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Aug 082010

So with less than a week to go before we open up the Premiership season with a mouth watering fixture agaisnt Manchester City what can we class as a successful season again? I would personall be more than happy with another top 4 finish and I might be a little greedy here but I would love to get through the group stages of the Champions League, I don’t see any reason why we can’t have a good run in that, Leeds have done it before so why not us?

The Premiership Is Back

When it comes to the League Cup you can pretty much bet that our squad will be weakend during the early rounds, if we get to semi final stage then I would expect Harry to take it a little more seriously, I don’t see this issue happening in the FA Cup so there is no reason we shouldn’t be aiming to win it.

People have come out and said that we could be title contenders, now as a Spurs fan and a realist I think this might be a little optimistic, so not just yet. I think our aim should be another top 4 finish but I think even that will be harder than last season. We are a very good side but I still think we lack something, we still have that inconsistent Tottenham way where we will beat a top team one week and lose to a bottom of the league team the following week.

If we are to maintain that top 4 push again we will need to ensure that White Hart Lane remains a fortress and we should be aiming to win 8 or 9 away matches. Last season’s away record was a big improvement on recent years which is why we finished 4th. Harry is the right man for the job, he won’t be taking any crap off of the players and will ensure they remain professional and 100% focused. I am sure we will have a couple of blips along the way but I am also confident we will pull off a few great results.

In about 10 days time we will taken on Young Boys for a place in the Champions League proper, can you imagine the feeling when you sit down on a Wednesday night and the Champions League comes on the television, then it sinks in that it is actually Tottenham you will be watching. This is something we have all dreamed of for years and this season it could and should become a reality.

So in conclusion for me, my aim is another top 4 finish and a good run in the Champions League, Would also like to have a day out at Wembley in one of the cups. So please use the comments box below and share your views, I would be interested to know your targets and what you would call a successful season again for the 2010/11 campaign in all competitions.

Also if you have no access to Sky and want to watch today’s Commuinity Sheild of Chelsea v Manchester united, then streams are in the FORUM so sign up there of login using your username.

  5 Responses to “Less Than A Week To Go…”

  1. For me the surest way to consistency on the pitch is through maintaining consistency within the squad. It’s no coincidence imo that our best finish in 20-years followed modest summer activity, rather than the Spurs-esque overhauls of years gone by. Manure have been doing it this way for years and reap the rewards year in year out. I agree we definitely need some cover at CB and perhaps one change up front to shake things up a bit wouldn’t do any harm. Apart from that I’m really looking forward to seeing a settled squad take us on to the next level. COYS

  2. Afternoon Coxie,I like yourself would be more than happy with another forth place finish in the league whilst perhaps closing the gap points wise with those above us and at the same time pulling away from 5th place ,although this is probably unlikely when you look at how Man City and Liverpool have improved their squads.

    Again a good run in the Champions League to show prospective signings that we;re serious contenders would also be good for the club,and a couple of finals in the domestic cups.So whilst not being too greedy I’ll just add the hope of some youth coming through the system as well.

  3. I know he probably can’t change and he is godlike for getting us in CL this year but i’m starting to get a bit miffed about “Harry said this” and “Harry said that”..if all these quotes are bowlarks which I expect some are, then fine and I’m not so bovered… but if some ARE true then why does Harry feel the need to constantly offer a quote to the media??…being a THFC manager is about being cool and collected and getting on with the job quietly (in my opinion) while everybody else around you talks mostly wank about nothing in’s not about being on the radio every 5 minutes talking up Man City’s chances of PL glory or talking about England or this or that or how we hav’nt got any money etc…why can’t he just say, “no comment” sometimes??…I think Levy should rein him in a bit,,this is THFC we’re talking about we don’t need to be blagging on about stuff all the time …save our talking for on the pitch ….

  4. There’s no doubt that the Champions League play-off round will be one of our most important games for decades but we should also be keeping an eye on the rest of the fixtures in the ‘Non-Champions Path’ of the play-off round. Assuming that (please god) we don’t slip up against Young Boys and get throught to the pretigious Group Stage of the Champions League our group fate will again be decided on seedings with the top 8 highest ranked teams in Pot 1, the next 8 in Pot 2 etc.

    We are currently ranked 30th in the UEFA Team Ranking coefficients and if we were to get through to the Group Stage we could be ranked anywhere from the 16th highest ranked team to the 19th depending on who goes through in the play-off round. If, with a bit of luck, we go through and the right teams get knocked out we would claim that 16th highest ranked team and therefore be in Pot 2. This could have a massive bearing on the quality of our opponents in the group stage and could make the difference between us playing a team like Real Madrid or a team like Rosenborg.

    For us to be in that all-important Pot 2 we need 3 other ties to go our way in the play-off round. We need Braga to beat Sevilla, Sampodria to beat Werder Bremen and Auxerre to beat Zenit St. Petersburg which may seem unlikely but is surely not impossible.

    You could say I’m getting ahead of myself here, but I honestly can’t see us slipping up against Young Boys. Of course first and foremost we need to focus on getting past this hurdle but I for one will be keeping an eye on a few of the other play-off round ties taking place!


  5. Dogface, yes…a bit ahead of yourself. The only way to avoid Real Madrid is to be a top 8 team, which we aren’t. So we will get a top eight team and probably a top 16 team. Mate, don’t fear it, EXPECT IT – this is the champions league.

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