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Aug 092010

Should one look deeply enough you can usually spot disguised blessings,camouflaged neatly where you never thought they could possibly be concealed.Take for example the time you may have awoken for work to find you have to take the public route  because you have misplaced your car keys,annoying I know.Yet whilst sitting upon your alternate mode of transport should it be a bus,or train for that matter,you find yourself to be conveniently situated next to the most beautiful yet affable woman you could ever perceive.That my friend is a blessing in disguise,however,what you then strive to make of it is another matter entirely.

What then should we as fans and the players who are already at Tottenham make of the missed opportunity that was Joe Cole,and his sidewards step of all things Spurs,after all there is no doubt in my mind at least that Joe is one of the most natural talents the English game has produced for a while now,and had he chosen to join the project that is developing under Harrys guidance at Tottenham he could have proved himself to be a real benefit.

Having though chosen Liverpool we might now be able to take a look at one of those blessing hidden from general gaze,for as I have been seated here upon my extremely well padded theoretical public transport seat,mulling over a lost set of keys,IE Joe Cole.In my minds eye another thing of beauty has taken to move toward the vacant place next to me and boy is it something special to look at.Yes the way it glides over the ground with seemingly effortless style,moving first one way then the next dark shoulder length hair sweeping behind,as first one shoulder is dropped then the next bedazzling any and all before it.

Any guesses as too who I might be referring?Yes,you got it,Giovanni Dos Santos,and not just the Gio of Barcelona fables either,this one is a real tangible class act.A driving force pushing the team on from either wing,or dragging them upwards should he be operating as a striker,either way never giving up on lost causes always recovering to take up any defensive responsibilities and generally being an all round good egg.This my friends is the new and improved Mexican wonder a blessing rising from the depths of  a Galatasrian desert,a little piece of hope that can light up the stage that is White Hart Lane.

Let’s just hope Gio sees this opportunity as clearly as I and the rest of the fans have,because as the beauty situated next to you he is the perfect fit for the position that was to be kept for Joe.Unless of course you would rather we were to sell him and try for a player with more experience?

As usual your comments are more than welcome,but to avoid your posts being edited please respect all posters points of view,and refrain from foul language.Thank You.

  16 Responses to “Joe Cole,and the Blessing in Disguise.”

  1. I think Gio will be glass, he has always been good but didnt get much game time, I think if the world cup was in 2 years time instead of like months ago we would of sold him, but i think the world cup came at the right time for gio. he performed and delivered, and i think if he plays anything like what he did for mexico i think spurs will have a good chance this year, but then we also have to be carfull of the top 3 because they always seem to pull it out the bag no matter how crap they play.

  2. Dont forget Gio’s age?, He still has much to learn as did Cole at the same stage of his career. The difference is that we’re not having to pay out 18 million quid, money that should be spent buying a player or two in areas where we actually need . Levy’s got it right …again!

  3. Harry needs to keep him at the lane. If Harry loans him out to Fiorentina, ( as is being sugested on the bbc sport) he needs his head examined!

    wake p Harry and give the boy a go… have been trying to sign lesser players in this market!

    I would have him over Bellamy, Young, Cole any day!


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  4. I have also read the article today on Football Talk stating that Fiorentina are ready to take Gio on a season long loan.Oh how I hope this isn’t true as I believe him to be ready now for a shot at a sustained run in our first team,the lad is every bit as good as Joe Cole so let’s hope Harry gives him his chance.

  5. Kenny M is absolutely correct. Gio is a Spurs type player through and through and if Harry doesn’t play him I shall personally go to W.H.L and push him down the stairs

  6. Gio has to be played this season. He’s shown how good he can be & I reckon we haven’t seen the best of him yet. Give him a go Harry.

  7. The lad is so adaptable,and not just a jack of all trades either,he is a top class player that will torment the opposition no matter where he plays on the pitch.

  8. We have had so many blessings in disguise it’s easy to believe that this could very well be another one. The majority of players that Harry wants, the fans haven’t wanted, and we have gotten the better end of the stick so far.
    Downing, Parker, Santa Cruz, Bellamy, Ashley young?? We don’t need any of these players. We need someone who the fans can sink their hearts into. Bale has always been that player, even before he came good. I think the same applies for Gio, and all signs are indicating he will be one of our key players this term.

  9. Harry knows what he’s harry we trust..COM ON YOU SPURS!!

  10. Bloody Oath!!….I din’t want Cole: overpaid,overrated & overfragile. Hen only went to Anfield for the cash.
    Of course, he will say its the shirt, but no London lad goes north willingly.

    This gives Dos Santos the chance he needed & perhaps is was all bull dust by harry who always knew we would(not could) pay Cole enough & used Cole to gee up Giovanni.

    Let’s all hope that the spur lasts all season long although i would dump him into the EPL gently with a few 30 min runs until we know he has found his feet. It hard not to feel sorry for some EPL defences with Bale, Giovanni, Lennon & A REAL striker all hovering near the box. Oh well I cn dream anyway> IMHO we are slowly reaching 59-61 status.

  11. martin o’neil has just quit aston villa! aparently its because we are getting young and milner is going city!!!

  12. Villa fans must be going mental…??!! Ouch – 5 days before the new season!

    If its just about Milner then MON is a fool as the writing has been on the wall for weeks on that so why leave it till now? Hardly going to be remembered fondly now is he? If its because of Milner AND Young then fair play to him.

    Not sure i condone the spending of £20M plus on Young (esp with the upturn in young Gio’s form and attitude) however he is a quality player so i’m sure i’ll make my peace with it

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  13. Don’t forget Barry. Then Milner, then maybe Young. Who next???

  14. Give Gio a chance Harry, he is a brilliant player who can only get better. Don’t buy old expensive players when we have young talented players just wanting a chance of playing for the first team.

  15. good call, ive gone right off cole, besides i think he thought Harry would manage him tough, maybe he wanted a cake walk at Spamfiled..personally i think he’s a greedy little who turned down CL football for europa league..says it all really

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