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Oct 022010

Just watching Football Focus and ex Spurs Chairman Alan Sugar was a guest on the show, he was asked several questions about Tottenham and one point they touched on was Spurs new stadium plans.

When asked about Spurs redevloping White Hart Lane or moving to the Olympic Stadium he said that by bidding for both that Spurs were merely just “keeping their options open”. Lord Sugar also explained how the Olympic Stadium is not being designed currently with football in mind and after the Olympic Games should a football club take the stadium over it will require a lot of work itself.

Sugar also told of how he enjoyed his time at Spurs but wished he kept his mouth shut a bit more sometimes, saying how he made too many comments without considering the conequences purely because he was angry and frustrated, the Jurgen Klinsmann saga is a classic example.

It was clear that Sugar clearly still has Spurs in his heart always referring to Spurs as “we”. Sugar went on to praise Daniel Levy and in particular Harry Redknapp by saying he is one of the best managers about and knows the Premiership as well as anybody. He touched on how good it is to see Spurs finally playing Champions League football but also pointed out the danger of Champions League hangovers. The final point he made was that like Daniel Levy a top football club needs to be run by a business man and not a fan. Football is a business and the books need to be balanced and that requires someone with the ability to handle such pressure Sugar added.

Was good to see the ex Spurs chairman talking of football once again and good to know he still loves Spurs, all in all he wasn’t the worst chairman and wasn’t afraid to splash some cash.

  8 Responses to “Lord Sugar “Tottenham Keeping Options Open””

  1. Alan Sugar’s financial rectitude savaed us from going the same way as Man City, Sheff Weds, and, ultimately, Leeds, to name but 3.
    He had his faults and failings, true, but shouldn’t be demonised the way some Spurs portray him.

  2. Alan Sugar took close on 1,000% more money out of Tottenham Hotspur when he sold his shares on his original investment. He still retains the equivelant of his original investment in shares.
    He did not save Tottenham from going the way of Leeds or Sheffield Wednesday, he just promoted that idea so he would be accepted. As far as I am concerned he was the worst thing that happened to the club since it’s formation and he should not be allowed to air his views now as it’s none of his business what the people who are in control of Spurs do now and his advice won’t be asked for. For the duration of his tenure at White Hart Lane, Arsenal sped ‘light years’ in front of Tottenham as a force in the EPL and that was down to BAD PLANNING, PIG HEADEDNESS and STINGYNESS.
    The only reason he’s getting all ‘footbally’ again at this stage is that he has said he would like the job that’s going at the FA since the sacking of Lord Triesman.
    Keep him out of football for ever.

  3. Yeah i agree with you Sean,he was badly let down by the managers he appointed.He made plenty of money available to them & they bought poor players with the money.I think Sugar”s only crime really was as he says himself not knowing alot about football.He still owns 9% of the club.

  4. @ Kevin C. I don’t care that he took 1000% more out of the clun. He saved us from going under. The only other person offering to buy us at the time was Robert Maxwell. What happened to him? He ripped millions out of the Mirror pension fund. What would he have done for our club? Where would we be now? We wouldn’t be in existence.

  5. Two things to say about Alan Sugar: 1) Jurgen Klinsman. 2) Alan Sugar put Spurs on a sound financial footing and that has remained the situation since.

  6. Whatever you think of lord Sugar he would be good for the Fa mainly because he wont suffer idiots who ruin clubs but still walk awayl rich. This was why he fell out with Venables who had some shady people investing in Spurs and Sugar seen through Venables or we could have bean another Pompy . We need all rich people to Support Spurs and our Great fans on the terraces singing our team to Glory on the field so leave Sugar because he his a Cockerel like us.

  7. Sugar did steady the boat but he soon realised that being a mid table side meant he could run the club with little investment and still draw a nice fat dividend. The appointment of George Graham was the grim nadir of this strategy.

  8. Yes, he ended up doing well financially out of Tottenham but he took risks, extreme risks before being able to do so. And, as was pointed out above, he did save the club so that in time it was able to recover. He invested before the Premiership began – before the finances made it _appear_ an obvious investment. There was no guarantee that Tottenham could survive without him. So for no other reason than that, fans owe him a big debt of gratitude. Writing that the appointment of George Graham was the nadir of the strategy is dumb – we won a competition with George Graham in charge which is more than Arsene Wenger has done with a talented Arsenal team in 5 or more years. The thing about Sugar is that he didn’t quite get the over-the-top tribalism of some fans or the logic of bungs inside football – he was an outsider. OK. Fine. An outsider. But he was an outsider who saved the club.

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