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Apr 302012

Harry Redknapp appears to have been overlooked as the FA have approached Roy Hodgson for the vacant England managers job.

Redknapp in my opinion only has himself to blame, he had the world at his feet and he let the hype get to him and his team as you can see Spurs clear dip in form since Harry got linked to the job, have the FA picked up on this as a reason to overlook Redknapp or is there another issue that may have meant that Harry Redknapp was never going to get offered the England job?

The FA picked a 4-man panel tasked with finding and appointing the new England manager, one of these men is Sir Trevor Brooking who is by no means a fan of Harry Redknapp. Brooking blamed Redknapp for the circumstances that saw Redknapp replace Bonds as manager in 1994, a grudge that Sir Trevor still holds and has had very few dealings with Harry Redknapp since then. The distance between the men is so great that it has even been asked of Brooking, informally, whether he could work with Redknapp as England manager. He said he could, but it would no doubt be a further uneasy truce.

What Sir Trev says to the media and behind closed doors are two different things, it is of some opinion that Sir Trevor Brooking didn’t even want to entertain the idea of having to work with Harry Redknapp so headhunted Roy Hodgson to replace Fabio Capello.

Draw your own conclusions and speculate why but if one of the men responsible for selecting the next England manager hates you with a passion then is it any surprise that Harry was never approached?

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