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May 202012

The morning after, still feeling empty and numb inside that our 38 game league season now pretty much counts for nothing but we really only have ourselves to blame for giving away 3rd place in the midst of the England job vacancy.

Chelsea won the CL last night which now condemns us to another Europa League campaign and the butt of jokes throughout the footballing world. We will now face a massive struggle to hold on to our top players, you can only starve top players of playing on the biggest stage for so long before you have to allow them to leave to fulfill their dreams.

Modric and Bale will no doubt be targets for some of Europe’s top clubs again, it could be a blessing in disguise if Levy can get the right prices to enable to us build another team for another shot at cracking it once again. The ideal scenario would be of course for the top players at the club to recognize that we did actually achieve what we set out to do this season and that was break the top 4 in a very competitive league and it was only by a cruel twist of fate and the fact that Chelsea got the roll of the footballing dice that has seen our rewards taken away from us through no fault of our own. I doubt Modric will see it like that, players aren’t that understanding, they just want to play on the biggest stages for the biggest money and can we blame them?

There’s no doubt this will hurt us and scar us for some time, it could prove to be the end of an era, if we don’t get it right in the summer then that could have been our last crack at it for a long time before we slip back into mid-table mediocrity and once again become that same old Tottenham.

What will be will be, our time will come but it seems to be taking longer than everyone elses. Supporting Spurs is so much like supporting England, we have to go through so much heartache over the course of a lifetime with so little rewards and even when we earn our Spurs we don’t have the footballing Gods looking down on us.

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