19 european tournament is a great platform for kane and coulibaly to progress,would like to see them involved against bilboa then a decision can be there involvement with 1st team, from what i’v seen so far of coulibaly all be it very little a place on the bench looks warranted, in games that were say 2up throw him on and see what he’s made of,between lge cup and uefa lge there should be 1st team exposure this season, when it comes to latter stages of uefa cup I feel we should field a strong team as it represents a great chance to win a trophy that will raise our profile further and if we can combine with cl qualification it help in attracting players next summer,personaly i feel our goal should be that come last six games of season it should still be mathematically possible to win title,simply qualification for cl is not enough to keep modric sandro and bale.better to fail aiming high than winning aiming low.

  9. I dont see what the big risk would be, he couldnt possibly do any worse than what Defoe did last season!

    • Exactly mate. I would bet that he would outscore any of the shite we have at the mo. For me coulibaly is our number one as it stands. Pav and crouch are pathetic and defoe the jury is still out. Age is not an issue with coulibaly such is his talent. I hope to see him and harry kane get playing time next season.

  10. Redknapp is useless hes got no balls and no imagination.No good blooding young players else where, they dont learn your (harry) system your (harry) ways of playing football grow some balls man, kyle naughton will be gone soon you can only wait so long! and in my opinion hes good enough – who have we got better than him???? the new lad coulibay – who in our team is better than him?? i’d take my chance with him before any of our so called goal scorers there crap, danny rose the only young lad that i wouldnt give a chance yet as i think assou and bale are the best 2 left sided players in prem so do we loose rose he again will only wait so long? no have him in your 25 man squad he can cover both assou and bale and most probably other positions!! give the kids a chance this 16 yo would terrorise ashley cole , john terry ,rio and the likes with his no fear attitude of im just going to score goals its fun!!

  11. I wanted to sign either Wickham or Lukaku as a striker for the future and a proven striker for now…but, I think we may well have the best of the bunch in Coulibaly.

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