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Feb 092011

I was thinking about this earlier when I looked at our results this season and how many of our games finished up 2-1 to us which only highlights our inability to kill teams off after we have established a lead.

We have had quite a few 1-1 draws too which could have been turned into wins had we been more ruthless. We seem to either go behind and then make a comeback to get something from the game or we take a 1-0 lead but always allow the other team back into the match, you only have to look at our most recent game against Bolton for proof of that.

It’s astonishing for a club like ours and where we are today to have not even picked up a 3-0 win in the league, we like to make things difficult for ourselves and never comfortable, maybe that’s why we are so entertaining to watch because the game is never over if Tottenham are playing. Why this season do we struggle to kill teams off, why do we rarely take the lead and then double it before half time and set ourselves up for what should be a straight forward second half? What is it about us, is it the lack of a top class striker that really could be the difference between us allowing teams back into matches rather than killing them off?

It makes you wonder, all them games we have only just edged, if we hadn’t scored that one extra goal then where would we be in the league now? You have to take the negatives with the positives and flip it on its side to see that this season teams seem to struggle to kill us off also and we have picked up so many points from losing positions, almost like Man Utd do week in week out, the winners mentality!

  24 Responses to “Killing Teams Off”

  1. one word – strikers

  2. 1st

  3. Well, if we Harry didn’t play damn Crouch every game, perhaps we would score a little more as the ball would be passed and not HOOFED!!!!

  4. The goal difference for the top 5 teams in the league should say everything but I wouldn’t say it’s the lack of quality strikers. Many goals conceded could have been avoided.

  5. He didnt have the same problem last year, playing 2 strikers in a 442.. VdV is too good to not play though.

    • We did have the same problem but not as bad. Do you remember the chelsea game for example, we won 2-1 but should of won by 7 at least. That day it was pav who wasted tg.e chances, basically none of our strikers are good enough and that is why are goal dif is crap, why we dnt kill off teams. To be fair to the team though injuries havent helped. 442 is the best formation for us and imo if we had two quality strikers they would score loads, vdv is shoehorned into our team and played with a striker unable to play the lone role. If we have a full selection of players i would be happy to see vdv dropped and play 442.

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  8. It depends on the mentality and the character of the players you have. Only players with a winner’s character are ruthless because they want to win every single personal duel and score in every chance they have independently of what the score is. On the contrary players who don’t have such a character they have enough just to win a game. So it is a matter of the quality of the players you have. The quality of the players determines the quality of the team as a whole. That’s why we should buy only players with a strong personality and a certain mentality than mediocre players. That’s what big teams are doing.

  9. I think that the reason why spurs haven’t been playing the sort of football we saw last year- the many goals, the battering of teams is down to a couple of reasons.

    1) We have more pressure on us to do well than we had last season!
    The year before last, we were rescued by Harry and just missed out on a Europa League place and finished 8th- not bad for a side who were sitting 2pts from 8 games.Last year, we started amazingly, scored goals for fun but without the pressure- no one expected us to challenge or even finish 4th! As a spurs fan, i remembered thinking a top 5th- 6th finish would be great, having finished 8th the season before, it would be nice to progress up the table at a steady pace. Also last season, people saw a different spurs- a spurs side that would make you pay if a defensive error was made and could humiliate you! I was so shocked when we finished 4th- from 8th place to 4th is quite a big jump in just one season. But we did it an this moves on to my next point…!

    2) We are now a force to reckon with and teams will set out to play us as if playing Man U or Chelsea. The players are not used to having players closing them down so quickly. giving them tough tackles etc. Teams come to the Lane and a point would be like 3 if they get any. This means the players need to take their game to the next level and this is going to take time for a team who jumped from 8th to 4th in just a season.

    3)My final point- finishing 4th a second time is always going to be harder than breaking into the top 4.
    We do not want to be one season wonders! We want to qualify again and this time there is added pressure and expectation- from the fans, media etc and also playing champions league football. There is so much to prove and loose that the players really don’t care how they win as long as they do! They have tasted CL football and know that the fans would want more! As we are not an established top 4 team, other teams still think they have a chance against us and there are teams like Man City and Liverpool who would love to see us drop points! I knew that this season was not going to produce the football it did last season because making the champions league for a second time is much more important than beating teams 3 nil! Win 2-1 or 3-0 – its still amounts to 3 points and that is why we haven’t seen the football we did see last season. Spurs are a side which shocked themselves and the world at how they grew as a side and being a side in transition, im happy with the 44 pts we have now and i don’t care how we do it as along as we get 3 pts!

    In the summer though, i hope Harry does decide to buy- Watching Brazil v France- Pato is young good striker, will find out more about him when he faces Dawson but we could fish in, Huntleaar also an option, Sniedjer would like to play with vdv and Stenkelberg- Dutch No 1 would be good to give Gomes some competition as Cudcini’s contract runs out at the end of season!

    Any way hope we finish- actually we will finish 4th (or 3rd is Man U do us a favor!)!COYS


  11. The secret to winning is don’t upset the opposition before half time or the changing room will come into affect and even four nil is useless just ask Wenger. Your right Coxie we should be winning by more goals . But lets make sure we score them after the the half time cup of tea and a slice of orange. Or we will suffer Arsenal and Chelsea’s fate defeat or a draw. By the same orange that made these three run faster for longer Nolan Barton Carragher the three Red Indians all three where involved in Come backs from defeat and Injury all aftrer there orange and tea heeeehaaaa Don’t forget Curly head has turned into Darren Bent since he left with four goals

  12. The things i would do to get the ol berba-keano duo (circa 06/07) working upfront now… we’d be scoring shitloads. Its bleeding obvious we NEED a better striker. The goal difference between us and the current top 4 only highlights this.

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