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Apr 092013

Saw a comment the other day on Facebook about when Kaboul is back he should be partnered at the back with Vertonghen.

This is the guys view, in fact he was a bit harsh on Dawson…

Dawson. He’s our captain, leader and legend apparently. He was bloody useless when he came on. The number of times he gave the ball away and didn’t read the game was woeful.
When Kaboul is back, Dawson should not start. Younes and Jan are our best defenders and it matters piss all if Dawson loves the club, he’s just not good enough. He won’t sit on the bench, meaning his time should be up soon as well.

Personally I think Dawson is a great defender and one of the few left in the game who will put his body on the line to block a shot. However Daws does lack a bit of pace and other attributes but makes up for a lot of that with commitment, since coming back into favour with AVB he has  probably played at his best.

I do unfortunately however have to turn my back on my heart and agree with the fan above by saying that head to head I think Kaboul has the edge on Dawson in terms of overall defensive abilities. In my view when we have Vertonghen, Kaboul and Dawson all fit I believe the best 2 individuals there are Younes and Jan.

Just wondering what your thoughts are? And no I didn’t forget Caulker I just think he is still learning and his reading is not as good as the others yet, and Gallas isn’t worth a w*nk anymore.

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