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Jan 312011

With half an hour to go I am still sitting here with my fingers crossed that Harry and Levy have been quiet because they are up to something but when a deal is on the cards it’s very rare for reporters to not pick up on it.

We have now confirmed we have loaned Giovani dos Santos to Racing Santander. That now means we have loaned out Keane, Gio, O’Hara and Bentley this month and when you add that to our youngsters out on loan it’s criminal that we look unlikely to sign anyone tonight.

Our first time in the Champions League and our real chance to push on. I wouldn’t want the board to over do it and bankrupt the club until we were an established top four side. However it was clear for everyone to see in the summer we needed a striker but we didn’t get one, it became even clearer after the first half of the season that it was a big mistake not getting a striker at all costs. The same thing is now looking ever more likely to happen again and to top it all off we have now loaned half of our team out, our subs bench will not be half as strong as it was when you take in to consideration our injury problems.

Sure we are still a top team and we have come a long way, as for another top four finish, I would say forget it, the top teams all have good strikers, we don’t! and that will prove to be the difference.

Just hoping for a last minute surprise, we can only hope.

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  88 Responses to “Let’s Loan Our Team Out & Not Sign Anyone”

  1. Nothing happening at all, shocking, can’t believe it, wasn’t too optimistic when I heard Rossi could be joining but I would bite their hand off for that now. Seriously disheartened.

  2. Whe you look at what Liverpool and Chelsea are doing and yes it is silly money but thats the price of Champions League Football, then look at us. Down to 3 strikers now none of which can score and the one who does every now and again does not get a game. Watch the slide down the table.
    I seriously question the ambition of Harry and Mr Levy. I dont want them to bankrupt Spurs either but this situation has been there for months and there has been plenty of time, is it Harry holding back for a better deal all the time? Or does he really think our strikers are good enough?
    He has said it on live TV, what will the excuse be at the end of the season?

    • Guys, we don’t need to spend that amount of money on Carrol- David Villa cost the same amount- Liverpool are just wasting a lot of money!

    • his excuse at the end of the season will be “spurs had 2points after 8 games when i got here”!!!!

  3. Well we are at risk of bankruptcy simply because of the purchase of Pienaar, who we certainly didn’t need! Sometimes I just think Levy’s a law unto himself…

  4. Not a chance we have ballsed this one right up, I would even take elmander from Bolton at this point, ffs sign a centre forward.

  5. Last minute nothing. Rossi is still a rumour but ain’t gonna happen. We have injuries, suspensions, players off form. We have done well up to now and maybe we need to rely on players hitting form (by players I clearly mean the 3 strikers). That said, I am very worried about the rest of the season but Defoe will get the goals soon but not convinced he will with VdV behind him. 442 is the future.

  6. Wasted opportunity. Will be lucky to finish fifth this season.

  7. Cant believe whats happening! We will struggle to hold on to 5th with Liverpool making 2 good signings! Champions League football finally at the lane and we show no ambition! I’m gutted!

  8. I seriously don’t get this constant whining. We score goals for fun in the champs league and the premiership, why do we need to panic buy now for a striker? There’s no-one good enough that it available at the top level. Suarez scored goals in Dutch domestic football, but f’all in champs league at Ajaz. Carroll is completely unproven. You wanted to seriously splash £17mio on 31 year old diego forlan? You forget that we have VDV and Defoe who have hardly player together due to defoe’s injuries and suspensions. For f’s suck, the constant dribble of whining is boring.

    • Couldn’t agree more, we don’t need a panic buy like Rasiak for £30million

    • Agreed. We don;t have to panic. Trust the current players who fight for the 4th placing last season. We will only gets better, and attract great players at the end of this season.
      Like Harry said, it was kind of a miracle that we achieve 4th last season.
      We are moving forward. Have faith people!!

    • “We score goals for fun…”

      Perhaps you should do it seriously then. Currently in 8th place in goals scored behind Mighty Blackpool. Soon to be 9th place behind Liverpool given the signings there today…. I quite enjoy spurs for the entertainment value, but scoring dynamos? I don’t think so.

  9. harry will loss his job soon and he will wish he got that forward.

  10. I love to kick that fuck out of them two ball bags tonight,we are getting no one and will be left behind by the chavs,bin dippers.levy can fuck off to east London and take Harry with him.


      • Maybe now some of you doom-mongers will get a grip and start to enjoy life a bit more. A great result tonight and with a team devastated by injury. FFS start supporting and stop whining.

  11. Are you all on drugs ?? we have offered BIG money for players and have been turned down what do you want harry to do ??

