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Aug 022011

We are now at the end of July and it is exactly 31 days until the end of the transfer window. Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City and even Arsenal have strengthened their squads in key positions.

United have bought a winger, a centre half and a goalkeeper. Liverpool have bought a winger and a central midfielder. Manchester City have bought one of the worlds best players (again) and will probably buy another entire squad before the window closes just for the craic. Even notorious non-spenders Arsenal have bought a striker.

In the midst of all this Tottenham have signed a teenage striker (albeit a highly rated one) when it is clear that our squad needs more extensive strengthening and bloodletting.

For a start there is a considerable amount of deadwood that needs to be either cleared from the ranks or turned around. This group consists of David Bentley, Giovani Dos Santos, Robbie Keane, Jermaine Jenas, Ben Alnwick and Bongani Khumalo. In my less-than-humble opinion I would sell them all except Dos Santos who I believe still has something to offer, he’s young, quick and has bags of technique. He just needs to get more first team opportunities.

Then there is the necessary strengthening. We need another centre half. Ledley King and William Gallas cannot be relied upon for an entire season meaning we essentially have two centre halves (Michael Dawson and Sebastien Bassong) and two half-centre halves. We also need a striker. We have three strikers in our first team squad but not one of them is a stand-out 20-25 goal a season striker. I think we should allow Roman Pavlyuchenko or Peter Crouch to move on and use the money to put towards a world class replacement.

I’m guessing here but I figure most Spurs fans would agree with the changes I’ve outlined above and must therefore conclude that Daniel Levy recognises the necessary changes. So why in the name of Great Oden’s Raven has he not done anything about it!?

I can only assume it’s because he’s doing what he always does. Playing the waiting game, looking for that last minute deal to get the best value player or get the best price for a squad member. It’s a tactic that has it’s advantages and Levy is very good at it. However it’s a risky business and I can’t escape the feeling that come midnight on August 31st we are going to have the same squad we do now (minus Luka Modric) and be a long way behind our competitors.

  21 Responses to “Levy and the waiting game”

  1. Must have sold the likely partner to Dawson, Kaboul. Seems he is highly rated by many but we must have given hgim away. Second guessing Levy is a bit adventurous. Love the “assume” about Levy’s plans.I was always taught don’t assume. Assume makes an ASS out of U and ME.

  2. For all the great work we did getting into the Champions League, we now seem to be pissing it all away, i do not understand what is going on at the club. Arry appears to be trying to sign one tosser after another, Phil Neville, Joe Cole, Sol Campbell, Upton, Zamora, Barton, Beckham the list goes on and on. Where has all the money gone from our run in the Champions League, we must have pocketed at least £30 million in revenue after getting to the quarter finals. just from this competition.


    • I’m no expert, by any means, but I suspect the CL windfall is being put side to fund the impending NDP…a striker (and a CB) wouldnt go amiss though !.

  3. A world class striker!!!!!! Are you joking?? Who?? we are being snubbed left right and centre cuz of our low wage structure and the lack of champions league footy. Keane Hutton and Bently need to go, Jenas isn’t world class but you need players like him in the squad for various reasons. Lets do the best we can with what we have got and Levy should hold onto his money until Redknapp takes the England job and the new manager steps up. It would be far more easier for Levy to attract a high profile manager if he has lots of money to play with.

  4. We’ve all read this type of blog for three transfer windows running.
    Deadwood needs selling, world class strikers needed. NPD on or off.
    Modric staying/going.

    All we can “assume” for sure DL will not be sitting in his office twiddling his thumbs. He is a Spurs supporter who only has the clubs best interests at heart. No matter how frustrated we get, I’m sure he’s trying to get rid of the deadwood and buy the best players we can afford and need. Driving a hard bargain or not, I just wish he’d bloody get a move on!!!!!

    • Levy is a money man and it`s all about maximum profits and balance sheet. Who told you he was a Spurs supporter? He wants the club to do well for financial reasons only don`t confuse him to be a yid.

  5. How have the arse strenghtened in a key position? Have they not done what they always do and buy an unproved wide/attacker? they need defenders and a goalie like we need a (some)striker(s).

  6. Well said Hertspur, a wee bit of reality at last. Levy is no doubt a busy man , looking into options and enquiring where possible about players who will complement our squad or maybe at this stage simply appease us fans. Lets be honest here, at the time the VDV signing was very unexpected because we did not necessarily need the type of player that he his. We’ve obviously been linked with pretty much everyone who is in the ilk of the No.9 but for gods sake people do you really think they’re all true? Snoop i see you’re a fan who likes to read and believe all and hence critisize where possible. Yes its frustrating and questions need to be asked of Levy’s policy because as people are aware we allegedly bid 35 million for Rossi in Jan. But don’t forget in Bale Modric and VDV we have 3 of the best players in the league who on their day are capable of winning games on their collective own. Add to that some genuine pace throughout the team and we are a top team as it is now.Yes our strikers are shite but we just need the one and we will get it over the next 4 weeks even if Levy has to pay top money i believe he will. This window for him is about value more so than most because he simply has to spend big money on a striker or 2.

  7. Main point is, it’s great to be patient but the player (if) we buy needs to bed in, surely you’re better off paying the extra £5M here or there and getting the best out of the new arrival? This is the same with selling, stop trying to make money back on failures who aren’t good enough, get rid, replace and strengthen.

