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Apr 222012

I’ve not seen many people put it this way before but a fella on my previous blog made a great point which I thought deserved to be looked at in a bit more depth.

Basically many people even the skeptics a few weeks ago who are now slowly converting to the belief that the curse of the England job is what is affecting Tottenham. All the evidence point to it, players don’t listen to Redknapp like they used to, Redknapp himself doesn’t seem as committed to the cause as he was and it will have a knock on effect. No matter what he tells the media everyone in the club will know the situation, Levy and the players will know Harry will not be at Spurs next season.

Now you only have to look at our dreadful run since then, it’s one of the worst in the Premier League, we couldn’t do it again if we tried. You can look at it in hidsight now, rarely does a manager who is set to depart a team do well in his final few months, at a professional level everyone has to be on the ball 100%.

We were all saying that Harry should stay until the end of the season but maybe that was the worst thing that he could do, we look at it now and maybe we should have let him go. The only trouble is that our great chairman who is sometimes our Achilles heel isn’t going to let Harry go without compensation. The FA would only take Harry now if we released him from his contract by dismissal otherwise they will wait until the season ends. Under no circumstances is Daniel Levy going to sack Harry Redknapp and pass up the opportunity of compensation even though it may end up doing us much more financial damage in the longer run. This is where the business side has been put before the greater needs which is football.

At the time Capello walked out on England I thought Harry should stay but I have now seen some of the crazy decisions he has made in previous weeks and I fear we have got it wrong, the best thing for Levy to have done was to tell the FA if the want Harry it was now or never and get his replacement in, a club in limbo is never a good thing and that’s where we were and where we still are. It’s now clear the club, fans and players all need to know. Even if Harry knew he was going to be the England manager he should have come out with a load of baloney and denied it just for the good of the club. Harry being Harry though never does what’s best for the club he does what’s best for himself when it comes to answering media questions, he likes to stir it up a bit by saying silly things like “no Englishman could turn his back on his country”.

Failure to get this matter cleared up and get a new man in has cost us dear, to the point of utter embarrassment in our current run of form. A team that had 3rd place sewn up and were title contenders are now a laughing stock. It’s like the old Tottenham we all knew, just when we thought we had finally turned a corner we should have known it was too good to be true.

Thank you Harry for all you have done, you have given us some great times but if your heart is not in it then do the selfless thing and walk away, our fans deserve that respect at least.

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