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Jan 072012

With the transfer window upon us football fans everywhere are waiting with breath bated for their clubs to make that first move. Though as you know there has been very little movement thus far. However according to Mr Redknapp our Daniel just loves this time of year.

“Daniel (chairman, Levy) normally likes to do something – he enjoys the transfer window. If the right player comes along he would look to do something special I’m sure.”

Tottenham have been linked with Blackburn defender Chris Samba but Redknapp cooled that particular speculation, although he admitted adding a star name could be a possibility while insisting no first-team players would leave.

Junior Hoilett has been another player linked with a move to Tottenham. Though for me both Hoilett and Samba fall just short of that quality we need to move the first eleven on to that next level. 

I mean let’s face it we’re up there with the big guns now and if they haven’t shown much interest in them. Well it’s just a thought but Surely then we need to be looking elsewhere too.

Wages may again though be the thorn in our side, after all if you want top quality it’s pretty certain you’ll have to pay top bucks. Unless of course you come across another Van Der Vaart. Someone who has made his money and now wants to play for the love of the game.

We need that player that will either push our regular starters up a gear, or move one aside and take his place. And I’m not sure those mentioned would do this.

On another note it was great to hear about John Bostock making a re-appearance today, he received good reviews from some of the Spurs forums. With members commenting on how lean he looked whilst his style of play appeared more aggressive (taking players on). 

John has found it hard going at Tottenham since his move from Crystal Palace and in hindsight probably regrets making the switch so soon in his career. Hopefully though this could be the first fruits of his turn around.

All the best John. Here’s to you proving to all that your the real deal.

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