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Jun 262012

I’ve been very hard-line about midfielders taking up space on the bench and now we have Gylfi Sigurdsson [who should really be a striker] possibly coming to Spurs in a surprise £8m swoop.

However, maybe I should now stop dismissing our new midfielderS (assuming Gylfi’s ‘SIG-nature’ will be put to paper). Our squad is full of midfielders already, but good ones. Parker has been a talisman for us just like when we was at West Ham. So really I should zip it and watch the magic happen as Sigurdsson graces The Lane to blast a screamer in FOR us instead of against us this time.

However, with Van Der Vaart, Modric, Parker, Livermore, Sandro and Huddlestone to choose from, will we ever call it a day on midfielders? Can’t we go for the players who really matter to the strengthening of this team such as a new free-scoring striker???

Arsenal have done the business again by bringing in Podolski and Giroud. We’re lagging behind in the striking department, something which may have boosted us up a bit more than 4th place. Adebayor looks to be on his way somewhere else as I’ve not heard anything about him lately.

Saying all that though, what could our shiny new team look like next season if we get who everyone’s saying we’re getting?

If Sigurdsson arrives, just like Parker – he will slot straight into the team.
And he is intent on playing regularly too. I would play 4-3-2-1

Friedel in goal, Walker, Dawson, a cardboard cutout of Vertonghen (the way this deal has been drawn out) and Disco Benny at the back.

Lennon on the right, Parker in the centre and Bale on the left, in midfield where they should be.

Van Der Vaart and Sigurdsson have great strikes in them but aren’t recognised as strikers in positional terms, so they could go just behind Defoe as second strikers AND playmakers providing service to Defoe.

With such a world-class team mentioned above, we HAVE TO make good use of it in the upcoming season, OTHERWISE – in all honesty – we NEVER will.


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