    • Just a smoke screen. Suarez was in the bag and our only target. We would have signed him in the summer, but Ajax want E30m plus. Price came down in this window cuz Ajax knew he wanted to leave. Harry changed his mind at the last minute and left Ley with no time to get anyone else. There may be some truth in the players we’ve looked at but not all. Harry will just turn around and say “look at all the strikers we tried to to sign. No one wanted to come…” Truth is, Suarez preferred us over ‘Pool. Totally Harry’s fault

      If we lose on Wednesday night the problem will just be compounded and Harry will look a dick in front of Levy. If things don;t go to plan with his Tax Evasion Case then Levy won;t need a better reason to get rid.

      • So you KNOW it was a smoke screen then ? what about the bid that was turned down by Newcastle ?

        Silly fact is the players we may have wanted to sign did want to come all this anti harry crap is just that crap.

    • Come on Northspur, its the timing all last minute when they should have looked at this in the summer. The warning signs with our strikers were there then and its got much worse in the first half of the season. Harry has his favourites which he brought to Spurs from Portsmouth Crouch and Defoe (even though an ex Spur) and Keane back which has not worked out. I think our strikers do not suit the formation when VDV plays, the only one does cant get a game

  12. i cannot even believe this im completely at a loss for words as to why we dont have a forward. if we had 38 mil for aguero surely 40 mil wud have gotten us benzema and diarra and we’d be set

  13. defoe is certainly not the answer, he has never done it, what I’m concerned about it without bale (back injury) we only have vdv who is scoring any goals – where are the goals going to come from?

  14. Easy lads, remember vdv? Came from nowhere and we heard at 5 to the hour. Don’t forget fellas there’s a long way to go in the league this year and we gotta start scoring soon!!!

    Why let Keano go ????
    I just don`t understand
    Can anyone explain it to me !!!!!

    • Cos he’s shit.

      • So are Defoe and Crouch and Pav is average…I tell you why Keane went the same reason as Bent. It`s to make Defoe and Crouch`s life easier. Only Pav to compete with and Harry does not rate Pav. Watch us slide down the table. Harry will be fired mark my words and Defoe and Crouch will be worthless. Another thing I cannot see Bale playing more than another 10 games this season. Twitch fcked him up by not resting his back. We are screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I don’t get it why didn’t he get a run of games, defoe hasn’t scored since april in the league, crouch 1 in 23.

  16. Charlie Adam? joke

  17. Charlie Adam ????
    Is this a fucking joke
    Another mid fuckin fielder

  18. WTF Charlie Adam come on ffs, another midfielder thats what we need

  19. Help!!!! Charlie Adam????? Really????? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAARRRGHHHH

  20. Levy should have responded to liverpool and chelsea. I f we want to remain a top four side we need to have a squad to challenge. Injuries and now loaning out players leaves us in a precarious situation. I think there is clearly no long term strategy and we could seriously regret this.

  21. No Defensive midfielder let alone aa striker,ssn are reporting spurs trying to do a deal with Charlie Adam!

  22. Hmmmm. Underwhelming.

    The pressure is now officially on to deliver. If we’re not where we need to be at the end of the season, then questions need to be answered and the baying mob allowed heads on spikes.

  23. Heskey Anyone?, Carlton Cole? fuck is Ian Dowie still playing

  24. Scoring goals for fun? How many goals have we scored in the past 3 games? All we have is an entertaining mid-field that occupies one-third of the pitch. Unfortunately, what it really matters is on both ends.

  25. CHARLIE ADAM…………..7 mins to go to sign another fuckin midget playmaker…..WHY????

  26. The only sense I can make out of the whole mystifying shambles is that Levy knows that HR is off to the England job before the end of the season & doesn’t want to invest in players that a new manager will bin 30 secs later. Not much of a theory, like I said, it’s the only sense I can make of it.

  27. just read were in the race for charlie adam. ‘sigh’

  28. You lot sound like whining gooners. You’re an embarrasment to Tottenham

    • Are you happy and fully contented with the return from our strike force (Which has now been depleted by 1 with PSB going on loan)? Do you see Crouchy as the man to lead us to the top 4 again?

      Old chap, I’m all for a stiff upper lip but this is asking us to whistle Colonel Bogey whilst holding off the enemy with broom handles.

    • Pfft. If you don’t see it mate, you’re blind. Chelsea were in the shit, Liverpool were in the shit, we had a chance to kick on and buy the striker we desperately need, with funds that were definitely there and usurp them both and crash that ‘Top 4′. Instead, we do fuck all and watch as they strengthen their teams massively. We’re left with three strikers who have scored 6 goals in 20-odd league games. There is plenty to be disappointed about.

