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Oct 092011

Yes I realise there’s some barrel scrapping going on. And that I’ll probably get slatted for dreaming this one up. Neither have I any source for this story, only that I am sick and, oh so tired of reading about Man UTD or Chelsea moving in for Modric. In fact, it too seems as though the press are getting a little fed up printing that story aswell. So much so in fact that they have now thrown Bale into a supposed Chelsea raid.

The latest one doing the rounds spins out a sixty million swoop for our top two talismanic figures. I mean please do us a favour. If it were anywhere near true, at least work out the math correctly. Forty million for Modric turned down in the summer ( possible player participation). So that’ll make Gareth a twenty million pound player then will it?

A fully fledged international, with a season of Champions League experience. Rave reviews by the more accurate World press. And a limb by limb dissection of one Mâcon of Inter Milan. Now then, twenty million, isn’t that what Liverpool paid for Jordan Henderson? (not the lads fault) Says it all really doesn’t it?

Anyhow. Let’s get back to talking about Lampard. Now he seems to me to be a Marmiteish kind of “player”. Note that I have highlighted the word player as for me the man should be left out of the conversation. Why? Because we’re talking football. And a man shouldn’t have his personality needlessly dragged through the mud. Especially not a good man like Frank.

Why then have I chosen Frank Lampard from the Chelsea squad, when there are also players of the ilk of Drogba or Anelka that could also add to our strength. And yes your right. Though for now I’ll save their story for another day. But with Harry being his uncle, and with his (Franks) place being up for grabs at Chelsea. It seemed a little more of a realistic move than the whole Modric (contract improvement) and Bale (previously stated his desire to stay and learn at  Tottenham) fabrication.

So, what kind of player is Frank and how, if at all could he influence our teams improvement? Now we must take on board the seasons duration, and any possible injuries that we might acquire throughout its length. An intelligent player, with a knack of appearing in the right place at the time needed most, to nab a goal here or there. In fact. Frank has scored 119 goals in 350 appearances for Chelsea. That’s a strike rate of one in three, Imagine where we might have finished last season with both Frank and Rafael goals in the side. And at thirty-three years of age he could probably give us another couple of  good years of football, as his game has never been much about flight of foot, but more speed of thought.

You though are more than likely thinking. And justifiably so. How are we to fit him into a centre midfield which already has an abundance of talent? And if not. Then you’re wondering how we might afford his wages or why would Frank leave prospective title challengers and Champions League regulars to move to Tottenham Hotspur? Who, though most assuredly on the up, are yet to match their recent form to that which their glorious past might wish to dictate.

Well, lets’ look at who he might be in contention with to stake a place in the first team. Modric? Obviously. And I wouldn’t want to leave out Modders either. Yet Frank will give you fifteen more goals a season. Van Der Vaart? Possible though he does prefer that second strikers role. Yet if Harry could convince Rafa to take one for the team and start on the right you could play Frank behind a lone target man. Kranjcar? for me he operates better coming in off the left wing. Pienaar? The juries still out for me. Parker and Sandro offer two completely different styles of play compared to Frank, and with only usually one playing, with exception to the more trying away games, there should still be a berth for Lampard. Yes there are also players like Huddlestone or Livermore to take into consideration. Yet I would hope that Franks experience might yet aid in their growth.

So, why would Frank move to Spurs ahead of another club that might offer a better chance at claiming a title? Well firstly who’s to say we’re out of the race? Yes, I know that it’s probably going to be one of the Manchester clubs. And after all, we have already been handed a good hiding by them both. But you have to live in hope. No matter the path your walking otherwise whats the point? Prospects do improve. We are no longer the same side that matched Man UTD for sixty minutes. No! We have improved! Nor are we that team with a weekend midfield and shot shy forward line that faced Man City and battled until the end. Again! We are so much more solid, with a razor-sharp front line! So, then there’s Arsenal and Liverpool. Now I believe we have as good a chance as they do at winning anything this season, if not better really. And with the addition of a twenty goal a season midfielder we could seriously challenge for silverware.

