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Sep 012010

I might be a bit fickle and overrun with joy at the signing of another brilliant player to our team but suddenly the prospect of another top 4 finish seems a whole lot more achievable now.

So we have added Van der Vaart to our team who scores goals for fun from midfield but when you consider our midfield consists of Bale, Modric, Huddlestone, Palacios, Lennon, Van der Vaart, Sandro, Jenas, Bentley, and Gio. That is what I am talking about, a squad game, who cares if we didn’t buy another forward with a midfield like that.

If Harry plays 4-5-1 our midfield then we can boast one of the best midfield’s in the Premiership and on our day can beat anyone. We have struggled at times when Modric gets injured, we miss his creativity but with Van Der Vaart we have a player of equal quality.

So forgive me for getting excited but we may lack a 20+ goal a season striker but we have a good defence and an amazing midfield. I suddenly feel a lot more confident of gaining another top 4 finish this season. I had a sense that maybe last year was a one off but I really do see now just how far we have come by attracting the likes of Van der Vaart and Gallas and they actually seem delighted to have been able to join us. So I am confident having a look around our team that we can match what we done last season. The main thing is you need a squad that can cope with multiple competitions and injuries and I am sure we have adequate cover in all areas for another push at the top 4.

Is anyone else now gutted that there’s no Premiership this weekend?

  17 Responses to “Is It Just Me Or Does Top 4 Again Seem Far More Realistic Now?”

  1. You forgot Krancjar!

  2. Gomes

    Corluka Gallas King Bale

    Huddlestone Sandro

    Lennon Modric Van der Vaart


  3. You can’t even beat Wigan wakey wakey

  4. Ahhh booboy but with VdV, Modric & Sandro in the side playing 451 (yes even at home but more like 4231) we would have put wigan to bed by half time. You know guys 30 years of supporting Spurs Home and Away and i dont think i have ever felt that we could mix it up with the teams challenging for the title CONSISTENTLY, until now, call me crazy but im confident that we can go to places like old trafford and the emishites & get a result. too all those doubters who come up with just another fickle yid sign one player think they`ve won the fucking league! look at the squads tell me you wouldnt be able to put at least 3 spurs players into any team in the league and improve them! our weakness is in mental aptitude and experience which with the signings of gallas (proven winner) sandro (proven winner) van der vaart (proven winner) we have now done. COME AND HAVE A GO IF YOU THINK YOUR GOOD ENOUGH! YID

  5. chelsea lost 2 wigan last season and won the title. the scum lost 2 wigan after goin 2 nil up. every team has a slip up.

  6. big up spurs who are the arsenal…………………………..

  7. the premier league come may…. top 4………… manchester united – tottenham – chelsea liverpool-…………………………….arsenal- 7th

  8. I’m very excited about Prem and agree that the squad is more important than individuals which is why we beat Liverpool, Villa, City and Everton to 4th last year – we’ve now due to CL spot been able to attract a couple of the next level players without having to take a punt or nurture them into good players, they can come in and know what their all about. As for Prem this weekend – I think our squad needs this break, been quite manic up until the WIgan game and the injuries prove this – another week and a half lay off and suddenly Modders, Crouch, Lennon, Defoe, even Bentley will be back and fighting for their places – the only way is up baby!

  9. booboy…..why are you reacting like that? are you gooners feeling the pressure?. We really do have something to shout about, we have a great team a great manager a great chairman and the best supporters in England, COYS..COYS..

  10. It’s a great signing! My question is this? Which current Spurs player will make way for him? It certainly must mean the end of Jenas, surely.

  11. this fella is light years ahead of modric,he really is a galactico and his all ours now lol

  12. I really do think we have signed our very own fabregas a real quality player. Now down to HR to earn his reddies to fit him in the team, and I hope he puts him straight in the team as well not leave it four games till he gets introduced. He also has a headache over Gallas when king is fit does he drop Dawson? For me yes, he is good but always has a mistake in him. Not sure when can play Defoe up top on his own is he strong enough to hold the play up

    for me:
    Charlie – Gallas – King – Benny
    Lennon – Modric – Huddlestone – Bale
    Van Der Vart

    for me:
    Charlie – Gallas – King – Benny
    Lennon – Modric –

  13. Good Riddance to JJ,,RVDV is the missing link to Spurs and what weve been crying out for!! BALE,KRANJCER,MODDERS,LENNON,HUDD & RVDV God i think thats a little bit of sex wee coming out!!!!

    COYS Cant smile without you

  14. Weren’t we crying out for a striker that scores?

  15. Weak link despite all the quality is remaining our right full back position..with so much quality i think one weakness can be covered up , i still stink in January we should go and sign Van Der Weil from Ajax.

  16. I’m pleased with the VDV signing but, and this i noticed a while back. Corluka at right back troubles me, come the 70th minute onwards he always looks like a 40 a day smoker and his concentration at times seems to disappear. I don’t know what Van Der Weil is like but we need someone there tho others may disagree. Is Hutton really not worth a run? the way we play with the fullbacks bombing up you’d think he’d be worth a shot cuz thats all he did for Rangers and Scotland. Still think 4th or higher is within this current squads ability COYS!

  17. On paper, we definitely have the best midfield in the league at the moment.

    Harry needs to rotate the midfield to work the CL and EPL. But surely he can do this now:

    Huddlestone, Palacios, Modric, Sandro, Van Der Vaart, Bale, Lennon…

    Good for the 4-5-1 in numbers, although I thought that shape looked shaky at Stoke, even in the first half – we didn’t look as threatening as normal.

    @GaryB… Hutton is not a replacement.

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