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May 052012

They Score When They Want, Oh Norwich They Score When They Want!


Arsenal 3-3 Norwich and it’s advantage Spurs but if it wasn’t for a Spurs player on loan at Norwich it might have been a different story.

The score was 3-3 and in the dying minutes the ball was played across the box as Robin van Persie looked to have an easy tap in but then a little shove from Kyle Naughton saw van Persie take a fall and miss his opportunity which now give the advantage to Tottenham for the race for 3rd.

An away game at Villa tomorrow and if the boys ever needed a bigger incentive to safe their blushes from throwing away 3rd place then this is it. We now have a chance to finish 3rd and watch Arsenal sweat on the CL final instead of us, a dream scenario for Spurs fans but Villa won’t give us an easy ride as they fight to retain their Premier League status.

I must admit I was watching the Arsenal game and I was bricking it in the final 5 mins and have never felt so much relief at a final whistle. The ref bottled it on a few penalty decisions but the refs bottle was our saving grace in the final minutes. Thank you Kyle Naughton.


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