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Jul 082010

Harry speaks with renewed confidence, but do we really need the former Chelsea man ?

At first it seemed too good to be true. Joe Cole, one of Harry’s former fledglings at West Ham, Premiership superstar and England regular – released by Chelsea and available on a free !

Harry showed an immediate interest, plastered all over the papers and a regular topic on Sky Sports News, the former Chelsea man was only destined for one place ……. White Hart Lane.

All of a sudden, interest cooled and Redknapp was all over the back pages telling everyone how he thought Joe had already agreed a deal with another club.(Thought to be Man Utd or Arsenal) The world cup began and our attentions turned elsewhere.

Then, out of the blue, the links resurface and only yesterday Harry was back talking to the press about his renewed hope over the deal and how he’d deploy Cole in his Spurs side and how he could become an integral part of our Champions League challenge!

The question I’d like to pose is this – Do we really need Joe Cole? …

Before you slate me in the comments box below, don’t get me wrong …… I think Joe Cole is a terrific player …… it’s just that he’s very similar in stature and ability to a few players already on our books and with the sums of money being bandied about, I wonder if we’d be better off spending the signing on fee (probably huge!) and wages in strengthening other areas of the team ?!?!?

When you consider the long term futures of players like Ledley and Woody and their chances of playing any kind of extended run in the side over the coming 12 months, you have to wonder if a Champions League quality centre half is more of a priority or more worthy of stretching the wage structure for? Kaboul, Bassong et all are all good partners for Daws  in the Premier league, but would you be confident seeing them named in the starting XI for a big CL match at the Nou Camp? …… Probably not !!!

Modric, Kranjcar (to an extent), Gio Dos Santos and Lennon have all shown in recent times that they can, and are comfortable playing off a front man or in the hole just behind, and Modric and Gio are both more than capable of doing a good job out on the left. Therefore, where would Joe Cole fit in? …… And at the expense of who?

My preference would be to see Gio (get his head down) deployed on the left and Modric to play in the hole, or even in a more central position. If I had Cole and Modric in the same squad I’d be picking Luka first all day long …… would Harry do the same, or would we see the Croatian schemer heading for the White Hart Lane exit?

I hope not!

  7 Responses to “Joe Cole ….. Any Better ? – Any Different ?”

  1. Our midfielders are not scoring enough goals. Last season Harry pleaded for more goals to come from midfield but whilst Modric, Bale, Hudd and Lennon are top (triffic) midfield players they are not contributing to our goal tally like Lampard would do for chelsea year in, year out. Joe Cole would offer more goals as he would be able to play just behind a lone striker. Remember, Redknapp wants to play in Europe with a 4-5-1 formation.

  2. but modders and krancj can play that role already and 451 may only be played in Europe…so i am out to lunch on this one..

  3. sorry finished that last post too early. I feel we are much more in need of a strong fast and very direct front man to offer us something very different…such as the guy who played up front for Ghana, was it Gyan? forget his name…we need some raw pace up there are we dont have it apart from Bale and Lennon in the team…and lets not forget we have Gudjonsen also who can play that role…so it appears i am talking myself out of a deal for Cole, AS MUCH AS I LIKE HIM, as i think we need a different type of player up front and MORE PACE..

  4. What do you mean we can’t fit him in? Of course we can:
    Corluka Dawson King Ekotto

    Lennon Modric Huddlestone Bale
    Defoe/Another signing

    Also consider the fact that there will be many injuries and suspensions during the course of the season.

  5. I too wonder if signing J. Cole would unsettle Modric especially with Gio given a few games. To quote a blogger on an Arsenal site-“do we need another glass dwalf”. Dont think it will be fun watching Defoe as lone striker, so many interruptions as play is stopped by the whistle for offside. Also being outmuscelled will be a problem.

  6. Let’s face it my Nan would be an inprovement to your fucking shite yid scum team!!!!!

  7. Aaaahahhhhhhhhh they have given me the face of the Ugly Twitching Gargoyle Tax Evading cunt!!!!!!

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