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Dec 132010

Following yesterday’s Chelsea game Harry Redknapp talked about his central defenders after he was down to his last fit pair in Michael Dawson and Sebastian Bassong and even Dawson himself has just returned from a 3 month lay off.

“Michael did well. It’s his first week back and I had to play him.

“I was hoping Kaboul would be fit, Gallas did his hamstring on Friday, so we had to throw Michael in. I was worried he wouldn’t last the game and you have to be careful. He’s done great, a fantastic competitor and an amazing fellow.

“Kaboul could be back next week. I don’t know when Gallas will be back. He stretched for the ball and felt it tear.

“We’ve coped okay whoever has come in. Luckily we’ve got plenty of centre-halves who’ve done well.”

Harry then talked about Tottenham club captain Ledley King and a possible return. “Ledley is improving and he might be back soon.

“We have a date for Ledley to have an operation. The surgeon is available until December 23 but is then away for four weeks so we have to make a decision by then.

“He’s coming on well. If he feels okay we will not operate. If he has to have it, it will be five weeks. But he’s feeling good.”

So hopefully either Kaboul or King is fit for next weekend, even to just go on the bench because if something happens to Dawson or Bassong we have nothing left.

  8 Responses to “Spurs Duo Could Return Soon”

  1. I am glad that I dont have to make the decisions that I am suggesting here. We all love our Leds, but I think the time has come when we say enough is enough and put together a halfback line that will be consistent in personnel and ability. Showing my age here, I mean back four. Nearly every week there is a different partnership, poor old Gomes has to re-adjust each week for a different partnership, those up front have to re-adjust for a different style of forward approach. Mind you so does the opposition!!!!
    Our team is lacking in consistency. In players and playing style. I do salute the team in the manner in which they have taken up the challenge. That is shown in the manner in which we have won some of our games. There is no lack of courage.
    However having said all that, It must confuse the enemy, if thay are unabl eto fathom out which way we are going to play in any given week!!!!

  2. Dawson just lifts the whole team almost like King does, Dawson has this git and determination which is infectious. We have true leaders at the back with King, Dawson, Gallas and even Kaboul. just need Hudd back quickly. I would like to see Sandro given more play time. if he cannot get in with all these injuries what hope has he got.

  3. If If If …what a load of shite !!
    Its time to offload the deadwood. How the F#@% can we be “serious title contenders” (Harry’s words) if we cannot keep a consistent back line…
    I have big concerns about Harry’s choice of substitutions… Your struggling to get goals and he takes off a natural poacher (Defoe) and puts on crouchie and PSB ???? FFS an average supporter can make better choices than that. Sorry but moves like that completely destroyed the team formation and cost us two points.. why not leave the strike pair and add an attacking midfielder …Niko perhaps ???

  4. There are 2 stories doing the rounds…one that JD was unhappy at being subbed the other he had earlier indicated he wanted to come off and they took too long to do it, whichever is correct he was defo spouting expletives as he left the field of play.

  5. i must be the only guy who watches tottenham drop into this deep defending position every time dawson gets a run. when we have king/woody or gallas we defend a lot further up the park. had dawson not been dropping back so deep cech could not have hit such a long ball to him. not only that but he mistimed his jump and had no idea where the ball was. yep mistakes happen but dawsons always end up in our net! again he is at fault for the goal and nothing is said! if dawson returns when we play our knock out stages it will be see ya later tottneham thanks for the card. dawson is a liability. he’s actually a dangerous player to have becuase he looks the goods but just when you have things sorted he f**ks up big time.
    Gomes is paying for dawsons mistake just like bassong in the young boys game. then i have to see some comments from him biggin it up! makes me sick.

    • Think you are a bit harsh on Daws, he was superb but I do get what you mean about defending against the top players like Drogba. I also fear we may get a good hiding soon and it`s not just our defence it`s our midfield backing off too much but it was much better against the CHAVS. Get Sandro blooded in HARYY!! He will show you and do a Bale.

  6. jmdspurs are you just an arse sometimes or all the time didnt we keep arecord number of clean sheets at home daws played 90% also was our most consistant defenders last season thats 1 of the reasons why we are in the champions league this seson 3mths off no fault of his has 1 practise game thrown in the chelski game must of been shattered and your moaning for fcks sake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    have you ever played football.

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