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Jul 312010

A few sources are today throwing around the talk of a possible deal to bring Villa wide man Ashley Young to the Lane …..

Great !!! …… I hear you say,

Part Of The Deal ? - Bents and JJ

But what about the cost ?

With Young apparently valued by the Villa board at £30m – yes, you read that right £30m, Harry Redknapp is reportedly preparing to offer 3 players in exchange for the England hopeful’s services.

Jermaine Jenas, Robbie Keane and David Bentley are the players in question, some may be happy to see the back of all 3 at the moment, and we’d be lucky to get £20m  for them individually in the current financial climate, but the question is ……. Is Ashley Young of equivalent value to all 3 put together?

I personally would love to see Young in a Spurs shirt come August 14th, lining up against Man City for the opening Prem fixture, but my opinion is that he’s worth nearer the £15-20m mark ?.?.?

Jenas, Keane and Bentley are all good players in their own rights and to be honest, I’d like to see Bentley given more time at the club. But if Harry were to strike a deal involving Keane and Jenas then I’d be happy ….. both players have probably done their best work in the lilywhite shirt and could probably do with a fresh start elsewhere to prevent their careers from petering out.

If the rumours turn out to have an ounce of truth in them ….. would you welcome this particular deal?

Would you like to see Ashley Young in a Spurs shirt ? Would you be glad to see the back of the 3 Spurs men in question or would you like to see any / all 3 retained?

Let us know in the comments box below …….

  39 Responses to “Is he worth It ? ….. Redknapp Set To Make Offer ?”

  1. Jenas, Bentley and Keane +10m or bye bye. Keane and Bentley are worth maybe 8 and Jenas sucks so about 4m. He’s also played down any move for Young or Milner. Sorry kids, but everybody has already said Spurs are dropping back down to about 8th after this season.

  2. Andrew – Harry always plays down transfer chances , so that means nothing …….. I do agree with your valuations though, we’d be hard pushed to get good money for them in a straight cash deal!

  3. I think we’re lucky to Bentley on the bench – last year we lost Lennon for half the season. Seems short-sighted to the point of blindness. And for what? A replacement for Bale, so the lad who is the left-wing envy of the premier league goes back into the talent wasteland of left-back. Pointlessly displacing BAE.

  4. No way Young is valued at 30m. Maybe Jenas/ Keane plus 10. Even that is a stretch.

  5. if spurs finish 8th then villa will end up relegated to the championship, young would be worth about 10-12m after the crap season he had last year and to be honest i would much prefer turan as he is better all round, if the price of young is inflated just because he is english then you can have bentley for £20m and Jenas for £15m as lets face it young is not worth £30m at all.

  6. I wouldnt swop Young for Bentley let alone all three. What has he done to warrant that sort of value? Young couldn’t get into the England squad for the World Cup. We already have Lennon, Dos Santos , Bale and Bentley who are better out wide than him and Modric and Kranjcar who often will wide positions. How would he even get a kick at Tottenham?

  7. MON came out and responded to this specific rumour today at a press conference saying it was nonsense. No way are Villa selling Ash Young to Spurs or doing so massive happy shopper swap deal, the story is dog mess. I’d happily take Bentley off you in a seperate deal, or Keano for that matter. Robbie would do well in the hole behind Gabby.

  8. Its rubbish

  9. Ashley Young is not a solution to Spurs problems, not worth more than £12 million let alone £30 million, I would rather keep Bentley who can fight hard providing cover to Corluka, Ashley Young is a fair weather player, when January arrives he disappears into hibernation til May, i personally would make a derisory cash offer for him, keane and jenas are also too good to give away..if you were ti buy a player from Liverpool last season , you would have had to pay over the odds due ti Liverpool being a CL club, why should we constantly under value our own players? Young is good but not that good..Arda Turan for £10 million is miles better idea. At least he is 3 times better player than Young.

  10. Iver Biggen – I’m with you , Turan definately looks the better bet and Young would be more tempting at half the supposed asking price …..if we even need him at all?

  11. Waste of time signing Young. Weeee-doooooo-noottt-neeeeeeed-a-miiidfielder.
    I would keep Bentley.
    Keane has until January to impress me again. Final offer.

