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Jul 312010

Giovani Dos Santos! Watching him in midweek made me think to myself even more “I hope Harry can see he is worth keeping”, he didn’t change the game but for me he is a player who is always a threat and a player who is well capable of nicking us a goal out of nothing.

I am going to take a gamble on him this season by putting him in my dream team ( he will only be one of my subs to start with). Watching the World Cup he showed he has natural talent and abaility, he just needs someone to get the best out of him and if Harry can do that with the rest of our team then why not with Gio?. Whenever he plays for Mexico everything goes through him, he pulls all the strings  and at such a young age. You don’t play for Barcelona and become a bad player over night.

Harry seems to have warmed to him more since the World Cup, he has said on a few occasions that he knows Gio is talented but he prefers the party lifestyle and should he just knuckle down could be a great player. So why does Harry up untill now always overlook him? is it punishment for his extreme social life?

To me if Harry is a good manager then part of being a good manager is to work with players that have been misguided and turn them around and to help them reach their full potential. Giving up on a player with ability like Dos Santos is criminal and it would be a decision we could live to regret and that scares me.

The general feel I get from Spurs fans is that they mainly share my view that this kid isn’t done and dusted and could yet show us the reason we signed him. I think Gio would be well suited to Champions League matches. Gio was nominated for best young player at this year’s 2010 World Cup and it seems maybe Harry has picked up on his performances and might just be willing to open the door once more for Gio. Gio scored in our 4-1 defeat to Villarreal in midweek to give us something to cheer about, he gives off vibes of calmness when in front of goal and dribbling with the ball looks like it comes natural to him like it does to Messi.

Now if you are asking me I think up untill the new year we will see Gio given more of a chance, probably his last chance at Tottenham, but I just hope it is a fair chance and not 10 mins here and there, he can play on the left, forward or in a hole behind the striker. I sometimes think Harry doesn’t know which position is best for Gio but why not give him more of a chance. I would much rather see Gio in a Spurs shirt for another season than Jenas.

We take on Befinca at their gaff on tuesday night, hopefully Giovani will be given a good run out in that match too and hopefully win Harry over even more. The game will be live on ESPN I believe so sign up to the >>forum<< to see the match live. Gio what would you do with him?

  10 Responses to “Is He Worth Hanging Onto?”

  1. I totaly agree, I think both Gio and Adel Taraabt should be given more chances to prove them self. Both are very talented and gifted players….so I much rather see them play then Jenas….

    But I do feel we need to strenghten our right back position and one world class striker, midfield I am not so sure about…looking forward to see Sandro…


  2. perfect example of managing a talented young player with hectic lifestyle is Alex Ferguson with Roy Keane…We all know how much of a influence Roy was for Manu ( one of the greatest) but if Alex gave up on his drink and trouble with law where would he be???…..Give him another shot !!…….As for Adel Taraabt I’m not sure if he’s a team player…???????

  3. Gio definitely deserves another chance. I say chance, but he barely had a chance to begin with. He was thrown to the lions at the beginning of the ‘2 from 8’ season. A young player in a new country playing in a team which had a no confidence or idea isn’t an ideal way to start your career in England. I think he was injured by the time Redknapp came in and besides, it was no time to be playing the inexperienced.

    He’s proved he can do it at the highest level and he could be like a new signing for us. Hope he sees more playing time.

    (WTF is up with comment box on this site? You can only edit your first and last line, and you can’t copy/paste anything.)

  4. I agree, I saw the 2nd half online and thought he looked lively. Personally I think his movement and anticipation is suited to playing in the hole. Time will tell I guess. The most pertinent point with Gio is that his confidence is obviously sky high at the moment. It would be criminal of ‘Arry to not cash in on his confidence and use him regularly. His calmness and skill in taking his goal the other night was quite astounding and dripping in quality. He has his drawbacks and isn’t the finished article but he would be a perfect replacement for JD if he is unavailable and I’m sure he will prove his worth this year

  5. Any chance Harry gives Gio will be more than fair, given the boy’s track record to date. You could put Lionel Messi in, but if he ain’t focused he’s no good to you. Without hunger and discipline, ability alone is unproductive over the long-haul. I really do hope he takes his chance though as he has undoubted quality and I trust in Harry to do what is right for the greater good.

  6. Agreed. Gio should stay and be given a proper chance. I do not disagree with Harry though that if Gio doesn’t change his act, there are others waiting to have their chance and he can warm a seat on the bench.

  7. I totally agree that he should be given a proper chance to shine. His enthusiasm is like a breath of fresh air!!

  8. He is very talented and I hope he sorts himself out. He goes partying with Ronaldinho every weekend and my friend’s brother works at a famous bar in Italy where they basically go around serving cocaine and Ronny was there so they probably do the same when they are parting in Spain. It is such a shame seeing Ronaldinho in the state he is in! I hope it doesn’t rub off on Gio as they are good friends. At least Dinho is probably past his prime but if Gio starts ruining himself now then he and we may live to regret it.
    In these past few weeks, however, he has seemed much more enthusiastic about football (Probably partly due to his good performances at the World Cup) so hopefully Harry will sit down and have a chat with him (if he hasn’t already) and tell him he has a great future if he can put his partying on hold for 10 or so years to make room for his footballing career.

  9. yes look forward to seeing him in our first team, he has speed and enthusiam unlike some of our players (apart from Bale and Lennon).

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