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Jul 112011

As if you didn’t already know, our want away midfield maestro, Luka Modric is declaring that we should understand his situation and sell him.

Now first things first, if you want to move on and be sold in 6 months time, don’t sign a 6 year contract extension!

Secondly, why would he want to go to Chelski when they clearly undervalue him, at less that half that of Torres? If he were to be sold to Chelski then we should value him as Chelsea valued Torres, in which case we should demand no less than £60m as Luka is the better player of the two. Luka needs to understand before he goes off on a rant that we won’t sell him for pennies to our rivals. It’s all well and good demanding we sell him to Chelski but if they don’t match our valuation then he won’t be going anywhere!

Now having said that, I would hope, should Levy decide to cash in on Modric, that we would absolutely not sell to our rivals, and let’s face it, our rivals are anyone in the Premier League who could afford him. So that just leaves the top European teams. If he has to go, I would not want him weakening our team and strengthening our rivals at the same time.

It’s a shame that Modric can’t realise, Chelski aren’t a top club…they’re an established money pot. How he holds a team with no history, tradition, loyalty or class in such high regard I don’t know. Their repeated attempts and successes at illegally tapping up players is quite frankly disgusting. These days it seems players just get money confused with ambition…much like Wayne Rooney.

Personally I would rather see Modric rot in the reserves for 6 years then see him playing for another premiership team.

Written by Davyid

  35 Responses to “Luka Modric – Need I Say More?”

  1. First!!! Moddrs can rot in the reserves for all I care now. If we cant have him then no one can

    • Luka take the 45grand a week send it back to Cro and just relax in the reserves put yr feet up save yr energy for Croatia,F*** the Jewish club mate.let yr transfer value go down the toilet and make the Jews pay ya, but give F all back brother.see ya on the sunny sun shine of Croatia ….. Maybe buy a new boat for reserve team mates, take them out on the piss mate enjoy….

      • you brain dead cunt

        • hahaha…your just a selling club for the big boys… 45 k a week..ffs our reserves get more than that offer him 120k a week (thats what he is worth) cheapskates tricky arry NOT

  2. Money is the reason.

    Make him stay.

  3. can i make a request? coxie (or whoever else can do it) can you PLEASE remove the picture of that ugly woman from the site banner ASAP? it genuinely puts me off logging in to see what’s new as i know i am going to be faced with that nauseating lowlife staring back at me! he doesn’t consider himself a Spurs player anymore so neither do I, therefore he has no place up there…

  4. It’s Berbasulk all over again, what a cnut after all that Spurs have done for him..I say sell him abroad and never to another PL club. Ungrateful greedy little man!…

  5. Sell the money-grubbing Nazi abroad, not to another EPL club. And you need to change your TT masthead, airbrush him out immediately!

  6. I think we should offer him to Real Madrid. Maybe we could strike a deal like a swap and some money for Benzema or Diarra or Gago. I would block any move to Chelski as someone needs to make a statement against them and we as the bigger club (and no attendance figures and bank balance does not count to any Chelski fans who mught happen to stumble across this thread) should be that club. Levy does not strike me as a man that fears, only a man others fear! I agree as well with the picture. I doubt there will be one Spurs supporter cheering him on ever again so you might as well put a picture of Sandro up there instead.

  7. Lets just get rid of him asap, £40 million would be good business and get Rakitic or Pjanic in as well as Llorente and Rossi with the money. We could strengthen the squad so much by getting rid of him for the right price. Plus if we believe the stats we win more and score more without ModSick in the team anyway!!

  8. Can I also add…if we do sell Luka then under no circumstances should we sell Kranjcar! Niko was always fantastic for us when he got his chances and he knows where the goal is!!

    • Niko already has come out and said earlier in the summer he would stay if Modric moved on. Niko is not a mercenary, he only wants game time and he has not been a tosser with about it.

  9. I know we should never be suprised at the depths a player will stoop when he sees the £ signs but i genuinely thought Luka was different, he constantly swore allegiance to the club, seemed grateful for the belief put in him and was a firm fan favourite with the brightest future at this great club. Since Abramovich`s tapping up he has become a traitor to the cause, weak and gormless and with each day that passes is showing himself to have no respect for anything but money. Yes i am hugely dissappointed with the Croat, wheras 3 months ago i was singing his praises, i shall never wear the Spurs shirt with Modric on it again even if he does stay. I love football, i love Tottenham Hotspur but i loathe parasites. COYS.

    • Better still below the number 14 i may get TRAITOR TO THE CAUSE printed because i feel so furious and the shirt is in perfect condition like many others who feel let down by their onetime hero.

