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Aug 292013

chiriches lamela

Two new arrivals at Heathrow….both very welcome.

Only Mr Eriksen to complete the triple signing…….that should be today.



  15 Responses to “Look who is in London…..”

  1. Blimey…Mrs Vlad looks as though she could put in a shift. Left back prob solved I;d say…

  2. Good riddance Bale u spoilt twat..spoilt ur legacy at Spurs. Get used to bein ronaldos bitch. Think u will be back in 2 years with your tale between your legs and looking for a new agent! Spurs are shaping up very nicely and could be our strongest side ever….who is Avb gonna turn into the next super star. Good job Franco, Levy n Lewis(bowt time)and will u please tell Madrid to shove that special relationship up their corn shoots!! And can we sell Bale at 10.55 on Monday evening so Arsenal dont have time to buy any Madrid rejects and we piss Bale,Barnett and madrid off that little bit more!! COYS!

  3. Is that bloke stood behind you and Lamela from Chelsea LOL.

    Welcome to Spurs lads.

  4. Don’t really get what Bale has done wrong here – apart from deliver the funds to completely rebuild our team. The stuff you read in the press is total bollocks – most of it made up by rank amateurs who can barely string two words together. He played in the first friendly and since then Spurs have dropped him because it’s been their intention to sell him.
    He has given no interviews – so all the stuff you read is press speculation.

    If he turns out at WHL in a Madrid shirt – I’d be happy to give him a warm welcome. It will be a great shame if the rest of the supporters don’t do the same.

  5. Damien is s mightily appropriate name for you devil child. An animal’s appendage is spelled TAIL also.

  6. Ta Ali. Spellin not my strong point!

  7. Bale is a wanker who should have give us more! Barnett is just a greedy no good leach, both scum!!! COYS

  8. We Spurs are on a mighty march towards Premiership glory!

    The players We are signing are Top class and overall our squad is excellent.

    Its all very positive, AVB is having an incredible effect on our club and Levy and Mr. Lewis are making it clear through the Investments bring Made that they want the club to win trophies.

    I have been a Spurs fan for 35 years and this is an exciting time with great potential for us.

    But i Do have to say the money in footballs elite section is getting obscene.

    Roll on sunday and a 2 Nil victory for Spurs!.Coys

  9. Skipping training was unnecessary though wasn’t it?

  10. I can only say that as much as i agree that Bale has not given any interviews etc, he has also shown a lot of disrespect to a manager who listened to his woes and made him into the player he is today. Money is obscene for someone kicking a ball. Levy is right to make Real sweat, I read they haven’t even finished paying for Luka. Come on Gareth no one hates you for wanting to move to Spain but show some respect to the people who have supported you.

  11. Now that he’s joining us, maybe Mr and Mrs Vlad can afford some new jeans!

  12. Bale is a disgrace. Anyone remember Bale running to AVB after he scored a goal? I’m just glad the twat didn’t ‘kiss the badge’ Bale IS acting like a spoilt kid by not turning up to training, he’s still a spurs player, and while the club and fans are paying his wages, he will contiune to act accordingly.
    With the squad we have now, Bale won’t be missed. He’s no ‘legend’ at the club and will be forgotten same as Modric, Berba, carrick. Their not even in the same class as Dawson, a true english bulldog.But the bunch of lads we have now? They can become legends, rise up above it all. COYS!!!!!!!

  13. M8, I agree with a lot of what you are saying, but bale deserves more respect than what you are giving. Spurs are on the rise as a club, but we must be weary and humble during these times of change. Let us grow with all of our youth and top notch signings that we have and hopefully AVB can keep everyone happy who is performing well to spur us into title contenders!

  14. I agree with a lot that has been written but the new signings that were already completed did not depend on Bales depature,we sold Hud, Parker, Caulker & Dempsey, they basically paid 4 our new signings, we only had 2 sell Bale If we had signed Willian & Lamela, with Willian going Chelsea I doubt we need 2 sell Bale after all, If Bale decided 2 stay Levy would be just as pleased as he is with the new players AVB has bought in.

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