The players then that we have at our club. Perhaps that depth in quality might not be so detrimental to Frank joining after all. But, might he not view the likes of Modric,Van Der Vaart, Bale, and instead drool at the possibility of playing alongside them. Add to that pool then Franks experience and goal scoring touch and as I’ve previously stated wouldn’t he help bring on our midfield leaps and bounds? So let the same old same old be banded about the web. But instead of reposting the advancement of Chelsea and the likes. Shouldn’t we as a club be the one on the front foot, going rather for their star names. After all I’m sure with a mighty signing on fee wages wouldn’t be an issue either. The times ripe for the taking and that future is a glorious shade of lillywhite.

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  22 Responses to “Lampard to Tottenham?”

  1. To be fair mate it’s not something that’s completely out of the question , but as for me wanting him there …….. No he’s still very good but well I don’t want him at Tottenham . In reality he could add to the team but the idea of just doesn’t sit with me. Nice arguments probably should change the title , and we didn’t really battle Man city to the end we had internal problems and we sucked end of.

  2. Funny as an exercise in saying “fleck orf Chavski!”

  3. So sad that stories like this have to be create interest. Lampard along with orhers such as Gerrard, Barry, Terry etc. is one of the reasons England have been so pathetic. I rearely agree with Gary Neville but his piece today about the spine of the England team being sub-standard is spot on. So why should Spurs even think about Lampard? If a deal with Modric goes ahead lets insist Sturridge is part of it. Lets look at a future not a lacklustre past.

  4. I think you are incredibly bored and gone out of your mind – to take the time to write such nonsense!!!

    • I think you have never been more right about anything in you life palski.

    • I know. If there are targets to ponder then an experienced EPL striker like Drogba etc is at least close to what Spurs actually need rather than Lampard who we don’t really have a vacancy for in the team/squad even if it was possible.

  5. Let him rot with the other Chelsea geriatrics. Not worthy of our jersey

  6. Please god, no!!!! Lampard would unbalance the shape of the team, not to mention the fact that he’s about three years past his sell-by date. If Redknapp wasn’t our manager, this wouldn’t even be newsworthy. If we take a player from Chelsea in the next window, Drogba would be my choice.

  7. Why on earth would Spurs want Lampard. We don’t need Chelsea rejects, nor do we need people like Lampard who are at the arse end of theor career – sorry, but Harry and Levy would be crazy to do this.


  9. Might I suggest, next time you’re THAT bored, take up knitting. Seriously, you could knit yourself loads of different Spurs scarfs. You could include your favorite players, scorelines, and maybe even knit one celebrating our illustrious chairman!

    • Your wasting your time and mine buddy. You lost me at “scrapped” and “slatted” in the first two sentences, would have let those schoolboy errors go if there had been a decent thought behind your article. Get a new hobby.

  10. Roll smaller ones mate. 😉

  11. HE IS TOO OLD.

  12. Dont think lampsy would move to spurs. some of the criticism here is unbelievable, maybe lamps makes england midfield slow , maybe he doesn’t , all that bile being mounted on lamps and no one talks about shrek , the recklessness and all. i don think lamps would suit your formation. Plus van der vaart is better off playing in the mid. why you would want lamps with abundant talent in mid is a puzzle for me.

  13. Your blogs are usually quite good. I know it’s international break but come on.

  14. Can’t see it happening if Harry wants the England job – he’ll want to be off in June so Levy will only sanction long term prospects in Jan.
    Lampard is also on a fair whack at Chelsea – a salary we couldn’t get anywhere near.

  15. Coxie forget Chelski they are trying too rebuild there ground so they can get round the new rules they wont be able to buy any players for that money. City purchased Hargrieves there spokesman said because he was free so there you have it from the riches club,

  16. An injury prone old man, why have you even brought it up, brilliant forward thinking!


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