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Jun 302012

George Graham To manage Spurs was dubbed the worst kept secret in football as he departed Leeds in the late 90s even though no official announcement was made until he officially joined everyone was fully aware that Spurs were after George Graham.

AVB taking over from Harry is likely to be announced either tomorrow or Monday but this has to be one of the worst kept secrets in football as well. Under the terms of his severance package from Chelsea, AVB can’t officially start a new job until 1st July which incidentally is tomorrow, so it won’t come as much of a surprise is the club announce it tomorrow or Monday at some point.

People are already talking about AVB as if it has already been announced, that’s how badly this has been kept under wraps, probably even more so than the George Graham saga, even Redknapp is already supportingĀ  AVB to succeed at White Hart Lane.

Take a bow, AVB the new Tottenham manager in the waiting and the new worst kept secret in football.

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