    I know a few are slaing us going for Zamora, but he is about where we’re at because we fuked up by not buying when we had the allure of CL footy – he’s proven goalscorer, big, can hold ball up and loves to get on the end of a cross, he’s a different lad to the one who graced Spurs 7 years ago – obviously I’d prefer LLorente, Adebayor etc but Zamora is beer option for 1 up front than what we have

  8. If you have to say about strikers leaving, surely it should be Defoe, not Pavlo.
    The Russian at least tries and is more of a team player than Defoe.

  9. How about we play the waiting game with our season ticket renewals, after all everyone likes to see what they are buying before committing. We are the club after all without fans the club is nothing. Late with the kit late with the new players ( If any ). There is nothing being offered to the fans in this window to entice or excite…Brad Friedel…………Brad Friedel. Agree about the pay structure. No player at international level will want to play for us, the wages being offered is laughable in comparison. Please do something

  10. At this stage I’d settle for kevin Doyle and Abel hernandez if we can’t attract big name players over wages or whatever reason at least with Doyle and Abel that wouldn’t be a problem and are better than we have starting to think amauri might be worth a punt,if we don’t have a new signing before season starts were screwed,we need someone high profile on negotiating team if we can’t attract players maybe hoddle or lineker

  11. Who thinks Barton will be joining Spurs?

    Undoudtedly a good box to bow midfielder. He impressed me with his work rate against Spurs in both matches last season. Harry loves a free. Freidel, Cudicini and Gallas. So is Barton the next free bee?
    No Thudd (seeing specialist), no Sandro until at least October (minimum), no Parker-Thank God (Too old to pay for, in DL’s eyes-no resale value), no Modric (He’ll be sold last minute for top price), so this leaves us with Palacios, JJ and Livermore. This is not the best CM formation, I think we would all agree?!!!!!
    So is Barton now a huge priority for Harry?
    All these reasons sounds like I would sign him tomorrow, but I wouldn’t have him for two reasons. One, he’s a thug and two, he’s a complete nutter!!!!
    Should fit in nicely. Harry over to you.
    Ps Get us a striker asap.

  12. only 2 center halves? kabul is a class player imo, i dont get what people dont like, am i on my own in saying he is absolutely world class? i am a big kabul fan and think he should be partnered with dawson or ledley when hes fit. id say gaylass and bassong are not bad back ups, its not a major concern for me in that department. id like to see maybe a striker if at all possible, but that wont be easy and a new stadium. if not the striker just an announcement of some kind that we are moving to a bigger home!

  13. get barton on a free!!!! he is class, and dont comment after saying hes trouble, who cares? the guy provides strikers with alot more than modric does and he tackles too. great player and there is nothing wrong with being outspoken sometimes! id love him in a spurs shirt!

  14. Always remember lads, that many of the teams visiting White Hart Lane next season will have world class players, so there will be plenty of opportunities to see fine football. What’s important is seeing great play and spectacular goals. does it matter if they come from Hernandez or Van Persie, Drogba or Saurez, or Rooney or Aguero? Football is an entertainment and we should all enjoy seeing marvelous goals whether they come from the players we support or the opposition.
    I actually think Spurs followers will see more outstanding goals at their stadium than most other Premiership clubs – Tottenham’s team should enable opposition strikers to really shine and put on wonderful shows for the North London crowd. Think of the chariot race in Ben-Hur – no matter how many times you see it, and even though you know Ben-Hur will ALWAYS defeat Messala, it’s still exciting to watch. And that’s the way it will be at Spurs next season – everyone knows the white horses… oops, sorry, I mean the white SHIRTS… will end up winning nothing as usual, but just being there to see all those tramplings will be lovely. Enjoy!!!!

  15. Another pointless article stating the bleeding obvious… and another that thinks its easy to get rid of players and buy world class replacements! When are you going to realise that deadwood players are pretty much unwanted by most teams, not just ours, especially when they’re well paid deadwood. As for signing world class replacements, we’ve blown it, it should have been done when we could offer champions league football. I keep seeing people say ‘go and buy Llorente’ like he’s sat there just waiting for our offer to come in!
    And seeing Khumalo listed as deadwood when he’s only been there a few months and has been bought for the future is just stupidity!
    I’m frustrated by the seeming lack of activity too, but really, some people need to get a grip.

    • True and fair comment.
      I do get the feeling that now we are in August we will start to see a lot activity. Please God, sorry DL!!
      Modric, Palacios, Keane, Crouch, Hutton goodbye.

      Hello Samba, Barton? STRIKER?

      Frustration maybe about to come to an end. Bilbao on Saturday. Big announcements!
      Hope so.

  16. Lets get real here we finished 5th in a dirty drug fuelled season and no matter who we buy little Wigan could still beat us 1-0. Berbatov scored 21 goals and nine of them where in three games Drogba got 10 goals Anelka 6 Malouda 12 finished second there strikers scored 16 goals there midfield pair scored 23. the top six was Teves 21 Van Persie 18 Bent 17 Odemwingie15 Carroll for Newcastle 13 and our Van . So City spent mllions to get 21 goals from Teves. We drawn 14 games five of them we was winning if we won them that isan extra10 points we would have finished second. So our defence was also to blame and our season was badly damaged by injuries to both attack and defence. What we need is a fully fit squad with a system that suit our set up 442.

  17. Brad fucking Friedel- Says it all!!!!

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