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May 202012

Back in January we sat in 3rd place and had a chance to push for the title so what do we do? we let go of some of our backup players and bring in Ryan Nelsen and Louis Saha which showed a real lack of ambition.

We let Pav go and players like Bassong go out on loan as well as Bentley earlier in the season our only over natural right sided midfielder, there were more but to me in January we significantly weakened our squad rather than strengthen and it could have cost us. I’d rather have seen no new faces than bring in these 2 guys who are no longer up to the standard required to be Spurs players. Nelsen came from a now relegated Blackburn side and nobody ever raved about him there, unlike Chris Samba he never have a reputation as being a quality defender. Saha has long since lost his legs, he will score the odd goal but we need to be aiming a lot higher.

If we sign to many old players then we will find ourselves in a situation where we need to replace a lot of players at the end of each campaign and we simply won’t be able to afford it, Chelsea were supposedly in that stage where they let the spine of their team grow to old that they needed about 4 or 5 players but they have the funds at their disposal. Football before business has to prevail sometimes.

I remember watching deadline day and hearing the news that we had signed Ryan Nelsen and to my utter horror even Iain Dowie made fun of the deal. When asked if it was a good move Ryan Nelsen to Spurs he laughed and replied “it is for him” and that summed it all up for me, where the hell did this deal even come from? who actually thought it would be a good idea to loan out players and replace them with Ryan Nelsen. If we are going to sign players of this caliber then I wish Bale and Modric all the best and give them my blessing to leave, they deserve a lot better.

How many more transfer windows do we have to go through to get it right. Previous manager have actually had more money to spend than Harry, we got £30m for Berbatov but did we ever spend all of that on a replacement? We sold Pav in January and Robbie Keane plus O’Hara at the start but we have spent next to nothing so where is the money going?

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