  12. complete horse shit! if young is worth £30 million, bale is worth £60 million!!!! we dont need him, we need a left back, centre half and a proven world class striker, and quick, we also need 2 ship a few out

  13. I have to agree arda turan is a better option, cheaper, can play across the midfield and is a club captain so hopefully able to command on the field. I agree that on balance it’s probably the right time for jenas, bentley and maybe keane to find pastures new, but not on the cheap and if they do leave for less their replacement(s) need to be value.

  14. how is ashley young worth 30 mil lennon must be about 60 mil then i dont dislike young i think hes a good player but hes worth 15 mil at most but id happily give you keane and jenas but bentley no way hes probally better than young when hes at his best

  15. Ridiculous to say the least. Bentley knuckled down and gave some really top notch performances during Lennon’s absence, without which we’d never have been in the position to get that fourth place. Many supposed fans seem to dislike the man which clouds their judgement about the player. And in return we get what exactly? Ashley Young and are you seriously telling me this guy is worth trading places with Bentley, surely you jest?. I’d swap Keane and perhaps Jenas and even that would be pushing it a little, but all three?, to our rivals, it just doesn’t add up, considering all three are home grown as well. I thought the idea was to get in more quality, not dilute the squad?, and Young really isn’t all that is he?

  16. 30mil we would not go to 12 and now they want 30mil for a bloke who has had half a good season…his crossing is just as poor as arrons………….if he goes for 30mil and and man city buy milner for 30mil the game of football i love is dead and i blame sky for it….wall to wall football has lead to a player once worth 10mil now being worth double that in 2 seasons….what has either done for villa…won cups what about lifted villa to the prem title……..what about topped the stats as best left and right wing. errrr none of the above ……..i love totteham cut me in half im blue and white…….but the game i love is long gone……….

  17. I think the majority of us feel the areas we need are
    1. A top class striker (who can play 451)
    2. A centre back who is strong enough to partner Dawson and competition for bassong.
    3. A left back as cover for bale if he plays there or good enough to play before BAE

    We can’t all be wrong can we??


  19. Lennon7 – Bang on In my opinion mate ! I’d like to see Young come in ,cos It’s all about having a quality squad next year but the areas you mentioned have got to be priority ……. it’s got to be needs before luxury’s !


  21. In reply to Lennon ^^^^

    1. Suarez
    2. Micah Richards
    3. Taiwo

    also have a look at turan, Jesus nevas, forlan and a f

  22. Few others I really like young though but don’t sell arsenal wonder goal boy tooooo good/ not another replacement for Lennon not same quality bentley is

  23. Sorry, but this is wishful thinking on your part. We’re not selling Young, much less for your castoffs. Good luck in the Champs League (wish we were there). And please beat Man City on August 14th.

  24. There’s more chance of you resigning Sol than your rabble getting Young. Defoe + Bale + Moric + 20m
    and maybe …

  25. For me, I wonder whether city would sell lescott? He had an indifferent season, didn’t make the WC maybe they would let him go for the right money? Now I know I’ll probably get slated, but surely with rednapps motivation he could regain his everton form…that would be LB and CB sorted in one purchase. With king still able to play, lescott could learn from him to make the position next to Dawson his own. Any thoughts?? A striker for me has to be Suarez or Huntelaar, both are hopefully gettable and worth chancing I reckon.

  26. Harry is reportedly going to offer 3 players for one player is he? Where have you got this information from? Rubbish!
    Spurs would be plain stupid to even think about such a deal that makes no sense to the improvement of the squad. Yes I’m all for JJ to leave the club so offer him and 10m then you might have a deal that sounds about right. Bentley is needed and had a very good 2nd half to the season when called upon. Young is worth no more than 15m at best, he’s not even in the England team. As most of the responses have said we need:

    1. Centre back this is a must.
    2. Left-back this is a must.
    3. Striker if we do sell one of the four. (Most likely Keane).
    Bale has to play left wing for Spurs, we all saw what he could last year especially when he scored against Arsenal and Chelsea! We don’t want him playing in the left back position.

  27. The new 30m price tag for Young has only come from City throwing there millions around and Villa are scared of losing Young and Milner. Let City pay these stupid amounts, Spurs don’t need young and for that valuation it has to be 100% NO DEAL.

