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May 192012

With an hour to go until the Champions League Final I have just realised something potentially huge for Tottenham. IF (and it’s a big If) Bayern Munich win Tottenham will be entered into the Play Off Round of the Champions League. This clearly will mean we will be able to attract players of the highest calibre to White Heart Lane in the summer. With Adebayor unlikely to remain at Spurs due to his high wage demands this leaves a gaping whole that needs to be filled. I think Redknapp will try and buy Luis Suarez as a result of this. This is because:

Reason 1. Redknapp loves players who are tried and tested in the Premiership which Suarez certainly is. This means he is guaranteed to score goals, and also contribute with many assists.

Reason 2. Suarez is looking to leave Liverpool as a result of ‘King Kenny’ being sacked, and no Europe at for Liverpool next year. Also the fact they are terrible probably contributes to his decision.

Reason 3. His wages are not his high as Adebayor’s, and can be met by Levy. This is will be attractive to the Spurs Chairman that adheres to Tottenham’s strict wage policy.

Reason 4. He is still young, and has the best years of his career still left in him.

I don’t know if I would be in favour of this because he is an unpleasant individual (Evra gate) and is completely different to Adebayor. His definitely wouldn’t work in combination with Rafa or Jermain, therefore Defoe would probably be sold freeing room for another striker to come to WHL. In this instance a move for a player like Leandro Damiao would be fantastic as he is destined to be one of Europe’s best strikers.

When people read this, the Champions League will probably have finished, and Spurs’s short term future will have been decided. This means everything I said might be irrelevant, but what do you make of this??

Joe Alexander

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