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Jun 072011

The purpose of a youth academy is to provide generations of future players, who have been nurtured in the club since childhood/teen-age and are therefore home-grown. Subsequently, most of them should go on to be some of the finest players the team has had.

The Double-winners of ’61 were mostly, if not all homegrown at this club and were some of the finest players that White Hart Lane ever witnessed. When it comes to looking at younger players and all the traditional shiz about Spurs [I am coining the term ‘Shiz-tory’], I’m an old head on young shoulders. Therefore I feel that we should look closer to home as it’s not impossible to create a fine team of homegrown talent for the future.

Manchester United seem to have the balance of academy players and imported players down to a tee. Scholes, Neville, Giggs etc. from the academy combined with Ronaldo, Nani, Van Der Sar etc. have won title after title even in the present day of assuming that a quick-fix of buying 10 players means quality immediately shows in the team.

Any team can do it. The only difference is a willingness to look closer to home for the odd few players we need.

Considering how Harry Kane has received raving reviews as of late for his international performances, and scored five goals in 18 games (about 1/3, the same as Defoe and Keane in their heydays), for a 17 year old, that’s very promising!

Does anyone else agree that whilst or instead of looking at top strikers who will reject offers from us over this summer, we should bring Harry Kane into the senior squad for pre-season matches at least?

Can’t hurt, can it? Maybe he’ll do the business regularly for us and be the answer to our striker problem. He’s young and wants to play and score. Kane brings with him experience of first-team football at Leyton Orient. Not Premier League, but first-team football nonetheless.

Best of all, he’s free!!!

What better combination than that!?

Dean Parrett is worth a go as well. He’s got a desire to win the ball [back] which is comparable to that of Sandro. Both midfielders like winning the ball to regain possession, which can prove important in pulling a late goal back.

Along with this, I urge all fellow Spurs fans to cut the ‘young-and-unproven’ and ‘old-and-past-it’ motifs out of their opinions because, if all club managers took those approaches when looking for players, no club would sign anybody!

  13 Responses to “Kane he do it?”

  1. The boy is mustard. My son used to play with him at school in Waltham Forest and he used to score goals from corners in Year 7. And he went to the same school as Beckham. Come on ‘arry, sort him out.

  2. I think a closer study of history is required. Most of the double team were bought in – Brown, Blancflower, Norman, Mackay, Jones, White, Smith, Allen to name eight, plus Greaves the following season. Rather blows the premise of the article out of the water doesn’t it?

    • OK, so I made an error, but to balance it out a little bit, Ron Henry and Peter Baker were with us pretty much from the beginning of their career and became regulars. Two is a little better than one. I still stand by my point about us not having had a star academy player in years. Only Ledley King has been the regular ‘local lad’ academy player until his knees packed up and Jamie O’Hara hasn’t been a regular in the squad, which I personally feel is a big big shame.

  3. Great post I think we have made a terrible effort at holding some very talented young prospects in the past. The likes of the Dean Marney’s, Lee Barnard’s and what seems likely is Jamie O’Hara will leave too. All of which haven’t set the world alight but showed promise, particularly O’Hara who ensured we made it to a cup final changing the game when brought on as a substitute against Burnley! Parrett looked very good against Shaktar a couple of years ago when he played both home and away. A very confident young lad on the ball and as mentioned in the article is prepared to go and get it back when he loses it! Kane is a good shout but I was also excited about Obika I thought he looked very keen and equipped with the physical elements required to succeed at the top level! These lads need the chance to gain experience with the aid of more experienced players as the article all states highlighting why Man Utd are successful every year, and why Chelsea and Man City are not able to maintain the pace over a wholse season. Utds youngsters remain hungry because they get opportunities. A lot of our players arenot entusiastic about playing lesser opposition that the younger players would be ecstatic about, give them the opportunity to show us whether they are the garde or not!

  4. There is no doubt about it, Harry will give the kids game time during Pre-Season, so it’s just up to them whether they take their moment to shine. If they impress, I’m sure Harry will use them in the Cup competitions this year, but may loan a couple out for further experiences.

    • But that’s the problem(!). They get loaned out and then stay loaned-out or sold on to that same club or another club. We [and they] keep subscribing to the illusion of a run in the first team for academy/reserve players if they impressed in the pre-season. Sadly, it still is an illusion as there hasn’t been an appearance from an academy player since Jamie O’Hara and that’s nearly two years ago…

      Jake Livermore scored the equaliser in the Wembley Cup back in 2009 against Barcelona; didn’t see him at all for the entire season. His last appearance was against Stoke as a sub March last year!!

      He’s a Spurs fan too, up to you whether you think it counts for something or not, but I’d imagine being a genuine fan of the club you play for would make you play better than an acquisition from another club.

      Dean Parrett last featured for Spurs’ first team in the UEFA Cup [as it was known back then] in 2009!!! Haven’t seen him since.

      By the way, the exclaimation marks were for emphasis, not shouting at you 😉

  5. I think Harry is the kind of manager that will let the youngsters have a chance, BUT they need to work for it. Young players and especially young english players have a tendancey to listen to their agents before their managers. One great game and they wont want to be loaned out and will demand big contracts. But hey, there are exceptions to the rule and I hope we have more youngsters that want to work and prove their worth than not. Contrasts between Rose and Bostock? Also a minor point, with the change in the 25 man squad rule, I would expect more and more players coming through at the age range of 17- 21 than before.

  6. I agree with hotspur89. Harry will definitely be looking to use the youngsters in the Europa league, so maybe they’ll be able to break through to the first-team based on a good performance.

  7. I would play Kane ahead of Defoe every time, in fact I would play Sandra ahead of Defoe! Harry needs to give the kids ago, But he has to drop his undroppable.

    • you are never a spurs fan all you do is slag the team and manager off , fuck off to another team , go and be a fucking gooner twat

  8. We may as well include him in the sqaud. If Defoe and Crouch only score 4 league goals in a season we may as well experiment with him. I bet he’d score more than that.

  9. Such a poor return from Defoe and Crouch in terms of Goals, but i must say again i would be looking at the strikers coach Les Ferdinand he must shoulder much of the blame as none of our strikers have performed this season and with the great mid field we have, they should have been banging them in.

    Big Les OUT.

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