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Dec 172013

Gareth Bale currently on the logo together with AVB,

Let’s have a few suggestions about who their replacements should be…..


  45 Responses to “Logo Change Please……….”

  1. I just have one suggestion and it is that you have 2 spurs legends on the logo.

  2. Seasons greetings from the emirates, ha ha ha merry xmas

  3. I say that’s a it nasty coming from a Fulham fan. You guys are normally so sweet . I must say that I am moderately shocked!

  4. I’d say Dembele and Walker.

  5. Laugh now but I think you’re going to be crying by the turn of the New Year. The end is nigh for you lot I’m afraid! LMFAO!!!

  6. Pardon, you like lickin’ ass? That’s Fulham is it? Blimey and I always thought you lot were so sweet! Did Jimmy Saville support Fulham?

  7. King/Nicholson…say no more

  8. Turn of the what? Your season finished before it started… Your problem is your infatuation with a better team, spending 100 million to come fourth? Losers

  9. You sir are a raconteur of the highest order I can tell. Where did you study, Oxford or Cambridge. Did you get a first in lickin’ ass?

  10. Really? But you support Fulham! Ever so sweet mind 🙂

  11. Henry is in the MLS… Poor spurs

  12. No, if I was Infatuated I would hang around arsenal blogs like a bad smell wouldn’t I?

  13. I just wanted to rub ur faces in the dirt you call home

  14. And your point is?

  15. Is that because you are infatuated with us and Spurs, love?

  16. My point is get yourself a west ham shirt… Cut your losses

  17. Greaves/Blanchflower,Ginola/Mackay,Lineker/Jennings theres plenty to choose from!I dont mind GB staying there a bit longer ,but remove the Portuguese Plonker Pronto !!

  18. I feel sorry for you

  19. Sounds like your about to spit out your dummy my old fruit!!

  20. I feel sorry for poor old mum tbh!!

  21. Of course that should be your old mum!!! 🙂

  22. I was going to say the same, though Chirpy deserves a shout!

    What about the great Billy Nich and Naim!

  23. Oh for those of you too young…

    Naim Spurs Legend:

  24. Or Chas & Dave?

    I’ll get me coat.

  25. You have gone totally random now. Come son off you go to bed, you’ve got school in the morning. There’s a Lovely chap 😉

  26. You’re quite right our future isn’t looking as good as we may have hoped earlier this season. However, I’m glad that we won’t be relegated like Fulham.

  27. Lol!! You are about 12 aren’t you?!

  28. Is that the latest dance down the Fulham school disco, then? The monkey balls!!

  29. How about Nicholson/Greaves? Give some of the present day players something to aspire too! Second choice would be Hoddle/Klinsman. As for present day players – maybe Sandro/Holtby for the heart and soul they put into the club…

  30. Lennon & Dawson are our longest-serving players, so you could do a lot worse than them I reckon!

  31. Holtby needs to be, along with Vertonghen. Lloris is a possibility as well. Represent the players who work hardest and give everything the can for the team.

  32. Holtby and the Beast!

  33. This just sums spurs fans (for the most part) up. You call Naim a spurs legend because of that goal! Was he playing for spurs at the time? Did spurs win that cup winners cup?

  34. Was you born in Tottenham by any chance?

  35. Why are my replys not coming up under the comments I’m replying too?

  36. Benni and Ade!! Nah not really. Vertonghan and Lennon

  37. Do you not have anything better to do?

  38. The above comment is for that Fulham muppet

  39. Do you remember when Spurs fans thought their team was better than Arsenal? That was hilarious, most deluded fans on the planet. #ITV4

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