  10. I said we had to keep an eye on these three players above after the January window closed one lost is appendix one lost is mojo and the youngest lost his back and eventually Liverpool’s new signing Adams kicked his ankle we lost our fourth spot to the waistliners City energised. Now Modric wants Champions league after scoring four goals one a penalty and creating fuck hardly any chances 14 draws and he only scored three goals four with the none event against Liverpool. The cheek of him now he wants to play for the team who robbed us of two valuable points and a team i no 120 percent along with teams you would not believe raised there tempo to get in the top four and win the leagueChelsea started winning when the felt they would finish 5th and Kolo was just unlucky someone leaked his test results or we would be none the wiser i warned all my fellow Fans energy drugs would stop us getting fourthand i aws right now i can tell you who got me started on this crusade none other than King Kennys Liverpool who also raised there tempo when relegation threatened but the season they got reported they finished second . These teams have two thing in common Chelsea Mutu Man City Toure Man Utd Ferdinand all are fucking drug cheats and all have won cups Modric your welcome to dirty medals and i cant wait to see Sandro and Tom knock shite out of the scruffy sawn of jeans little traitor we will finish higher than Chelsea i have stook my stiff kneck out and stand by it Sturridge and Anelka 20 million will do me. Coys

  11. You heard it here C.Adams has already lost weight he has bean getting fitter so he can keep up with Liverpool high Tempo team and is getting trained by a Boxer in Blackpool not a famous one but one who has just started working in a leisure centre i thought Liverpool had there own training complex very strange . Kolo needed waistline banned from my daughters shop for mimicking speed Rooney needed Nike in America the Hamilton player needed supplements of the inernet s. So why do clubs employ fitness coaches

  12. tbh I don’t know why modric would want to go when he has his fellow compatriots at spurs and can realistically achieve his ambitions with us. champions league is a real possibilty next year especially with tevez leaving city and nasri and fabregas leave arse. hell, we mite well be challenging for a top spot

    • One reason,money.I think the money he and most footballers are on is obscene but it is fair to say his agent done a very shabby job.when he looks at Kean on £65,000 a week his greedy little ratty heart can’t take it…..Leaving for footy reasons? what a load of bollocks

  13. That Nazi bastard will fit right in over there with that scum,big club bollox,big clubs sell out there grounds(not put ads on talkshite radio. arse anal at it now to)get down to chigwell and give him dogs abuse lads.I hate him so much because I loved him so much

  14. This is just comical and written by a true chav –

  15. Sell the “pussy” Modric to Chelsea for 30 and buy Scott Parker for 10. Scott is just as good and has moral values a 100 times better than a man from the former rebublic of Yugoslavia. They have no morals down there and they will never have…COYS !

    • Hahaha Parker will b doing the same thing next year cause u will b were west ham is now hahahaha it’s called a sinking ship enjoy relegation fight pussy…long live king Modric enjoy

      • Bbb you are a complete and utter twat! Fuck off and spout your shit elsewhere…….prick!

  16. HOW MUCH FOR ARRY & LEVY NOW?..he wont be sold… is Bale

    Not got a pot to piss in……..MCFC The only football team to come from Manchester…
    We have lots of money hahahahaha

    wonder who we get in the CL ??

    • Yes, congratulations on all your money and the un-earned silverwear it will unevitably bring. So in 50 years, you still would have achieved nothing in your entire history, and before you start thinking it money doesnt make something an achievement. it just means you can buy silverwear. congrats again. dont you have some man shitty site you can go on rather than constantly reading spurs sites. If your after history and tradition than you’ll have to jump ship from man shitty im afraid

      • history… yup thats what you are HISTORY … WE ARE THE FUTURE.
        Bluemoon ………..your a selling ten bob club..always have been & always will be…

        We are a bigger club..soon to have a bigger stadium.. a squad that blows you out of the water… more loose change than you have tranfer fact everything about us.. is class Arabs rule…..


  17. As much as I want Levy to keep his word “Not For Sale At Any Price” there is a bigger problem on the horizon. He has obviously alienated the fans and how do the rest of the team feel about training or even playing with him. Levy cannot allow him to become a disruptive influence on the rest of the team.
    We are not wealthy enough to just “let him rot in the reserves”, and ignore his true monetary value.
    Unfortunately player power will again prevail, but at least let Levy set the terms ie realistic transfer fee somewhere between £40-50m and demand that Modric submit a formal transfer request, (that will cost him) and not to one of our main rivals.
    With regard to the “gentleman’s agreement”
    I reminded the chairman of our gentleman’s agreement when we were in Dubrovnik last summer and I agreed a contract extension, at that time, I had an open chat with Levy – that if a bigger club came in with a concrete offer, we would consider it and agree the best solution for all concerned.
    The key part of this “gentleman’s agreement” if it did in fact even exist is “agree the best solution for ALL CONCERNED”.Modric obviously needs an interpreter to understand what this means. It doesn’t mean what is best for ME !
    I for one will not hold it against Levy if he backtracked now under the circumstances as he has to make a decision that will be best for Tottenham Hotspur football club.

    • What do u mean the rest of the team??? Most of them want out as well ,it’s going to b a sinking ship buddy hahahaha who’s next??????

      • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA hohohohohoho lol lol????? Fucking uneducated soap dodging brainless northern cunts

  18. How about loan him to Galatasaray for one season. Hell soon find out how comfortable and special Spurs are. And when hes begging for forgivness sell him to chelski for 60 million. That should shut the ferret faced fucker up for a while.

  19. God I love u luka hahahaha,,I hope all the Croat’s leave the white heart lane,U put shame to our nation playing for a nobody club in the EPL like spurs hahaha

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