  29. How can people go on about Defoe being the answer, he in 2010 has scored 5 goals from open play….2 against Twente, 1 against Young Boys and 2 against Charlton…he only does it against the shit teams.

    Id have Pav and Crouch rotating Crouch gets assists but thats all and Pav is the best but Redknapp doesnt like him so im not going to go on about starting him

  30. IMBECILES! WE’RE GOING IN FOR… CHARLIE ADAM!! ANOTHER CENTRE MID. It beggars belief. Absolute morons. This is unforgivable. We are a fucking laughing stock.

  31. Charlie Adams on the way!!!!!!!!!! 10 million

  32. Chelsea sign Torres, we try a last minute deal for Charlie Adam, that is gonna be why we drop out of the top four, Man City Dzeko, we sign Piennar ffs

  33. You have said what most of us think.
    We are in the Champions League and have Bale, VDV and Modric…as good 3 midfielders as any Top 4 side.
    We do not have a Berbatov/Rooney, Drob/Torres. V Persie/Cham or Dzeko/Tevez.
    Now we have to watch Liverpool spend over 50 million on a set of players were were supposed to be after.

    I watched Sundays game and left the with 25 minutes to go….first time I have ever done that in 33 years watching Spurs.

    The minute I seen the board go up for VDV and JENAS coming on I was so disgusted thinking of no forwards being bought.

  34. im a big spurs fan so listen up fellow spurs fans remeber 2night as the night spurs begin their downfall, this will go down in history because from title contenders to a team finishin in the top 7 if we lucky cos we hav loaned out so many keyy players nd brought bloody pinaarr nd he wants phil neville wtf u gone mad harry stop lookin for bargins nd get a real player a striker but this is where we finish shit, redknapp gets a handfull den bale will be off to barca in the summer with gurdiola sayin bale is class nd he likes him so bale will go den we will flop so bye spurs hav a good season or whats left of it

  35. it could be worse We could have actually signed Phil Neville

  36. SSN saying possibly Charlie fuckin’ Adam from Blackpool. I’m about to smash up my fuckin’ telly

    • And it’s a fucking nice telly. Got Sky HD+ and a brand new 360 hangin out the back of it.

      Just heard that it didn;t go through. The telly gets a repreive

  37. Good bye champions league! If we had £38.5 mil to spend on Aguero why the fuck haven’t we signed a decent striker

  38. dont understand why Dos Santos wasnt kept and given a chance .. what have we got to lose , the other strikers havent been doing much

  39. Well there is some good news, Charlie Adam staying put, But Levy pull your head out your ass you mug

  40. Thank fuck. Bid not enough for Adam.

  41. Oh no… Blackpool rejected Charlie Adam bid!!!!

  42. I must have wandered onto the wrong site i was thinking this was for tottenham supporters

  43. you people need to remember that just because nothing has been announced that there wasn’t a deal. we may not found out until tomorrow morning that somebody has been seems unlikely but there is still a slight chance

  44. Allmost upset we missed out on Charlie Adam.Oh well, just have to get on with it with a weakened squad and a shit load of injuries.


  46. Zenith you are homosexual like your father

  47. Didn’t you know we going to play a 10 man midfield … mind you the way gomes plays sometimes make it an 11man midfield

  48. If all else failed (as it has) we could have loaned Gujohnson from Stoke !! He would have jumped at the chance!! No one is bad news!! Fingers crossed!!

  49. Right. Let’s get over this shit. No strikers. Bentley, O’Hara, Gio and Keane loaned out.
    No new inspirational figures.
    Rednap needs to get the troops together. We need a reaction against Blackburn. We need a victory and a performance to make us all buzz again.
    We need to get our form back before AC Milan. Come on Bale sort your back out. We need you more than ever!!!!!

    ps Does anybody know when the Olympic Stadium decision is going to be mad?

  50. Unacceptable.

    We wasted our time trying to buy 30 somethings Neville, Beckham and Parker instead going for the striker we’ve been crying out for almost all of 2010

  51. We all called Comoli he delivered Carroll and Saures we went for Neville and Charlie Adams this shows you how corrupt this league has become full of players who are not the real deel we missed out and thank god for that i will explain when the BIN DIPPERS have overtaken us who started me on my Ephedrine watch. Carroll and Suares have gone to the club where they will go faster for longer.

  52. Tom I agree. He did a great job for spurs when he came on. Really showed class and experience. Just what we could have used at this stage of the season. Could score goals as well.

