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May 242012

Jan Vertonghen I believe Ajax want something in the region of about £12m and we are offering something like a couple of million off the asking price. We missed out on Cahill last summer and now he has a Champions League winners medal.

It’s not like Ajax are holding you to ransom, a top quality defender and the Dutch player of the year is not being over valued at £12m so why is there always a reluctance to pay up and spend months trying to haggle the price down to the point where we end up missing out, we should also thank our lucky stars that this guy still wants to join us after our CL heartbreak.

It always seems that we worry too much about how long a player still has left on his contract rather than how much the player is worth, the truth is that if he has 1 year or 5 that’s none of our business, he is still their player and it’s not our place to dictate that he is worth less because of his contract length, I know sometimes you get away with that and you have to try your luck but if they won’t budge then just meet their valuation or risk missing out on a very good player.

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