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Aug 182010

Ok so we almost let Young Boys make us look like Young Girls for half an hour but managed to salvage the tie in what Harry described as a “great defeat”. After half an hour I was looking at the tv screen in total shock, I felt a sense of not wanting to believe what I was witnessing, surely what we have been waiting for all summer wasn’t going to end this way? Well thankfully in the end it didn’t but it could have.

Yeah you can’t blame the pitch but it sure as hell didn’t help us, they shouldn’t really be allowed, if our boys wanted to play on artificial pitches they would go and have a kick about at their local goals with their mates. I don’t want to start this debate off just because we lost. For half an hour we were humiliated and it could have been even worse.

The turning point was when Huddlestone come on, he seemed to settle the team and bring back their confidence into the passing game. Hudd is really starting to develop into a vital player for us. So 3-0 down after half an hour and my phone was contant ringing with calls and text messages from… yeah you guessed it, Arsenal fans. My worst nightmare was coming true, in my head I was thinking how the bloddy hell am I going to face these gooner mugs at work tomorrow.

Just before half time Bassong pulled us a goal back and then later in the second half Pav managed to change the complex of the tie. Once again Tottenham are the bookies favourites to progress now with 2 away goals but Tottenham being Tottenham you never know, we could quite easily go and lose again or end up with a 0-0 draw as we have trouble breaking teams down when they set up to defend but we could just as easily go and thump them.

The fact of the matter remains we are still behind so we have to chase the match, yes now we are only 1 goal behind I am feeling confident that the job will get done. So let’s weigh it up, 3-2 would have been a poor result before the game right? but after 30 mins if somebody offered me 3-2 I would have taken that all day long and give them a big “thank you very much” to go with it. So you can see why Harry called it a great defeat , I agree with him, what could have turned into a nightmare that would mean Tottenham jokes via text messages and on the internet, thankfully didn’t. However the potential banana skin is still there so we must take Young Boys more seriously and give them more credit. Thankfully we have a second chance, hopefully we will take it this time.

The potential consequences of defeat was untinkable, it now looks as though we had waited to confirm qualification before making moves for our transfer targets. If we do crash out on Wednesday then that also throws the plans for any news players to join us up in arms. I don’t really need to mention the money involved, we all know it’s worth millions to the club. Most of all, the biggest fear of all that was running through my head when we were 3 goals down was, “I have waited years for this moment and it might be years before it happens again”. Now I was feeling that this was our chance and we have blown it and we might wait another 10 years before we get another crack and that thought scared the life out of me. Thankfully we have a second chance, hopefully we will take it this time.

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  1. 12:15-12:45 Feeder (V Stage)
    13:10-13:50 Passion Pit (V Stage)
    14:15-15:00 The Coral (V Stage)
    15:20-16:05 The Courteeners (V Stage)
    16:10-16:45 Tinie Tempah (Arena)
    17:05-17:45 Jason Derulo (Arena)
    18:05-18:45 Robyn (Arena)
    19:30-20:45 Stereophonics (V Stage)
    21:15-22:50 Kings of Leon (V Stage)

    12:10-12:40 Professor Green (4 Music Stage)
    13:30-13:55 Example (Arena)
    (Bacardi Stage)
    15:05-15:40 Chipmunk (Arena)
    16:10-16:45 Kate Nash (Arena)
    17:05-17:45 Sugababes (Arena)
    18:00-19:00 The Kooks (V Stage)
    19:30-20:45 Faithless (V Stage)
    21:15-22:50 Kasabian (V Stage)

  2. Why can’t you blame the pitch?

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