  53. really puzzled regarding this window.the world and his dog knows we needed a top striker and dickhead redknapp and levy dont get anyone in.really surpriced at levy though he`s too shrewd to not see our problems up front.after today i`m really worried for the rest of the season.milan will do us we`re out of the cup and we`ll fall down that league like shit from a goose.just when i thought we were gettin it on we do this.liverpool officials will be enjoyin a beer tonight probably laughin at us.pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. What the fucking hell are those tossers doing? putting 4 requests in for 35+ mil each for a striker we need!!! then going looking at Phil fucking chav face Nevill?!?!?! and then Charlie Adam!!! WTF!!

    And Harry now on Talk Sport crying cos we were 2 minutes late for Adam!!! well thank fuck we were late!!!!

    FUCK OFF Levy, all this stadium shit and the Beckham farce has ruined our season now! goodbye 4th hello 6th.

  55. I’m not panicing, as a long serving Spurs fan i rarelly do, but i must admit i’m a little worried. this transfer window our main priority seemed to be a world class striker, from the outside. The one thing missing since Berbatov left, but on the inside it seemed a differant story. Our great leaders have concentrated on old has beens and Man utd rejects. Brown, Forlan, Beckham, Nevile, Rossi and although we had a bid accepted for Carroll (who picked liverpool) and Suarez (Liverpool again) and kinda had one accepted (via a get out clause and then not via the tax man) for Aguerro we did sign Pinnaer…. a player who we truly dont need. The real worrying aspect is the last ditch (accepted but couldnt get the shareholders out of bed) bid for Adams….WHY ANOTHER MIDFIELDER!!! WE JUST LOANED 5 OUT!!!

    I’m not gona lose sleep over it but Harry’s wheeler dealer shannanigans are becoming a bit annoying, the press the publicity the Beckhams the fecking stadium row thats got everyone from Pele to Sally Gunell spewing all sorts of uneducated shite all over the press….what happened to bulding quietly and steadly huh HUH???

    Any way time for my sedation.

  56. Spent far too much time with the whole beckham saga and then panicked trying to sign everyone and anyone at the last minute when we should have worked on set targets from the start if the transfer window with a goal scoring centre forward being the priority. What makes it worse, we’ve loaned out keane and not replaced him which could leave us short of striking options if we have injuries and we’ve loaned out bentley which leaves us with one right winger. I don’t see any sense behind all this especially when we have the extra champions league games. We’ve really needed a striker more than any position for some time and getting into the champions league gave us the chance to get someone world class in and we may blown that now because I can’t see us getting in that top four again this season. Our only hope is if our strikers find form and bale comes back soon!

  57. How can anyone say we don’t need to buy. Look at our strikers stats ffs. Only one scoring is Pav he hardly gets a game. Defoe is fkg useless at the moment and as for Crouch he is just a waste of space. This all shows a lack of ambition by Redknapp and Levy. It’s all b.ll..ks about the bids made for 35 million I personally dont believe it and if they did make those bids why the fk leave it until the last day in the transfer window. I thought Levy was a clever man but now I think not.

  58. Obviously just as gutted, frustrated, pissed and angered as most on here. This is the exact problem with silly bollocks transfer tactics. How levy expect to sign a world class striker on the last day of the window for a price he would be willing to pay is beyond me. Especially when everyone smell our desperation for a striker a mile away and they know we’ll be sniffing again in summer anyway. Liverpool had already sealed the Suarez deal before today and got him for a decent price. When forced to buy on last day out of desperation they end up putting 35m on a northern donkey (yea he got potential but he only got 6 months prem experience and more muscle than anything else regarding football). What really gets to me is when teams like Liverpool want someone they go all in, while were left pussying around trying to sign Phil fuckin Neville. The vdv signing (although a great one) and the way we went in for Adam (5min before deadline) are indications that we don’t have any real targets and just take what we can get. It all makes me feel like we the real bin dippers. I also feel Harry happy with no big name striker coz there is no added expectations and he like that feeling of comfort. The club know not only that we need a striker but they know us, the fans, want and demand one and it still not enough for them to pull there finger out. All we can do now is show unconditional support to the players that do play for us, especially our strikers coz they are not the only opportunity wasters at the club.

