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Jul 012012

Would we even dare release this guy? a lot of talk on Twitter saying he has been released and others saying it’s not true he has just retired. Ledley made a heart warming statement a few weeks ago which did throw his future into doubt but suggested if he couldn’t play for Spurs anymore he would move into another role within the club.

Rumours going round Twitter and Spurs forums are that he has been released now his contract has expired but is welcome to train in pre season and if he can prove himself will be offered a pay as you play deal. Hope none of this is true, he deserves to be treated like a God by the club and AVB, should AVB upset Ledley then he will never get the fans on his side.

Anyway, just rumours but do you think we’d even dare release Ledley, if we did wouldn’t it seem just wrong if he signed for someone else for a year, we know he wants to stay at Spurs but if there is no other role on offer and another club was to offer him another playing season then I couldn’t hold it against him if he took a chance.

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