  28. its a reasonable deal but i think david bentley is a very good player and being seriously undervalued. when lennon was out bentley was really playing well working hard, and he was unlucky to loose his place when lennon came back half fit. so jenas + keane and a bit of money for young is a good deal. but if bentley is offered aswell then we must get bellemy.

  29. Total Bollocks Prince Andrew we are not going back to eight and fourth is not good enough . Has for swapping those three forget it i would sooner loan them out to Celtic . We have Dosantos Townsend Bale who could play the role Young is worth 20 million would be a fair offer an or Milner sunken chops proved he goes slower when he puts the England shirt on and Bentley was better than him and was getting back to somthing like is best . Let City Cammels have him. . We would be making villa stronger by trading them three for one . The best one to swap and money is Palacios he started like a express train then looked like Thomas the Tank barging into players and giving soft free kicks .

  30. Put AY in a decent side with other players offering an attacing threat and you’ve got a potential world beater. At Villa he’s the only player with a creative spark, so gets double and treble marked. At Spurs you’ve got quality all over the field and he’d get the space and time to really hurt teams. At Villa we’ve got players that work hard and stop other teams being effective, but we ain’t no Barcelona. Jenas is worth 5m, Bentleys star has fallen despite hitting a bit of late form but he’s worth nowhere near what you bought him for, you’re looking to replace Keane with Bellamy for 5-6m, so all in all the sum total of the players is under 20m. Under a good manager and in a top 4 team AY will be worth the 30m pricetag by January and more by next year. You’d be getting a total of 200k or more off the wage bill, shelling out somewhere in the region of 60-70k a week, a net saving of about 6-7m a year whilst offloading 3 players without a future for a player that could star in your team. Wish we could offload our cast offs for guaranteed first team starters.

  31. We would be mad to swap Palacios! The only player in the midfield who can tackle. Palacios has to stay.
    I can’t believe this stupid article has got so many responses. There is no truth in it at all but us footie fans can’t happen but comment!

  32. you spurs make me heave. You could not get or afford Ashley Young. But you slag him off a fair weather player at about 12 m.. O’neill would not give hih away to one of our rivalsfor CL and definately not for the swops suggested. just tell your crook of a manager to shop at Primark and leave the great AVFC alone – Would you take a bet right now that Spurs will be above the Villa next season and feel that you might just lose your money.


  33. come on you spurs – I’m the only Villa fan to reply to the crap on this site – but know respnse

  34. stevo: yes id take that bet but i probably wouldnt get good odds for it. you arent the first villa fan to post a comment. we could easily afford young, what the hell are you talking about? why would we want him? we already have about 6 players better than him on the wing.

    andrew: what do you mean everybody has already said spurs would finish in 8th? since when has it mattered what people say before a season?

    AJ: defoe, bale, modric and 20 million for young? LOL are you on fucking crack? thats the most deluded thing i think ive ever heard.. like thats more ridiculous than the idea of reptilians secretly controlling the world. i know everyone overrates most of their players a little but seriously? you’d have to give us young + money to sign any one of those players.

  35. I feel an exchange of Keano or Jenas plus 7-8million pounds would suffice. Bentley covers the right nicely at the moment, unless another backup is brought in for Azza. But, ill have to agree with a majority of the comments, we Dont need Young! half decent crosser of the ball, goes missing when rightbacks get stuck in (remember when Charlie marked him out away 2 season ago?)…30million?! astonishing. Bale should be worth about 50million then. Here’s hoping for a world class striker and a decent CB before the season starts. *********COYS*******

  36. Ashley young isn’t with 30 million. But that’s what you when you don’t want to sell a player ie put an unrealistic price tag on his head to deter offers that might unsettle the player. To be fair villa haven’t even mentioned a price and would probably want even more than that as young is a key player for us. The point is we don’t want to sell and you don’t need him so its a non story made up by lazy journalists desperate to sell more copy.

  37. I will not even swop Jenas for Young, let alone all three. Forget about Young, he is simply not worth 30million. It is just a number that Villa named just to deter all potential bidders.

  38. I agree Lescott if fit would be a good addition!

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