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Oct 312011

Ledley King, Tottenham legend revealed to the club details of his assist to set up Van der Vaart for our second goal against QPR yesterday.

It’s a nice try from Ledley who shows us his sense of humour as he tell us that he was lining up to have a strike when he spotted Rafa out the corner of his eye and decided to slip him in. “I saw the net, I got a bit excited and err… saw Rafa there so I thought I’d slip him in. I fooled the defenders. Me and Rafa have been working on it so he knew what to expect. His first touch was great and it was a great finish.”

Gareth Bale wasn’t convinced either by saying when asked if he was expecting to see the back of the net ripple “I was expecting row ‘z’ to ripple! His shot came off his big toe but he got a good assist.”

Good to see the humour flowing through the Spurs camp from the players. You can watch the interview here on the Tottenham website.


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