  59. Although it’s lovely to be optimistic at times and think crouch’s goals alone are going to fire us to the league title, you got to look at the teams around us and what they’ve been doin in the transfer window, the team we looked mist likely to replace in the curren top 4 (chelscum) have heavily bolstered up there attack with Torres and signed an exciting young center half too and I think that will pay off come may and they’ll be there or thereabouts for the title. Also IMO the dippers have done well in this transfer window despite paying over the odds for Carroll and I think goals will start to come from them pretty soonish and with a good run of results they’ll be back challenging for CL faster than you can shake a stick. I don’t think citeh will be shifted despite there inconsistency so all we have rely on now for us to cement a top four finish is the traditional end of season dip from the arseholes and I don’t think that us enough without at least a new goalscorer which we desperately needed and a tightened up back for that’s not going to giftwrap the opposition so many goals each game. I think failure to get champs league this season will have a massive knock on effect cone pre season and well look like loosing some big names and be back to mediocrity before we know it and we’ll look back from our Stratford council estate and think ‘wow we really fucked here…’

    Cheers again levy!!!

    Ps excuse and dodgy spelling mistakes, did this on an iPhone keypad which is shit for rectifying mistakes :(

  60. it is not levy, it is harry!!! levy got modric, bale, vdv. harry has got us crouch, pieenar and gallas. harry has to do a bargain in every deal, so he can live up to this wheeler-deeler crap. and besides, portsmouth dont have any decent forwards, so we(harry) dont know what to do. it has been nearly 15years since he last had his scouts out loking for some players, and he still thinks them the best, like joe cole!!!!!!!!!!

  61. We seriouslty have let ourselves donw in this transfer market, we are crying out for a striker of proven pedigree and our champions league future is at stake, failure to qualify will only see the likes of Midric and Bale moving on to clubs that wil be able to give them the oppertunity to play in europes most prestigaes competion. we have shown a total lack of ambtion. Ok im not saying we should ahve gone and wasted £35m on a gamble that is Andy Carrol, but we have been searching the whole continent since the window opened, we were initally favorites for suarez but instead we let him go to a rival club i honestly think he would have done the business and at £23m looks a bargin ok his only scored in the dutch league but his record of goals is outstanding the same was said about Van Niesteroy can he do it in the premiere league and the answer was yes as he wnet on to be one of the best strikers the league has seen, and ok maybe suarz was no eligable fo champs League but his young and finishing with in the top four is our priority. Its funny how harry has gone from calling us title contenders to admiting we are gonna struggle to finish in the top four. The fact is we should be signing superstars people are always saying who do spurs think they are trying to sign some one that good, well were a club that apart from the late ninty and early millenium has always signed the big names Klinsman was the hottest strilker in europe and one of the best in the world when we signed him, we seem to think that were not big enough to sign players like this no more, This season at times we have been awesome playing some magical football, but then we go let ourselves down by dropping sloppy points to the likes of Bolton and Wigan. I cant believe we have let all these players go out on loan to help rival teams from our league the boy at villa is now being touted for an England call up well if his that good he should be playing right back for us instead of Hutton who going forward lacks confidence and is no where good enough to being in the starting eleven. Robbie Kenae will no doubt show his qualtiy whne he joins west ham ok so he maybe not be the player he was but he can still do a job what happens if we get injurys or suspensions to Defoe Pav or the donkey that is Crouch i would have thought the whole point in loaning out keane and even trying to sell him was to make way for a prolific forward but seems not now we are just left with 3 forwards which are not scoring, again we loan david Bentley to Birmingham whi scores a belter for them and will no doubt also show that he is still qualtiy, this has now totaly eliminated our plan B of punting the ball to crouch Redknapp said about Beckham he would be good to have to pin point crosses to Crouch as a plan B when things arent going our way well Beckham is not eligable and the next best crosser in the english game is bentley so rather than look at him who we paid millions of pounds for we instead allow him to go to Birmingham on loan where he will more than likley get injured and then be back with us next season cos they dont wanna pay for him they just want a freebie for the season. Dos santos was one of the young stars of the world cup who had a spell at ipswich and did rather well his attacking minded and has a point to prove but instead of giving the young lad a chance in the squad we loan him out… If injurys kick in in the secound half of the season we are gonna be in trouble big time Bale is out for at least the next three games if we lose Modric or VDV to injury or suspension then who can we rely on for a piece of creativity. We really have let our selves down in this trnasfer window even Charlie Austin from Swindin would have been worht a gambel at the price the boy could go on to be the next player sold for £35m and if not we havent really lost cos im sure we would have found some suitors in the championship who would have given us the money back, this whole transfer window has been a shambles on our behalve linking ourselves with big names as what appears now to be nothing less than a publicity stunt. I really hope that i am wrong and that the side can stay injury free and gain some consistentcy to push us towards that top four finish that we desire so much if this club ever really is gonna compete at the highest level, otherwise i feel we will just be champions league one season wonders who end up having to sell our three prizes assets in the summer as we are unable to offer them the stage in which they deserve to play on.

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