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Jul 162010

Fulham are reportedly targeting Martin Jol as the number 1 replacement Roy Hodgson

Current Ajax and ex Spurs manager Jol is a wanted man by Fulham. Jol was a fans favourite during his days at the Lane and might relish the chance to return to the Premiership.

Personally I would love to see Jol back in the league and I am sure he would get a fantastic reception from us Tottenham fans. I still hope that one day he will return to us. I think we owe an awful lot on where we are now to big MJ, he turned us from a laughing stock to real champions league contenders and lead us to our first premiership top 5 finish, the first time we qualified for Europe through the league in the Premiership.

I say good on you Fulham, if you get Martin then you should consider yourselves lucky, he is a great manager and a legend for most of us Spurs fans. He would do a great job for your club.

  9 Responses to “Jol To Make Premiership Return?”

  1. If Harry had any taxing problems to overcome this summer It would have been great to have BMJ back at the lane – he should never have left

  2. Yes and no. Remember the start to the season we had before Ramos joined. The players weren’t even fit, allegedly. Still love him though… He was one lasagne away from the champions league!

  3. He’s got no hair, but we don’t care !!!

  4. It would be good to see him back in the premiership – just to see him square up to Wenger again! I bet the skinny fool was close to shitting himself when big Martin got in his face! Is that a turtle’s head I see? hahahaha w****r.

  5. i like big mj but lets face it he did go behind our back and talk to the toon…..never smoke without fire…..more to it than we think…..still lacks it some areas to be top notch we just have to look at some of the games he made some very odd changes………..but would be great for fulham…..

  6. Jol was a useless t…ser. Good riddance. They should never have got rid of George Graham.

  7. He did some odd decisions near the end, but Levy treated him very badly

  8. jol was good for us when he picked us up and made us believe again,but sadly lacked in some big games.we`re too advanced for him now but would still give the guy a big cheer if he brought any team to the lane.the futures lookin good boys.yid army!!!!!!!!

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